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(I love reading these journals biggrin.gif)


Mystics Journal Entry

July 14, 2009


Dear Journal,


My flight lessons went well I presume. I nearly crashed into a tree but luckily I wasnt the only one taking lessons today. Me and Winds were paired up aswell as Oval and Raptor were paired up. Our Master tells us 'Fly In Pairs' for all of our safety. Im guessing because the farm is very near to the Vixon Mountain Range. The Master made an announcement stating he had news for all the winged hatchlings to follow him. Staying close to my flight partner we watched The Master take us down the equipment path, pass the hatchery, which is adjacent to the larger more noiser Nursery.


As we turned the corner of the nursery Winds and I froze. We had seen the most beautiful thing EVER!!


A series of brightly colored stables. Each stable looked like it can hold two adult dragons each. As we walked through the chainlnk gate that seperated the equipment path and the stables we were in complete and total amazement. As I neared the furthest stable down, which one of the trainers had lead me to, I noticed that the ground was lined in straw. On the front door were two troughs, one for food and one for water, so perfectly placed and a beautiful white number one painted below those. When I stepped inside I immediately ran for the plank that lead up to a loft like platform. Under that was a small nesting area big enough for one adult dragon. Well it's time for sleep. Night Journal.



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Dear Journal:


It's been a while since new eggs came, my owner has been very pleased with what he caught. Everyone sensed that and the mood in the small community was a bit more cheerful.


Everyone is always crowding around the cheese, but everyone knows not to touch it or else Kinoko would get very mad, She has actually beaten everyone in a fight competition, she would even teach the young dragons some fighting moves to protect themselves. but she loves to take care of them and she is one of the kindest dragons around.


Our owner has even brought home a small little egg, it doesn't look like Chibi-Kame's egg, I guess she might have somebody her own size to play, we are always careful in case one of us steps on it, then it won't just be Kinoko that would be mad at us!!


Well, it's been an awesome summer and all the dragons have been enjoying it. me and Razuri haven't been getting along that well, and our owner has been a bit suspicious of us. hope our friendship can't get any worse than it already is.


I'm going to go and have a bit of air around the mountains and try and figure out a solution, me and Razuri are the oldest dragons in our community and other dragons can sense our clouded thought and it affects them negatively. I do hope I figure something out fast.



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Dear Journal,


It has indeed been a while since anyone wrote in this. Oh, all of the journals have been combined in the library, in case anyone wanted to know...


There have been a few attacks by some groups of wild dragons, although we have yet to see any signs of another war. Mercury's Legacy has been keeping tabs with our allied cave, and apparently their leader was injured some time back.


Our leader of the Hunting Guild, Reign Crystal, has been missing. I hope he does not try to start something again. I am actually much younger than him, but I have heard of what he did to my long-time rival, Vergil.


Rumors are spreading that humans are trying to figure out how to 'create' Neglected dragons on purpose... I wonder what use that has. Dragonic sent us a letter concerning that, and that she is watching the experiments.


Three eggs have disappeared from our cave. One purple that was pulled from the Abandoned Cave, a geode that is a son of our Geode pair, and a Fog egg that was an AP egg as well. The first two were new eggs, but the third was about to hatch. Every one's on guard.


I smell something going on... What could it be?


Zaahir Nightingale



Something has been going on. Missing eggs, Neglected Dragons, and this mess with four new eggs in the Wild Cave. I don't like it.


Shiro has expressed concern about another war due to yet another population boom. I hope not. Last time, there were seven species. This time, there are only four. There has been a problem with our allied cave. Apparently, some of their members were attacked.


Our five Oracles (five because we do not have a Summer oracle yet) are going to visit them, with a few charms. Gifts for their injured members, I suppose.


Well anyway, I have to go train with my family.


Vergil Darkslayer

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Dear Journal,


There has been so much that has happened lately! I don't know where to start.

Well, Rose has brought several abandoned eggs, and a lot of them have already hatched, so Korum was left in charge of the hatchlings, and I was left to take care of the eggs. Oh, didn't I mention? Rose has to go in the woods for some time. She won't be here for a while and I think that really is a shame. She is such a good caretaker! I still remember how she took care of us; Korum is still very fond of her.

Summer was left in charge of the whole group, and I think it was only a matter of time. She is a natural leader, though very gentle and caring. I think we will be just fine with her in the lead.

Also, a very curious thing happened a few days ago. The little red hatchling almost set Rose's hair on fire, and during he whole scene, I saw that the little hatchling that still won't come out of it's egg, almost pushed its whole head out of the big hole in the egg. I have a feeling, that though still in egg, this little guy is already really fond of our Rose.

There is also another egg, that has a big hole in its shell, a bright orange one, but I'm more worried about the grey egg that still hasn't cracked. Rose is really worried too. She said I needed to watch over the egg very carefully.

Even Dreamer seemed sad when she found out that Rose was leaving, so she came down from her clouds and said goodbye to her together with the others...

It now has been a couple of hours since Rose left, and everything is going smoothly. I have a feeling everything is going to be just fine when Rose comes back.


Ymara Peace Healer

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Dear Journal,


We sent a letter to Dragonic last night concerning the missing eggs and Reign Crystal's absence. She sent one back this morning, expressing worries that he might be trying to create a Neglected...


