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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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I've done it more than a couple, but less than often happy.gif *snickers*


wyou => Waiyuuki

vc4o => Vericolour

Uuic => Ulrich Stratous

e8bh => Erlin Beowolfe

cDim=> Cadmir

CuAs => Caspian Auspere

ITSH => Itashar

JoVq => JoVeqise

HeG8 => Hegrith

herU => Heru-wer D'Hinley beast

cIZU => Cirzu jeluz

HXEI => Hexeki Eiyeh

NcgO => Necagho

Z5SU =>Zeuyre Susanason-shini ..., etc. xd.png


correction after looking over my scroll, I've done it often, if not frequently xd.png

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I've not only done this a few times, I've a family of pygmy dragons that I'm using this as the naming theme for them. Sometimes I'll use the code to inspire part of the name and derive the rest from other sources (like the breed, situation, ancestors, etc.)


First, the pygmy dragons:

k18n > Kane the Picky

BLBf > Balbina the Picky (these, my first two, wouldn't breed at all, so I called them Picky)

9TW9 > Twaline the Cunning

KJVO > Kijevo the Crafty

YIsl > Yissil de Ruin (not in the above family but I wanted to make it similar)


And other of my dragons:

pTnA > Patanos

YeeT > Yeert

hoki > Conall Hoki the Devine

84KB > Kylobyte Starcloud

MFut > Morinas Futel

FO55 > Fosstaku

J1oY > Tempest Joy

AXEA > Alixea Tricktail

HHOS > Hossty

cask > Caskana

eEhh > Edith Pellmaida (I might have named this one Eehhdger or something but it was female..and had a family name I wanted to continue. Edith i figured was close enough.)

s2fA > Stoofa

c3gf > Ceferoquag

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I just got a Hellfire egg with the code True...


Thinking about naming it Nothing But the Truth or The Honest Truth...

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I have begun a full lineage around one of my dragon's codes...hopefully I can come up with the few more eggs I need.

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Yup I've done it! I've played between codes and names when I could


LoaJ => Loa Jung

jHaD => Ijhad

iIBE => Ibelin


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Bluna with the code c0vE. I had planned to abandon it, but I couldn't resist the code. Now it's named Merlin's Cove.

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Thats funny cause.. ALL drags (almost all that are named) Are named by their code! Even if it isn't cool! (thats why I created the un-cool codes turn interesting thread...)

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Yes laugh.gif


HOUR -> Flower-of-an-HOUR (a vine dragon)

ROET -> Abendroete am See (a sunset dragon), Meaning of the name is: afterglow at the lake

DAte -> Date the Dorkface Lagmonster (a red Dorkface Lagmonster)

iSeE -> I see trees of green (a seasonal autumn)

IT0D -> iTod Nex (a vampire), Tod is german for Death


I once saw a scroll with about 5 dragons named bus + a number (eg. Bus No 2). When I looked at their codes I saw that they realy had codes like 2Bus. cool.gif

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Computer 60= 60PC

Code jAVa= jAVa (jAVa was taken)

Top Question= topQ

Seahorse OW= OW7u

Goldfish Smiles= g6bB

Five Questions= qj5Q


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I've been collecting eggs with unusual codes lately. I just got CAPn (which I'm going to name after my pirate alter ego :3), and I'm waiting for S0RI to hatch.

I started with another canopy egg (j4Ne), which I influenced to be female, but did not feel the need to name, and I didn't realize my female nebula was j3ss until I named her. I ignored my male bluna's, though (his code is Ambr).


I think there should be a banner for fans of dragons with codes like that. :3

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I also considered naming my first dragon, Porfiro, Friq because of his code.

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Peanut Butter M Jelly = Pbmj

TJ's pet = TJpX

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ezKl is a cb female nebula, so I named her Ezekiel's Silme. Silme is starlight in Quenyan.

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I haven't named any of my dragons yet, so I might consider this as a way of naming some of them.


Though I just quickly glanced through my scroll, and none of the codes make for good names (that, or I'm just uncreative). Except for NK3X, which I might name K'Nex, based on those Lego-type toy things I used to have.

