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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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My geode hatchling had nioH for the code and I tried just using that as the name, Nioh, but it wasn't going. Anyway, it gendered female and I added an A on the end of it and was able to name her Nioha, I didn't add a last name because I couldn't figure one out and her lineage had mostly single names. So I kept her in the family, I guess.

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My magi's code was "farq" and then gendered female. That didn't stop me from naming her "Lady Farquad Dorkfrace" :-D

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7Kiy - Kiy The Dawn

DiIk - Ochre Dilk

OrAH - Hora Red Sox Thuwed Dorkface

EKea - Ekea Heart

tttt - TTTT Cyanwing (my favorite code biggrin.gif )

sATL - Salty Mist

pWp3 - Plot What Plot (lol)

ViAm - Viam On Tiptoes

ONll - Sam O'Neill

PJRR - JohnRonaldReuel Shepard-Dorkface

XMAX - XMAX PlatinSky

aHHu - Ahhu - Little Werewolf


And I often google the codes and then take something that appears on the first page, add something and a name is done ^^

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I love naming my dragons in accordance to their code. Here are mine. happy.gif


JAdr- Jadry

g8uc- Gatu Carnation (It took me forever to come up with a name for him)

SKuR- Skur Scourge

BZAs- Bzas Scourge

eRNI- The Importance of Being Erni (I gifted this one to my girlfriend on the terms that she give it a good name, and that's what she named it)



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*checks Scroll*


Bumko - (code 'unqO') well, I couldn't think of anything better

P3ppy - (code '3ppY')

Seventy-Five Pixels - (code '75px')

Sharetta - (code 'SHRA')

Nimu Psyche - (code 'nimu')


I think they're cool enough, dunno. xd.png

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I've only done that with Zauz (ZAUZ), so far. But I think I'm going to end up doing it with more, as well.


Edit: And Nendew. NndW is her code.

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I have a pigmy with the code "USSH", so I decided to name him Hljodhran. It means "silent" in the Ancient Language. Not only does it go with the code, it also fits my naming theme of all Ancient Language names! You're probably either thinking "Wow, she's such a nerd" or "What in the world is she talking about?". The Ancient Language is the Elves language in Eragon (you know, the dragon book?). And if you were thinking the first thing, then you're right, I am a nerd. If you're thinking "OMG I'M AN ERAGON NERD TOO!", then please PM me as soon as possible so we can have a long conversation...


RockyGemsCarly is awesome at Eragon stuff, just so you know smile.gif

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(nuze) = Nuze


(6uvi) = Uvi


(jUJU) = Juju Beans


(kIHl) = Kihl


(R1n1) = Rinia


(IZu6) = Izzu


(1l1e) = Lile


(Pumk) = Pumk *Litteraly came with the name!*


(1r0Z) = Izon


(UVTs) = UVTale


(AnoX) = Anox


(8jA6) = Ajj86


(MsWZ) = Microsoft Wiz


(Y7AZ) = Ylaz


(iaNs) = Ianos


(S44s) = Saas


Yeah when I can't think of a name I look to the code

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Little Lura was named after his code - lurA

My other pink, Sweet Child of Mine, was almost named after her code - mrhb

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Only once, so far. I had a sun dragon with the code 27Ra, and named it Soliloquy of Ra. (I put "Soliloquy" into the names of all my dragons.)

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PaTH - Snow Path (my ice trio)

iXXY - Ixxy

l6FI - Lessux Fi

5t6c - Fifty-Sixty


I also have some pretty good ones in my most current eggs - TBA!

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I do this all the time.


My frozen whiptail hatchling: xTPE = "X Type"

Frozen Hatchling Magi: bDEU = "Bedeus"

Albino: VuDa = "Vuda"

Autumn: qLv7 = "Level Seven"

OcheDrake: pEZg = "Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy"


& much much moar.

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I have just a couple like that:


Y0sF- Yosef

vLms- Valem


The codes are nice when I get stuck thinking of a name. XD

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