I have asked our librarians to pull up any information on Neglected Dragons, including legends, myths, even the most obscure things. I need to find out what he could be doing with one.


She sent us back a sample of what the other Scroll-keepers are coming up with... apparently, they have had a success, despite the egg dying. She sent us a picture of a nasty dark green egg, whose color resembles water in a sick pond. Apparently, the dragon egg was a purple before it turned, and they ignored it until the very last few seconds of life... I hope that Reign is not attempting this. It would result in the egg's death, most assured.


The parents of the missing Geode egg have to be monitored, so they don't go on a rampage. That would be disastrous...


Zaahir Nightingale



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Dear Journal,


It's been a long time since we all saw Miss Wolfy. She says she doesn't visit often, so we can stay wild. I still miss her, she took me in as an egg, and brought me to MiekoClan. She even paired me with my life-mate, Blood Prince. I owe her so much, yet she asks for nothing in return. Although when I was old enough I took the liberty of watching all our young, to thank her.


But, enough of that. Recently, she stopped by with a new egg. A new species she says. I can't wait to take care of it. My fourth daughter hatched an hour ago, I'm so proud. Blood Prince and I are still deciding on what we should name her, something different. She seems already joyfull and energetic, and likes to watch eggs.


Although I'm still trying to conceive a black egg, in hopes it comes out male. I'm not disapointed with my family so far. A while ago my eldest daughter fell in love with Ren, and they were officialised months later. The outcome was their first, (and she told me last), daughter Athena. Athena has grown so much into a fine young dragon. Well, it seems the the eggs need caring for so for now so long Journal



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Dear Journal,


Shiro has made me the acting Commander of the Valley while he goes to see these 'Neglected Experiments' for himself. I suspect he will be gone for most of the remaining month, maybe more.


We received a letter from our allied cave, expressing worries over another population boom. I worry too, but it is likely that the Wild Dragons are still recovering from the slaughter that ended the last war. Nonetheless, I have organized squads of blacks, golds, and silvers to seek out and destroy any remains of the Wild Army.


Still no word on that old dog Reign Crystal, but we have sent out word to our Allied Cave to look out for that yellow-bellied Skywing. Fuda Spell gave me all the information he has found so far on Neglecteds. I will give you a snippet of something I found rather interesting...


"...[the] Neglected are mentioned in several legends of the Gods and Goddesses, one most notably presents the god of Death and Discord as a Neglected. He has no special powers of his own, but brings illness and death upon any family of Dragons he sees.


Since there has not been a Neglected Dragon in well over five hundred years, there is no Oracle for this God. None know how to create a Neglected, so that means this God is the only one to be without an Oracle."


Interesting. So this is what he wants to do.


Zaahir Nightingale

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July 17, 2009


Gabby's Journal:


Dear Journal,

Things have been very busy lately. Our dragon clan has been growing ever larger and four new dragon types have been discovered. The new dragons have been abuzz all over the valley and people have been flocking to see these dragons for themselves. Fuoco Alterato scoped out the caves and actually came back with a brown striped egg. She said that this was one of the new dragons. When I went to return the egg, the mother did not recognize it so I came back. Now I suppose, we have a new addition. Seven dragons have matured and 4 eggs hatched. We still have 3 eggs but one looks like it's getting ready to come out. I was generously given a red striped egg to create an alliance between caves. I also found a white striped egg and, again, the brown striped egg. I'm still thinking about names for the 3 new hatchlings and the man that I met at the village has been bringing supplies from the village in exchange for gold from the cave. But we have enough to last years upon years, so I'm not worried about supplies.




Una Notte Moonlit's Journal:


Dear Journal,

It's been so long since I've written. We've finally gotten down the specifics for the hunting and gathering parties. Bloco de Cinza, Tempests Dell'ombra, Fuoco Alterato, and Terra Appanata are part of the hunting party. Dat Is Liefde, Lua Cor-de-Rosa, and C'est Amour are part of the gathering party.Our clan has gotten so big, it's so exciting. Gabby has been getting lots of supplies and as a whole we're improving greatly. Dottie and Amouris's hatchling gendered female. Gabby has been planning lineage's as a way of growing our clan.

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Dear journal:


We have five eggs and three hatchlings currently. Three of them are new. Two are sand coloured, with a darker stripe near the top, and one is a grey that Dragga Dreamscale and Celmisia had. And I have just been informed that Mentzelia and Stornoway have just had a white egg.


The above four are all normal sized. But there is one other. A tiny yellow egg. I'm amazed that Mynyddygwair managed to spot it, since I certainly wouldn't have, if it had been me collecting the eggs. But spot it he did, and brought it back.


It isn't with the other eggs, however. Mynyddygwair sought me out and gave it to me. Since I did not have the pleasure of bringing up my only child, he thought that I should have it. Despite being so scatter brained, he is very kind. Zilberne later informed me that Mynyddygwair had been eyeing one of the sand coloured eggs.


I do pity Mitzen. I just know that he'll probably get bored of it when it hatches, and she'll have to end up doing all the hard work.


So now the tiny egg is nestled in a tiny nest I made for it, in a crack in the cave wall. I take it out and hold it every now and then. I can hold it in one paw, and it is so tiny that it gets warm very quickly. Sometimes I imagine that I can hear the hatchling inside peeping quietly.


