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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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I have a Penk tinsel with the code 5Ragu (Ragu like the tomato sauce lol), so it's name is Penk Ragu.

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Oh yeah. All the time. Most of my dragons have names that come from codes, and those that don't have names I planned out.

One of my dragons has a code too awesome for a name; Egg8L

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At least half of my dragons are named this way. Though sometimes their names are just part gibberish. biggrin.gif


Lovl- Lovl Maksin

R5gei- Risgei Flivver

VMODV- Vamodav Krex

LSY2h- Lisaiyah Torha

54ktm- Fifore Kataram

aW76l- Awits Gliester

fD3hd- Fidaran Hadrick

RBGo1- Rabin Bara Gol

HZNKM- Hazzen Kram

DnKr7- Danin Krosis

0BdsW- Obadaiah Swara

drRn3- Dorr Rane

0mlYn- Omyl Yisen

liNSP- Lin Naspak

qaPgL- Quaro Pagal

trF5g- Tranta Fevgar

lAL1E- Iyal Onero

1oo8j- Loowate Jagar

Ku47I- Kufore Seviri

h38Zm- Haiet Zamigna

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ONMTY: Omniscience

0dAtk: Odd Attack

ngul8: The 8th Nazgul


FaT4l: Fatal Error

bVdNA: DNA the mighty ("the mighty" because DNA was taken)


kEY9g: Key 9


WTfSv: A lot of WTF ("a lot" is actually one word but the forum keeps putting the icon)


nYc22: New Yorks's Utopia

pUFFu: Puffen Thuwed


SUlZu: Suiz Dorkface

UDmL2: Karma Charger (the code for some reason reminded me of "Left 4 Dead")


IGJZa: Jiggzaw (It reminded me of Jigsaw but the name was taken)


rkp2f: Relative Key Positions


ARHZD: Arahzed


5OfUg: 50 Cent Mugshot

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Yupr5 = CODE Yup 5th Vampire CB

[it was actually my 5th Vampire xd.png]


SL4VR = CODE Rosy Slave Heart


SFOAA = CODE Racing Sofa Yulebuck


AimF2 = CODE Aim For Two Angels

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I have a few:


e2tEc - EEEEK to TLC

sQ50q - 50 Squashes

cXcUK - X-Rays and UK

GrSqi - Grr Squirt

Cabs - CabsGirl


Probably have more, but don't want to check. :3

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I name nealy all of my dragon after the code, sometimes only after a few letters like 1-2 letters so I dont can post all my dragons, that will be to much, but here are some of my dragons


after the - =the name I give the dragon

EWetR a wet female Reddragon, - Ewetra

Ju8ZU female Reddragon - Juzura

soSDP male Redragon he need SOS -Tinsanred(because he is a Tinselfail)

lSZMi male Balloon - Iszmik

Zer7G (remind me without the 7 on Zerg from the game Starcraft) male Vampire - Zergarak

ERSha Chicken I name her Ershana

PsVIr femlae WHithe - Psivira

n6mEd (reminds me on named) a male White - Namerak

lCOlR male Silvertinsel - Icoirash

asYcl male Silvertinsel -Asycral

MeSOZ ungendered Albinohatchling - Mesoz

T5SoY yellow Dino -Tisoyra

ukZOh yellow Dinohatchling - Ukzoh

Lgesc male Harvest - Logeshrak

UsKlA female Magma - Uskira

SEjOv Hellfire Wyvern - Sejovscythe

0tmY male Swallowtail - Otmyras

creCu male Green(Earth) - Crecun

GjHG ungendered Green(Earth)hatchling -Gjhrog

ADTH1 male Bronze Tinsel - Adtirash

RvSga female Golden Wyvern - Rivsagayra

hRBT ungendered Misfit Pygmiehatchling - Hirbit

CMGv male Misfit Pygmiehatchling - Cimagiv

OBSX ungendered Neotropicalhatchling Obsix

CVGlF female Gold-horned Tangar hatchling Civangifsha

AIOS9 male Summer Seasonalhatchling - Aios

LK0rR male Vine - Lakoritrap

bede ungendered Vinehatchling - Bedetaris

AYEC ungendered Spring Seasonalhatchling - Forsit(maybe I shoud name it Ayec)

meXUn female Pink - Mexuna

AjnCF female Pink - Ajincefra

DIQp7 female Pink - Diqupra

gPaZF male Pink - Gapazaf

piANp male Horsehatchling - Pianrok

bnkF purple Dino - Bankfir

erAiS purple Dinohatchling - Eraisi

SISr1 male Purple- Sisaron

NfaiT male purple Ridgewing - Nifait

TAOXQ female purple Ridgewing - Taoxaqua

CCETK male brown Ridgewing - Cetarik

lBCe9 brown ungendered Ridgewinghatchling - Ibcec

usH5t male Ember - Usharak

lVsL male Dark Myst Pygmie - Ivisil

P5EY male Dark Myst Pygmiehatchling - Peyrok

MIADe ungendered Dark Myst Pygmiehatchling - Miad

TiWmu female Black - Tiwaimun

huSFd female Black - Huskyra

JdNen female Black - Jadenja

jAKa female Black - Jakatira

CHnQ male black Stripe - Chinroq

lZEa9 female Thunder - Izera

gRSR male Thunder - Girsapir

ZIAX ungendered Thunderhatchling - Ziaxon

tIAX ungendered Deep seahatchling Tirax

LtGUT male Guardianhatchling - Litgut

jiLC male Nilia Pygmie - Jilroc

0EEPY male Split - Seepyr

D6NTv male Royal Blue - Dontvir

qVNuZ male Royal Blue - Vanuz

OIKI4 male Moonstonehatchling - Oikitir

M8NlU female Ice - Maniuka

EDXY male Ice - Edraxyr

2Arcp male Waterhorse - Arcupra

ToIu female Winter Seasonal - Toinua

BMar female Daydream - Biramara

DISI6 female Seawyrm Pygmie - Disira


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So much fun :3

One time I saw someone whose entire scroll had dragons named after their codes and they were awesome.


