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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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Yes, with my last vampire; WaLT.

I named him Walt the vampire of Love (He hatched on Valentines day).


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I've often named based on code. My first 20 or so dragons were named by starting with the code and adding letters to make it seem name like. But last week I bit an egg with the code Xehm. I so named him Xehm.

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I've named one of mine after her code (Kawr, with a code of kaWr), and I have an egg who will be getting the same treatment when it hatches(XeIV). I like naming dragons for their codes when I can: it saves me having to hunt a meaningful name down.

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I just named my alt black after its code. :3

oDNA - > Darkness Of Night Aura

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Yup, on a few!


(Caps Messed)


AUQR = Auqraken

MIP1N = Mippin


For my Valentines '10.


And future ones-

JUVJ = Juvaja


For my Cheese. xd.png


And also-

NAPQ = Napquray

HTFB = Heartfyre

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Just once =) H8mE - Dearest Beloved.


Edited because I spell only slightly better than the apple core I just threw out.

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My sweetlings:


5Amj - Sanjam of Clementine. The 5 looks like an "s" and the letters are an anagram of "jam". I was caught between Sanjam and Jamster for a while, but since the other one already had a dreadful name I went for the one that sounded more respectful.


ikWg - Gravy of Clementine. I'm one of those people who try to make funny sentences out of codes and one that popped straight into my head was "I killed white gravy!" (Needless to say I laughed so hard I had to name him something that would remind me.)

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I got a cheese egg with a code of ricH I am now thinking what to name of it when it becomes adult and I will vote yes because I tried it even only one time

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Ooh yeah...I have quite a few. All names include a prefix AV's, which I won't be writing here, because the list would look messy.


BRB4 - Ahberaithere (I'll be right there)

SE5T - Asestigno

NicJ - Nic Jayla

MnEE - Mneep

ifij - If I Just

BhiL - Bhilosofe

aRya - Arya

Ijos - Lagilohari Ijos (Lagamonster survivor!)

xa1d - Xajida

Bkhe - Abuhkeyel

maSu - Amasu

NUju - Nuju

Z00Y - Zooylan

scoV - Ascov

PAki - Paki

elPU - Elpur

kehU - Kehu

Whus - Whus

PTUn - Ptuni

GYud - God of Chertograd

KMiR - Kamira

i5oL - Storm of Isola

NeGm - Negmalida

BOHH - Bohhertta

IvhA - Ivhala

TzaB - Tzabylon

AqTT - Aquettal

XaBi - Xabira

Rwus - Serwus

gEFM - Alloragefmaria

kDIg - Alekdiga

BkYr - Bakyr


...and dragons who are waiting to be named after the code when inspiration strikes are AUSE, Emes, aIea and vkUM.


What can I say? I love the codes. xd.png

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WEll, I haven`t named any draagon based on its code as I always seem to get useless codes. But now I picked up an egg with the great code S666 - and there are some good naming options... Never wanted to keep the egg, but with this code I just can`t abandon it!

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I did this with one of my whites. His code is sieK and I named him "Siek of White".

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I name most of my dragons after their code. In fact, four of my dragons (Paum, Hyii, Ahuo, and Fohr) were extremely easy to name - I just used their exact code.

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Apparently I've already replied to this topic, but know not when or for what, so...


I had a pebble turned into a vampire with the code ankh (exactly that) and so he is now Vampyr of the Ankh.


I think that's all, though. I wonder what I'd done before? I'm too lazy to slog through 36 pages.

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I, too, name most of my dragons after their code, though I sometimes wind up giving the name I got from it to a different dragon xd.png

If I listed all of y dragons this list would be huge, so I'm just going to pick the ones I like:

AMFX -> Anfix

eLEi -> El'ei

AAmP -> Ampor

gizq -> Gizzard

julY -> Light Summer Breeze (it's a daydream, I thought it was fitting)

ZEnp -> Zempas

gyid -> Giddia

1xzE -> Ixze

dVmx -> Demvarix

n3Xr -> Nexer

Scoc -> Scoc (lol)

djyE -> Djyea

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All of my dragons are named based on their code


Pecs is just Pecs xd.png and others

Like miGA is Migg'as x3

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I have one, it is related to the code


Code: YUMY

Name: Pizza (Just because Pizza is delcious)

that would have been funny it it was a cheese dragon

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i just did my first


code was




i named it WYFY connection (i said it cuz i dont know if it a girl or boy still just a hatchling)


also i named it that cuz WFYI looked like WYFY lol


also i plan on naming my cheese agg somthing to do with its code cuz its code is




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my dragons get code-based names if i have serious name block ya just gotta kinda squint a bit tongue.gif


crG9 -> crega

0qdu -> Oqudwen

ut7H -> Uttah

QOPa -> Quompa

2V9S -> Zeverz

Sbqh -> Sebqueh

ZLPd -> Ziplocked

i5vb -> Isevb


and probably candidates for the WTF name awards

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I have Jinc- my first frill- and she was named Jinc.

I know, it's very original.

But that's just how I roll. cool.gif

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It's okay to bump this, right?


Anyway, here's all my dragons named after their codes:

mATT - Matt the Dinosaur (purple dino)

LEAQ - Leaqy (mint)

klfA - Kilfaria (gold)

BOBJ - Bobbi J (frozen reg. black)


And I'll have to come up with something for clkn, a frozen Cheese. Something with "Clickin' " in it.

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I've done it a couple times.


Goddess Isis - isIs (pygmy)

I eat Chocolate Hearts - IeaT (sweetling aka 2010 valentine)

Coco Bean Pod - Bnpd (another sweetling)


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I've done it only once:


DUnt = Dunt laugh.gif


I have a couple others with cute codes, but I decided just to leave them unnamed.

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