I have never been so eager for an egg to hatch before. And am curious to know what type of dragon will emerge from this tiny egg.


~~Dancing Arya~~

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This is Aries Donta reporting on July 18 of Saturday.


There are many new events to report today. First of is my Lady V has started writing a stories of our adventures out of her boredom and I have gotten a new description along with many of my offspring but they have yet to be approved yet. The story is coming along well but I feel it takes time away from her and keeps her from being with us as much as before. I felt she had forgotten us for some time until this week.


Yesterday she came home with three strange new eggs for the clan. One was very small and could fit in the palm of her hand, one was translucent...I can see the baby dragon moving around in it, and the finally one was strangely marked and sandy in color. I can hardly wait for them to hatch and see what they become. I would take care of the hatchlings but all the other females take them over before me.


Then a few of the striped dragons mated in the clan, we got one blue stripped and one red stripped. My Lady V was very pleased with the red one, it was Persepinon's first stripped egg and My Lady V told us we would keep it. Persephinon is very happy, she will not leave her egg unattended. I feel my Lady may be rather upset with me however. For the first time ever I have refused to breed and she had been looking forward to breeding me to give another of my children away. I could not do it, I can not bare to see another taken from me, raised far away where I shall never see them again. I love my Lady but sometimes I feel she does not consider the pain of having my eggs taken from me. I know however that she worried about them.


Not long ago she told my last egg given away has grown up...into a strong young male. I am happy he is healthy and in a good home. He is a guardian like me...my first born Guardian. I would like to meet him and see the dragon he has become.


Just today I saw again more proof of how much my Lady cares about us. All five of the eggs had gotten soft shells and she fogged them over. I wasn't quite sure what had happened to them but my Lady baby-sits them checking on them often to make sure they are alright. I don't know what she is doing but I trust it is for the eggs own good, soft shells have never happened before in our clan, she was always so careful. Perhaps it has to do with the old nursery shutting down. Some of the eggs have gotten better already but she is still being careful. She told me "I have never let an egg die on this scroll before and damned if I let it start now." I know she will do everything possible to help them hatch. My Lady is very kind like that.


Something does bother me however. My Lady has seen many other people doing strange things with their eggs and has started talking to me about it. She shares everything with me, she said "Aries...the LV bloodline will rest for a moment besides the orders we need to fill...I am starting to do some...'detective' work. I am going to see how a neglected dragon is made." I am not sure how they are made but it does not sound good. I hope my kind hearted Lady is not going to do something bad. Maybe I can convince her otherwise...stop her from doing this and if not at least I can try and watch over the eggs like I am watching over these eggs now. I do hope they get better soon so my Lady will be happy and not worry so much...and I do hope she comes to her senses on this science to making strange dragons before she does something she may regret.

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July 17th, 2009


Dear Journal,


I have hatched from my egg! My owner was quite happy when I hatched. Even going to the trouble to jump up and start to dance. I only heard snippets of what she said, but it sounded like, "Yes! My first Stripe! A Stripe! I can't believe it!" That's how I learned how I was a Stripe. A Beautiful Stripe- those are the words I think my owner used.


I was over-joyed in my confused state that my master loved me and that I had younger siblings. They were all still in their eggs when I hatched; a itsy bitsy egg that could probably fit in my own paw, a see-through egg- I could already see the baby inside!, and finally a sandy colored one. The sandy one would jump and quiver every few seconds or so. I think he's going to be a tough one to handle when he hatches. I can only wait! I don't think my owner can either...


(P.S. Unnamed at the moment. I hope to get a name soon! I'll just sign off as Stripe.)





July 18th, 2009


Dear Journal,


It's Stripe here again. My brothern have hatched! They have not learned how to write just yet no matter what method I try to make them learn by. I guess they'll learn on their own accord and when there ready. And my tiniest sibling I don't think will ever be able to write. Maybe if I get it a little piece of paper...


Tho, when they hatched, I was very surprised. I expected the hatchlings to look like me- slick, pure white, and a longer body length. Instead, I have four very different siblings.


The tiny egg hatched into an actually tiny dragon- a pygmy my master calls the tiny one. She- I hope a she- can fit in my palm and she's an pale orange color. Very cute. She's probably my favorite since she can't eat much. More for me!


The see-through egg- actually, my owner calls it a transloucentegg- it'a a very pale color. His eyes even have a little red tint to them. Owner says he's an Albino. I wonder what that is?


The sandy colored one- again the owner corrects me. She calls it a Ochredrake, whatever that is! I just like sandy one, but... Anyways, the sandy co- I mean Ochredrake I was very right about. He will not settle down. Always eating, always giggling, always playing. He never stops! But he is very cute. Just don't tell him I said that. He doesn't like it when I call him cute. His loss...


Another thing that surprised me is that my parents- or that's what I've been told to call them. Look and act so much differntly from us four. They're always so patient, so caring, so... un-playful.


And daddy, when I first met him, seconds after hatching, I did not like him! He baisically pushed me out of the way and behind him to protect us as I was sniffing my siblings' eggs! How rude to one of such stature and adoration! Now I know why he did, it's in his "nature" owner calls it. Whatever "nature" means... But he has this big shield on the end of his tail! I hide behind it when one of the other dragons walk by us. They're are many others of us, many don't look like one another. But daddy always protects me and comforts me when one catches my eyes.