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I have several, let me list them now (warning, list is long).



duUO = Downey Doubletake, male Nocturne (duo = two, hence doubletake)

ExgV = Exoskeleton of the Dragon, male Black (ex = exoskeleton)

OHHH = CD couldn't name this dragon, female Magi (because this code was so insane, I couldn't come up with an actual name for this dragon)

FRJU = CD Impossible, male Seasonal (bred by my mom, who specifically forbade me from naming it "Fruit Juice" when she gave it to me)

MxEY = Mikey's Rock, male Stone (MxEY = MkEY = Mikey)

223d = 21st Century, female Sunrise (Because I always get the centuries mixed up...)

mudn = Mudd's Ride, female Terrae (mud = Mudd)

vNZw = Vinow, female Gold (An attempt at using the code to come up with the actual name)

wyne = Wayne's Pink, female Bright Pink (wyne = Wayne)

*code removed because it spells out a word that some folks may find offensive* = Ogechukwukama, female Frill (I swear, that's not jibberish, that's an actual name. I chose the name using the code to select it from a list I'd made)

MsFX = Miss Special Effects, female Magi (Ms = Miss, FX = Special Effects)

XDJk = Joker's Night, male Nocturne (Jk = Joker)

sTan = Simon Tam, male Earth (s = S. = Simon, Tan = Tam)

BgSd = Big Sid, male Split (Bg = Big, Sd = Sid)

dawZ = Rachel Dawes, male Split (dawZ = Dawes)


Frozen Hatchlings

hbgg = The Element Mercury, male Black (Hg = Mercury)

OSms = Orange Magic, female Magi (OS = Orange, ms = Magic)

NUde = I want to be a boy, female Magi (NUde = Dude)

M4AO = MAOI, female Purple (so named because I couldn't for the life of keep her code straight)

LWLW = Lawl and Order, female Vine (LW = Law = Lawl)

Sb11 = Santa Barbara, male Vine (Sb = SB = Santa Barbara)

rIfl = Rifled Leaves, male Seasonal (rIfl = rifle = Rifled)

jcdC = Almost a rock star, male Seasonal (jcdC = AC/DC)

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Please don't post things like your scroll link for no reason. In this case it is considered eggspam, because you are essentially begging for clicks.

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i have a spitfire that is part of a lineage that requires us to use "shadow" somewhere in the name. also, my spit personally told me that his name is "M5". so i named him "M5 Shadow"

btw, his code is "imM5" which reads "i am M5" laugh.gif thats how he "personally" told me xd.png

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I've named a few after/inspired by their codes:


Nvm4 - Nevermind

cNja - Cali Ninja

WOmT - WolloWomt

asPe - Princess Asper


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I have a white with the code hksl . named him Hank Solo biggrin.gif


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Sometimes I see the code and a name pops into my mind:


thIS - Lady Thisis the Bubbly

Icpe - Sir Ice P the Brownie

V4Xm - Sir Vaxoram the Harper

MOHj - Sir Mojo of Carnations Pink

P3il - Lord Phil Harmonie (yes, I mucked up on the prefix, but I like Phil) cool.gif

Shco - Sir Schoko der Erste

0Mtn - Sir Carl the Mounty (almost became No Mountains)

D0bY - Sir Dobby the Lustrous

Viel - Lady Many Art the Wishful

0stF - Sir Eastern Mists

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I do it if a code presents itself in that way, and I don't necessarily take the whole code as such or I sometimes add or change bits - here are some examples:


3VN(p) = Threeven

ToVo = Tovo

n0cK = Noeck (have a look at Astrid Lindgren to see what the Noeck really is)

lYNg = Lyngus

ovqL = Ovequel

TmkI = Timaki

PHAo = Ph'Ao



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I usually have either some other naming system to use or the code just isn't interesting enough to bother.


But some I just can't resist... Aurben is named directly after his code: Aurb.


Fuzzy Seaborn got her odd name from the code Fyzy (caps messed), which looks like it might be 'Fuzzy' to me! xP


Czumar is from his code of 8Czu. Gwoathylla is from her code of Gw0a (caps messed), and her daughter Twylla has the code TWcl (caps messed).


Aaand... that's it.

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