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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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My purple dorsal's code is 4fAx. I was stuck on his second name (most of my dragons are named with a prefix name and then a "real" name) so I named him Br'etan Fourfax.

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Yep, but only one so far.


ZuZq = Suzy Q -- as luck would have it, it turned out female so it fits perfectly!

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I have a few times, but usually I either have a unusable code or the name wouldn't match with the dragon.

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I haven't named any based on their code but I might because i have one with the code omgf(caps messed) which I find very funny.

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One of my Sunsets has the code JUmP, so he's now Jump At The Sun (which just also happens to be a very pretty song.)



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I only just started.


IfdC= If'Riddic

As8H= Ashaak


But my favorite is my new Daydream.


sQAb. Squab is cooked pigeon, so I named her Columba Livia, the latin name for pigeon.

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my silver hatchies (still ungendered) firstname is Jedi based on the code jedt..i had to name it jedi!

also i have a dragon named osa 7 suna based on the code osa7

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I almost always base my dragon's name on their code. It can be quite difficult.


gxEU = Gexx'eu

ZDmh = Zhar'demh

11yC = Un'wanyck

VKcm = Vik'suma

hAYs = Hayes

GHaL = G'halla

ZyX0 = Zyxxo the Chick

TcA2 = Te'catu

EbZq = Ebez'iq

s1t9 = Sun'tagnion

WE1y = Weyru'nye

9XV3 = Nynex'vythri

e5Z4 = Ephyve'zephyr

CZ8J = C'zetajj

3ogE = Trio'ghie

jsVs = Zhe'se'vassill

kiH7 = Kei'schevina

Y4UU = Yor'efru

CNOv = Cielno'vath

OLcO = Myth'olco

EtfQ = Etheph'cu

QSyN = Q'syn

m3ko = Myth'riko

YNfl = Yana'fel

nA4C = Naa'pher'cie

92W7 = Nintu'wysven

Gvy3 = Ga'vythri

VId3 = Vi'dethri

Bqru = Baq'rua

VYIP = V'yip

zC42 = Z'achella

KUwu = Ku'wu

yvsg = Yves'ghie

tUXR = T'uxarra

zKcB = Z'akaceb

wxlM = Wex'lem

hHXP = Hara'hexeph

QH5Q = Queh'phy'vieq

vguy = V'ghai

Z2fe = Zhutu'phe

JQ3Y = Jacqueth'ri

kVbs = Ka'vibbs

ywlw = Yu'lieu

jBgA = Ja'boiga

TwXX = Twixx

koAO = K'oao

tduv = T'dove

HlO8 = Kha'loit

FZFn = Fa'zeffn

dtzH = D'tazh

UhdE = Ithelis'uhde

ErNL = Err'nyll

n8zz = Nei'tze

Mkow = M'kow

HPUf = Ha'pouf

DsdA = Dal'sarda

Xn1k = Xen'ika

Pcie = Percie

LfCI = Lief'ki

LjJ1 = Lyo'jjun


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I've done a few, but normally I have a (rough) sort of naming scheme.


Aurben Magicusson was coded AUrb (which made me laugh - would have been better on a gold! although his father was a magi...)


Fuzzy Seaborn ( a water) was named Fuzzy simply because her code was Fyzy (caps changed). xd.png


Uhm... I think I have others... *checks*


Oh! Zissan Aurbensson has the code: yZis. That wasn't on purpose though (I think).


Czumar - 8Czu.


I have a few others that have pretty cool codes, but unfortunately, the naming schemes tend to take precedence. ^^ Although (pgRp and Pwnz would have been pretty cool).



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Haven't named it yet, but I recently picked up a silver off the AP with the code '0WED' biggrin.gif Naming suggestions? LOL

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Just a few so far:

- TeG3: Tiger black (it's a black dragon)

- Female split, code Clog: Clog and Clog (with description about a pair of wooden shoes)

- female split with code Agn1 (doughter of Clog and Clog btw), I named her/them: Agnes One and Two

- frozen vine hatckling with LB in its code became Little Bouquet

In a few other cases, I made up a name based on teh code that I mention in the dragon's description, as sort of a childhood name that the dragon was known by as a hatchling, before "earning" its real name based on its actions, or something like that.

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I've named two of my dragons so far based on code.


w3rE - Tawere (Taweret was taken laugh.gif )

0Ohs - 0Oh la la

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I've got a Frilled Hatchling with the code degf, thinking of using the "Huked on Fonicks Werrked 4 me" thing somehow....

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I named my vine in honor of its parents. And since its parents were named after their codes (Axxthe (3aXx) and Kizateb (Kztb)) I decided to name my vine Tonnao (2na0).

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Yes ^^ I named a white Obra, cause the code was Obra! The capitalization was so perfect!

There was also Uzul after UzUl, but that's not quite as fun.

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I have a purple with the code "jefj" and even though it's female, I had to name her "Jeff-fa-fa Dunham's Peanut". smile.gif

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I had a few that were impossible to resist:


4wdy => Wordi (paper)


SnpJ => Snippy Jay (paper)


GN4c => GeenForce (stripe - my stripes get named with medial caps)

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I have a few:


(The words in parentheses are the "theme surnames" I use for those breeds):


RR1X --> (Shanghaied) Railroad Crossing


KIsh ---> (Hinote) Kiss [bred from my Valentine of all things]


PAL3 --> (Sophisticated) Pal 3


2eww --> Just Too Eww


Faye --> (Pint-Size) Faye


jjYO --> JJ’s Yo-Yo


hiF5 --> High Five

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xd.png I have one! 0Hn0! It's a Balloon. So I named it Oh No POP



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Geode MaeI --> Maelstrom

Black uTbp --> Youtubp


Just those two, need to name my other dragons

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I still haven't named any dragons based on there code.


Every time I get the chance, I always forget.

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I would have if someone hadn't snagged my forcibly-abandoned bred egg. It has the code eESC and I would have named him/her Electronic Escape. But it looks like the egg is going to die. :,(

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Sometimes I pretend that they're something medieval or in Draconic. But one I got caught my attention...


My Shield dragon's code was: SAPM

And I thought....




So I picked a name from my mind.

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