And my mom, she is so pretty! She glows this really pretty Silver color and my owner looks at her the same way she looks at me- with such adoration and love. I love how my mom's pink frills look when she dances in circles around us to entertain us. The way she looks at daddy tells me that she loves him a lot, just like us! Nothing can dampen my blissful mood today!





(Can really tell by this point that I have nothing else to do, can't ya? And.... That I really hope my Stripe is a girl... Doubt it will be a girl though... My life story for ya... xd.png )




July 18th, 2009


Dear Journal,




I was sitting with my siblings again- like I always do- when owner came again to check on us. Or so I thought. But then, she brought out two things from behind her back. A basket with two new eggs- a White one and one that actually floated almost out of the basket- and a rope. That instantly irked my curiosity. A rope? Why a rope? That's when I saw... It.


It was another hatchling- or that's what I guess it was. But one thing was wrong with it. It had two heads. Two heads! And they were bickering over something.

"No I'm the oldest!" The first head said. That head was a dark-ish purple in color.

"No I am!" That one was much brighter in color. A blue-ish purple color.

"I am!"

"I am!"

"I am!"

"I am!"

That's when the fighting broke out.


The dark colored one snapped at the light colored one first. It was the first fight I had ever seen. And daddy was nowhere in sight! I had no where to hide! I scrambled behind my sleeping siblings froms- making sure to advoid stepping on pygmy- before I stopped, hearing laughter. The two-headed hatchling were now laughing with each other. I was scared silly and they were laughing! That's when I got all mad and furious at those two.


"Why are you laughing?" I snapped, actually causing my owner a startled expression. I don't tend to have a nasty temper. Just then I did. I stomped back over to the two, having to look up at them. That made me even madder. How dare they be taller to me!


"Because we can." The two heads answered at the same time. One was glaring at her- the dark colored one- and the other had a smirk on his face that was dangerously close to a smile.


"You were just fighting and now you're laughing?!" I couldn't help but inject just a little more poison into my words. They were seriously annoying me. I just couldn't stand them already for the few minutes that I had known them.


"Yeah...So?" The dark colored head- I have solved my problem in which one was which by calling the dark colored one "dark" and the other "light"- had lost interest in glaring at her. He had resorted to trying to chew off the rope.


Wasn't like we hurting each other." Light lost his smirk, just smiling now. I decided that he might not be so bad... Until he bit dark again. The fighting started again.Being me, I cowered in fear for a few seconds before scolding myself that I did so. I should not let the two strike fear in my heart. Instead I wandered over to Owner who was settling the floating one- that I now know as a Balloon egg courtesy of Owner- into a very uncomfortable looking crevaice.


When I asked why she was doing that and not putting the Balloon next to his brother beside the big Gold dragon she gave me a very tired and patient look. "Because this little guy is for an experiment,my little stripe. He- hopefully- is going to be very special soon." I gave her one of my "What is wrong with you?!" looks before walking off. It was better not to ask how the egg was going to become special by being neglected.


I tip-toed over to the Gold with the little White egg. It looked so fragile in the curl of the big Gold tail. I felt frightened for it. What if the Gold were to accidentally crush the egg? I shook my head in pity before remembering the Split dragon- I heard my owner muttering about them. (That's how I know their dragon name.) I'll admit it, I paniced. I dashed over to my still sleeping siblings, making sure all were alright. It seemed they were, but one thing about made me start yelling again.

The Split.

Was laying.




Where was I going to sleep now?! I nudged the still form with my nose, already plotting to kill them if they didn't move. They took my sleeping spot! I nudged the form again. Nothing. My eyelids felt like led as I glared daggers at them. I turned around, my head still head high, tears in my eyes, and pranced over to the sleeping form of Pygmy. There was a small spot of room next to her. I sighed dramatically. Those two- the Split- were going to pay... Big time.




(I now think I am done. Enjoy! I really hope my Split tuns out to be a guy...If not... Then I don't know what I'll do!)

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Dear Diary,


I just hatched from my egg today! Cubaser says I'm a purple dinosaur, even though I'm in a cave full of dragons. The only one small enough for me to play with is a baby green dragon named Pershy. He says he's a dragon, but he has no wings like me, and he's small like me...Oh well! There's another hatchling without wings, too, but they're too hyper for me...Even at night, they keep bouncing around in their nest!


I know I can play with Pershy and all the other hatchlings, but I still feel lonely. Sarlem, the leader, said when I grow up, I'll have wings. I hope so! I want to fly in the air with all the others! Maybe Cubaser was mistaken. Maybe I really am a dragon!


High hopes,

Unnamed Purple DRAGON!


EDIT: I made a button for this thread! I actually made it a while back and stuck it in my sig, but anyone can use it if they want!


user posted image - URL : http://i31.tinypic.com/ngzv9.png

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Dear Public Journal,

I have to be careful what I write in here, I share this journal with my two siblings.

When the text is underlined, that means it's Daydream Fox. Bold? Tomato Apple. Italic? Orange Smith.

We all hate each other. WHY, just WHY

*snatches quill and steals a turn* For the last time, Orange Smith. You know it's not fair for us if you

*grabs quill from Tomato Apple's claw* Yeah, your turn's over. It's not fair if you, Orange Smith, eat all the grapefruit and we have none.