Anyway, mine are...

Xi Luk (XiLuk)

Keylight (cqkeY)

Ayesha (AYEas)

Kyo Ryu (bpkYO)

Issun (iSunX)

Le Puff (lePuF)

Shylu (SHYlu)

Kajna (KAJna)

Tiobi (Tl0BI)

Aenry (aEnRY)

Kaziu (aZlu)

Kazyuu (ZYUU)

Abbey Dusk (AbBY)

Riumin (RIUMN)

Kotori (K0t0)

Fleetfox (qfOXX)

Pika-diator (PKaH)

Totoro (t0To)

Ochuu (ochU)


...aaand a lot more and I'm just gonna shut up now. blink.gif



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At first I named my dragons about what I felt at the moment

Ex: Dolciotto when I was in love tongue.gif

Only for one dragon (my first) I made a dragon name (I thought about it much time): Ryjell <3

But now I name my dragons with his code

ToOs: Toos

FIbCY: Fybec

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Yes, I do that when I have an interesting code. First three I can think of:


(Xcode) Xcode

(FtBNr) Fat Ben

(movco) movco



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I am upset that when my scroll names were wiped, somone took the code of my female silver, "Buti"... xd.png I was quite happy with that.

Other than that though, I'm pretty unlucky at finding good codes. D;

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I remembered that my Silver tinsel's code is IfURT (Could be mixed differently)

I called him I Furt. tongue.gif

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my recent fav was the CB Seasonal Winter


code: mCldO

Name: MmMmMm Cold-O


too perfect for a Winter lol


theres also


Purple Dino - jPLbO "Pechtry's jay-pablo"

Sweetling - N0o0o "2nd Sweet-Ribbon N0o0o"



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I have a few.


First one was a trade from a good friend I know via PesterChum. I forget what I gave her, but I got a 2nd-gen PB tan Ridgewing with the code "mOd2U" which was promptly named "I'm Your Mod For The Day".


Next comes one that I was supposed to continue the lineage with, but he hatched before I was able to unlock myself. I still got him, but he gendered wrong. His code was "ogO44", and he became "Ogo Of The Romanova".


I then have a Magi with the code "1in6c" who I named "1 In 6 Carrots Look Like Me". All of his offspring that I have on my scroll have the surname "Carrot of the Orenji" to follow with the surnames of their parents.


Finally, there's a female Dark Myst Pygmy I got either as a gift or a trade - can't remember which - and had the code "LURVT". I named her "Lurvt for Life". Also, with her mate "A War for Peace", (yes, I had to quote "Tobi" a few times on my scroll) they had a child named "Peace Love or War", who ended up being a gift, if I recall correctly.

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I've named every dragon on my scroll after their code blink.gif (I finally finished naming all of them today too! Yay!)


I only started naming my dragons as I was working my way toward having 200 of them, so rather than have to think up 200+ witty, inspired or unique names, or come up with some exciting naming scheme, I went for naming them based on their code.


Each dragon's first name contains all the letters of the code (or the equivalent l33t letters if the code has numbers), with the first letter of the code as the first letter of the name, as well as all the other letters in the order they appear in the code, interspersed with other letters to make something pronounceable. I've generally tried to keep this to one word - where this wasn't really possible, I've used an apostrophe (or very occasionally a hyphen) to join separate bits (this is then followed by the generation, in roman numerals, and any lineage suffixes).


So, examples from some of my dragons:

caHlA = Cahla = Cahila

UVNXP = Uvnxp = Uvinexprie

2fk8 = Zfkb = Zeflek'bru

0dq8T = Odqbt = Ode'qubit

9qrHQ = Gqrhq = Gesharqr-hiqu (her full name is actually Gesharqr-hiqu VII Dorkface, and it's probably one of my fave names on my scroll so far biggrin.gif)


I think I'm happy with most of them, though I might go back and rethink some of the more unpronouncable ones at some point lol.

Edited by Zaxian

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I had to rename all my dragons, and yes, based all their names on their code. So I guess there are some pretty weird names but heck... I don't have the imagination to figure out 300 names, lol.

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had a sunset with the code qAYLE, and named her "You Qayle in Comparrison" smile.gif

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I've done this three times.


Li''l Moniu=MONIU

Wabet= WaBet



And, all my mints' names are based (Very loosely) on their codes.

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I recently named my Canopy "77u --1decimal2786e-25 kg"


Code is (v77u8). I highlighted 77u and that's what google told me. Might make a mathmatic lineage~

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I have quite a few:

Majestic Fell Flame(mAJOt)

Ipshnay Petite(IpRd9)

Huckleberry Petite(HWUC5)

Hello Alligator(AlheO)

Odd Socks Petite(0bSOq)

Golden Snake Whispers(psStr)

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