Exactly! How would you like it, Orange Smith, if I and Daydream Fox each have a half of a grapefruit and you have NONE?

Okay, this is enough, guys. Let's stop writing.


Tomato Apple, Orange Smith, and Daydream Fox

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Dear Journal,


The Lagmonster came back! While I was in my cave, tending to my mate who twisted her paw yesterday, I heard the most horrible screech. I had only heard that one time before, back when I was only a young adult...


Rushing outside, I saw the thing I dreaded most. The sky had gone blank, and the valley was filled with static. Among the waves, I saw a few Dragons, but I didn't know who it was... Vergil came up to me, eyes wide with a fury I seldom see in the stoic Silver.


"The Lagmonster is back!" He roared, a low whine in his voice. "And I can't find Yuki!"


"Where did you last see her?" I asked, trying to stay calm.


"Near the Temple." He pointed with his tail, to the center of the valley... The temple could not be seen. Looking up, I saw a flash of silver and blue. My eyes widened. It was the beast! It's serpentine body was torn and jagged, like those pictures I had seen of Zombie Dragons, and it sported a pair of torn metalic wings.


I have to go. There is more rucus outside.


Zaahir Nightingale.

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Dear Journal,

Ash is trying to melt me again. No matter how many times he tries, he always seems to forget that winter dragons are not made of snow, they just look like snow.

Mousey is giggling madly for some reason -- I think it has to do with the fact that she brought a green egg with white spots in a couple of days ago.

Ash has stopped now; Alektra stood on his tail until he stopped. Mousey got out those squishy sweet things and is roasting them on one of Ash's fires... I think I'll go have some.


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Dear Journal.


The Datamonster only took one dragon, luckily. The dragon was a whiptail, named 'please don't steal me', and his mate is distraught. The Datamonster's jaws were powerful, and we think it was quick and painless, he probably just felt a second of pain. Master got a new whiptail egg, and is begging it to be male. Hopefully it works, and hopefully the ink doesn't dissapear when she tries to write the name.

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Looks like RandomDCE, my purple Dorsal, has a journal....



~It was chaos awhile ago. The day started out normal, I was training the only hatching in the cave (At that moment), Lightness-The-Curse, when suddenly storm clouds began to gather.


"Looks like we should get inside." I sighed, picking up the complaining Lightness.


Suddenly I heard a screech, I nearly comped down on the little hatching in shear shock. The horrible monster, witch I hear now is called the Datamonster, Was not to far off. I took off at a dead sprint to where our cave was. I suddenly ran into the hatchling's Mother, Darkness-The-Curse. She was glad to see that her son was OK. She quickly told me to get Lightness, the frozen hatchlings, and Xeelos somewhere safe. I went into the cave to get Xeelos, but she simply just snarled and snapped at me and said that she could take care of herself. Eventually, Darkness ran back in and convinced her to move. She growled but eventually did as she said. I then took Lightness and the frozen hatchlings, Timocampi, Shadow Haunt, 300-Spartans and Chibi Hiei, to the emergency cave a few miles away. Soon after Xeelos arrived. I went over to her to make sure she was OK. It seemed her old frail body would collapse at any moment ( She had firmly siad that she would fly the whole way here herself). Suddenly, Yoko Kurama flew in and told me that He'd take over things here and to get to the battle field.


It was gruesome. We teamed up with other clans and even the wild dragons to try and fight back this monster. Many lives were lost as the Datamonster swallowed them whole and then broke into caves with one swipe of it's claws and ate eggs and hatchlings alike. We all fought as hard as we could ( Though Tass, being blind to fear as he was, actually ran up to the Datamonster and ticked it's tail! Needless to say, Fa'lore had to go in and rescue him before the Datamonster could stomp on him). The White's trying to save the lives of the injured. The storm clouds were about to clear when the Datamonster finally retreated. Tired and weary, we all got back to our own caves to rest for the day. We were one of the lucky ones, not a single dragon was missing, others weren't so lucky.....


Later we all went out again and helped each other organize again and helped those gather and bury the uneaten dead.


It's been hard for all of us lately. But I guess the only thing to do now is help get back to normal.... We have now adopted four eggs from mothers who had lost their mates in the fight and just couldn't take care of them.


I have to go now, Xeelos is calling a meeting.



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Dear Journal,


Our cave is in mourning. A huge beast has killed six of our young dragons. Emeree was away on travels and could not reach the cave in time to assist us, though I'm not sure what she may have been able to do.


Our lost are:


-Byron Hurricane (the Gray offspring of Andrew Hurricane and Golden Sunstorm)

-Captured Trance (the Daydream offspring of Daydream Trance and Striped Catcher)

-Samhain Blaise (the Spring offspring of Autumn Blaise and Samhain Brandye)

-Autumn Aflame (the Sunrise offspring of Sunrise Aflame and Autumn Golden)

-Whiptail Fi (a Whiptail Emeree found as an egg during her travels)

-One Victory (a bred Summer Emeree adopted from another dragon handler)


Emeree brought word of this beast attacking many other caves and making off with young adult dragons, hatchlings, and eggs. The surviving dragons consider our eggs very lucky. We have five, including another Daydream offspring of Daydream and Striped. There are no hatchlings currently, which allowed us to concentrate our efforts on guarding the eggs.


The cave is in chaos. Emeree has managed to get all the dragons somewhat reorganized, though. There were a few days where she would have to lead several dragons back to their own nesting areas after she found them wandering around in shock.


And this came just after we welcomed four new types of dragons. Emeree had found an Albino egg, a Pygmy egg, an Ochredrake egg, and an egg made out of cheese, strangely enough. The Paper dragons are breathing with relief at the knowledge they are not the only enchanted items. We are far too curious to see what the cheese dragon will look like to consider eating it... for now. So, there is a very bittersweet feeling in the cave. Emeree shows no sign of leaving us while we mourn, which most dragons are grateful for. As we prepare to bury what remains of our dead, there is a desperate hope that nothing like this will happen again.


--Aura Sunrise

Edited by Emeree

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Dear Journal,


The lagmonster and the data monster dropped in for some time. I look around me and some are bruised. Luckily, my family survived except for the new little blue stripe's father is dead. Sometimes, when I pass by it, I hear it cry inside it's shell; it senses the loss of it's father. I wish to comfort it but it's an egg, and I have never known the adopted ones' parents.


Afraa and I were planning to go breed an egg with someone sometime ago, but I hear it's too risky right now; monsters tend to attack more than once. Amreen, well, you know her. She's a day dreamer, she just loves flying on the clouds.


Aahil, my FIRST husband, has been saying she might be the reason the monsters came. She's the only day dream dragon we have, she's probably dropped thoughts in the wrong places. I defend her though, but still I hear her go to the wild. Cry, vent out her feelings there. I tell her to be careful not to cross any vine dragons in the wild. They are killer. She doesn't listen. She comes back squished in the face by vines. I scream "Afraa" come here. With hear healing abilities, Amreen is better in just a few minutes.


The lagmonster has enlighted me in a way. It has made me realize that Aahil is a bad person to breed with; He insulted Amreen and he bred with his child! Disgraceful! Aaahil and Aafnan bred and had Tasneem. Then, Aahil forced Tasneem into breeding! I will ignore future breeding 'sessions' with Aahil.


Najih is.. well, no one really knows if it is a he or she. Najih says "I don't deserved to be alive" Aahil tells her "You're not" I look at him and say "We're not breeding anymore." Najih replies " I shall go tell the master."

Even though I'm the eldest, I have never known where my master is in his free time. Najih though, she knows everything. After all, Najih is a magic paper dragon.


Afnan is doing okay, and she and Tasneem love each other dearly. Both however, have asked our master to rid of Aahil. She shall soon, and with that we all are thankful. Everyone hates Aahil. Afnan and Tasneem are both enjoying Summer, and Tasneem is very excited about her friend, the blue stripe egg. They are only one year apart, as of right now, as it's an egg, and they will be one and half years apart as it grows into a dragon. She hopes its a male, and as do I. We have plenty of girls going around here biggrin.gif.


Shaminah..the water one.. she's doing.. Well actually, I don't know how she's doing. I haven't flew by her ocean in sometime, but I plan to fly by soon.


And her mate, Nabhan? Well he's doing okay, but you know the green ones.. they always look mad! I hear they're has been a lot of earthquakes in Nabhan's cave right now.. I think he misses Shaminah a lot. Earth and Water dragons can't be with each other 24/7. That's why they abandoned their child, because they knew they couldn't both care for it. It grew up though, and Shaminah visits it in the Atlantic now and then.


Mulhim is doing great, my cute little handsome boy. He and Nejat bred, with my permission of course, (she looks very pretty, I especially like striped dragons smile.gif )

and they got a stripe. They were generous enough to give it to my master's friend, who was dying for stripes. However, Nejat and Mulhim tried breeding again this week, but I think Mulhim thought it was too soon... So, Nejat told me she'll try again next week.


Sawad is doing fine. With all his magic he's always doing tricks, showing off, like the little lovable twit he is wink.gif .


His wife, Tazkia, the purple Dorsal, bred and they got another magic. Our master wanted a Dorsal, but she said we'll keep the Magi one as well.


The little one, Tayyab, from Tazkia and Sawad looks ADORABLE! I watched it hatch, and we've grown very fond of each other. The cute little girl always looks up to me. She's already grown her wings in, not long before she is a full dragon!


Now, there's Sadiyah, the silver one. Our master prizes, no, praises, her a lot. Silvers, as we all know, are rare and valuable. I have a feeling that this one will love breeding a lot with those that aren't yet taken wink.gif .


I'd like to talk about Jumpyr, but she doesnt want me to talk about her: so she'll take over now.


Dear Journal,

It's me Jumpyr, the pink one. When my hatched, my owner kept me for a while. Then, as I started growing my wings and figured out I was a girl, she froze me. She said it was because there is too many of yoou all growing up and breeding. You guys are too pink to do that, she said. I ask her every week though, "can we have a pink dragon? I want to see what I look grown up" She replied "Someday."

I think next week, I'll bring home a pink egg just to surprise my master. That's it for all, Jumpyr. *Churya takes pen* And that's it from Churya!


Took me quiet some time to type that up! When I start writing, I can't stop!

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Hmph. Seems like my White dragon has a journal!! let's see....


July 20, 2009.

Dear journal,

Today, the lagmonster and datamonster dropped by. Fantasy Lord, my mate, wasn't scared. I wasn't either. My adopted children (all frozen a long time ago to prevent death) were frightened. Ugh. It was a horrible battle. The lagmonster lunged at Fantasy Lord, but he was quick and dodged. I, of course, had to protect the children and eggs. We could all tell those two were here to take our children away. We were all wondering where our master, aznspirit123, has gone. Fantasy Lord managed to defeat the lagmonster with minor injuries. Thank goodness, I would never live if he was to die. Then the datamonster came. I shall spare the details. Fantasy Lord has done it again! The two monsters are gone! None of my foster children and eggs seem to be harmed...


Well, I must tend to Fantasy Lord's injuries. I shall go now.


-Charming White


July 21, 2009

Dear Journal,

One of my eggs is cracked! I believe its the skywing egg. Fantasy Lord was very happy when I showed him the egg. I had to make sure it was out in the open so people can help make it hatch, but not too open for those two monsters to take it. I only wonder what aznspirit123 would name it. Oh, I know this one will be as beautiful as the others!

*sigh* Great Water and Wild Blaze were arguing again. Those two are not gendered. They seem to be quarreling everyday now. All four of the frozen hatchlings are so happy to see aznspirit123 again! And the albino and the two pigmies seem content again.

I must go retrieve the egg. I shall go now!

-Charming White


I never knew that that happened when the cave crashed! Luckily, Fantasy Lord and Charming White protected my hatchies and eggies!

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~ Dear journal.


The meeting was a short one. Xeelos only talked about plans to strengthen our defenses in case something like this ever occurred again. She however, was just as exhausted as all of us and Darkness forced her to rest while she finished up the meeting. I could tell Xeelos was worried, worried about the "younger dragons", and worried about her place in the cave. She was the oldest dragon in our cave...The one who started our clan and took us in, told us of many wars. She kepted to herself most of the time. She never truly trusted those outside of her own breed, the black dragons, but she took us in anyway. I could tell....She was afraid that Darkness would try to take her place...


We also have been busy as dragon clans who have had their caved destroyed have temporarily been staying with us. Lightness enjoys this greatly and gathers the hatchlings and tells them about how close he was to the Datamonster. They all would listen to him with wide eyes.


I now see how much he has grown, his wings have long grown in and he would meture soon.


Despite all the chaos and misery, a light seems to make it through the darkness. Kurama's Rose has laid her and Yoko Kurama's first egg. So now we have five eggs and a teen hatchling. It's somewhat tiring, But, as Dark-O-Ten-Tails says, It's worth it in the end.


Oh darn, Lightness it trying to get out of the cave to try and find remains of the Datamonster again. *Sigh* Looks like I'll have to go get him again.



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Eh.... got scolded by Charming White about her journal.... SO! I STOLE FANTASY LORD'S xd.png


Dear Journal,

Today was terrible. Just when I was about to go out for some daydreaming, datamonster and lagmonster came up. Horrible day. Luckily, Charming White protected our foster children and foster eggs. Aznspirit123 didn't come today. All of us were worried. The unnamed pygmies and the one unnamed albino were frightened. White Speckle was shaking. I defeated them! I defeated the lagmonster and Datamonster! The children are all worried that they will come back for revenge. Charming White is tending to my injuries now. I must go.


-Fantasy Lord


This is White Speckle's journal... let's hope it won't plot a revenge on me.....


Dear Journal,

I still have nightmares about the lagmonster and the datamonster taking away Great Water! Wild Blaze, Wild Quake, and Great Water are not my real brothers and sisters. They are just living with me. Oh... if only I wasn't frozen! I could have my wings already and feel the wind! Of course, Great Water had protested that wind isn't everything. She wouldn't know. She is of the water. Wild Quake and Wild Blaze are arguing again. They always argue about the same thing: which one is more wilder. Our master, Mistress Aznspirit123 chuckled as they argued. At one point, they began to fight, or play fight. Charming White had to stop them. Those two reckless hatchlings always involve me also. They asked me to decide which of the two is more wilder! Can you imagine that? Luckily, Great Water came to my rescue. She quickly broke the argument up, saying that neither of them is wild at all. I must go now. Fantasy Lord and Charming White are calling me to stand watch over the skywing egg. Oh, I wonder about that egg. It already has a whole and is covered in cracks! I can't wait. Oh no! I must go now!

-White Speckle

All my frozen hatchlings were never gendered.... I'm just making their gender up..... D:>


Uh oh... here comes White Speckle! *runs*

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Just a couple peeks into the minds of one child and one badly-affected adult.


Nudge's journal:


Something is very unright because Mom is running around like she does in a panic, like she did when Junipei put Chickum in his mouth and Littlest Guardian said he swallowed, so Mom freaked out and spent the next few days flitting about like she was on coffee! She won't let any of us have coffee because she said we'd burn down a town or something. I don't think she trusts us after that fight Tsu' and Winged Ivy had when they last visited town.


There was an eclipse but it wasn't normal because it lasted a day or two and Mom was forced to evac to town because she's a squishy human and her town elders decreed it. Our Cave Elders got all serious and kept everyone inside our dinky and damp and cramped cave. Well, everyone except the water ones and the plants, but that's okay because Evasive stole my dinner last week. Besides, me and the kids snuck out. Ma Peche's child hatched and me and Bodyguard took her and that new plant girl out to play, even though Rocket Dog was up in our business and playing the Cave Elder card. I've been around longer than her, for crying out loud!


So then while we were around the lakeside, the world suddenly got darker and there was a roar, and something headed for Bodyguard and the pink kid. We dodged the first attack but a branch broke off the tree we hid under and clipped pinky hard. But then Westbrooke showed up went all crazy-go-nuts like that one time Rawk got really really territorial, and she fought off whatever was attacking us while we carried pinky back to the cave. Cazanna healed him or her or zir, but the kid refused to speak to anyone afterwards and just stayed huddled in its eggshells for a few days.


Mom came back yesterday and gave the plant kid some long and stupid name about an Outage. She's still acting all weird and stuff.


brb, giving her a heart attack by taunting Twitchy Pile (I liked him better when he really just just a twitchy pile of flesh).


- - -


Zelly's journal:


i am too empathic for my own good


there is pain everywhere because the monster tore up so much


i do not like getting visions of the suffering caused. we ourselves suffered no loss except a badly injured hatchling, but it hurts to watch others hurt.


stop it stop it make the datamonster go away


i feel it too




s t o p

Edited by A-chana

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Dear Journal,

Two days ago, the Lagmonster came back. The entrance of our cave sealed shut. We awaited in the darkness, knowing that the Lagmonster merely prevented us to access the outside world. Our hatchlings and eggs were dying but their health would be restored after the Lagmonster attack. So, fearless and full of hope, we waited, except for Qian Gwei, who looked very anxious and frequently glanced at Elizabeth's "experiment", a dead pink egg.

The second day came an never-seen-before monster : the Datamonster. He lunged into our cave and swallowed alive Zelena of the Fourth Family and Skumring of the Sixth Family. He then left as quickly as he went in, leaving us speachless and in tears.

Later that day, a small hole appeared in the wall of our cave. We prepared ourselves to a new attack but it was Elizabeth. The LagMonster and the Datamonster had been driven away and our hatchlings gained time. But Zelena and Skumring's death and the pink egg's neglection was too much to take for Qian Gwei, who run away to the Wilderness, never to be seen again.

Elizabeth watched the revived pink egg very carefully and realised her calculations had been messed up. The egg's life was the priority so she put it early in the incubator and he hatched just fine as a Normal Pink. The hatchling will be staying with us since there is room for a new Pink.

We have four hatchlings now and, thanks to them, our cave is a little more lively. But this day shall stay a day of mourning over those we lost.

Irkalla of the First Family


Dear Journal,

The only thing I used to feel was that I was dying inside my shell, in a cold cloud of fog. But yesterday, someone dispelled the fog around me and put me in a warm incubator. I hatched almost instantly and found other hatchlings around me. There are two males, Dorkfrill and Shiroiho, and a girl, Sandy.

I like Dorkfrill : he stretches out his wings and frills to appear bigger. The first time he did that I was startled but now I find it funny. Dorkfrill does everything to make us laugh. Also, because I spend so much time in this cold shell, I like to sleep cuddled between him and Sandy and he covers me with his wings.

Sandy is also a fun-to-be-around, carefree hatchling. I think she can stay up and moving 24/7. She's not very bright but she's nice and has an amazing singing voice. She sings us lullabies while we're falling asleep.

Shiroiho is a quieter hatchling. He's very intelligent and I like to chat with him when Dorkfrill and Sandy are playing histerically. He has a smooth white skin, intense red eyes and behaves like an adult already.

Also, there are two eggs next to us. One is so small that I thought it was a chicken egg and tried to eat it, but Elizabeth told me it was a dragon. The other smells deliciously like cheese, but we're not allowed to eat it either. I wonder what hatchlings they will become.

I don't like my """Master""" Elizabeth but I'm glad she didn't abandon me because I just love the other dragons of our cave and they seem to love me too ! I won't hurt this weak human because if I did, they would hate me and ban me from our cave.

Also, I have a name, even though I am still genderless. It means "Rose without love" because I wasn't loved when I was an egg. But now, I am !

Rosaeros, "failed neglected experiment", now pink and proud !

PS : I want to be a girl !

Edited by Elizabeth Moonstone

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Dear Scroll,


The Lagmonster was not the only one to attack. And I am sorry to say, this new monster created more damage than the Lagmonster... The Scrollkeepers call it a Datamonster. It has killed hundreds upon hundreds of Dragons, including one of our own...


Summer Huntress, the first colored Stripe in the cave, was killed. All that is left of her is a small emerald she treasured... She was given to our Valley by a friend of Dragonic's, as a small egg. Now that the static is cleared, we are carving her name in a wall in the temple, and setting her emerald into the wall next to it.


The other stripes are mourning the loss of their eldest sister. Also, the eggs and hatchlings that went missing are still gone... As is Reign. We don't know if he disappeared during the Datamonster attack or something else, but we do know this. The father of the Storm hatchling was eaten by the Datamonster...


We are sending out the Oracles to the other Caves that lost members, to comfort them. Hopefully this tragedy can soon be put behind us.


Zaahir Nightingale

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