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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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I've got few dragons, so I never had naming problems...


But that's a good idea! Congrats!

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I got a hatchling whose code is dmOS. I'm tempted to name it The Mac Operating System dry.gif

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I just went through my scroll and realized I have named thirty dragons after codes. There is one geode I have that I wanted to use it's code and for some reason forgot to use it when I named it the geode had the code of ufOs.


So starting from the top I have and some of the codes might have caps etc messed with.


4mss - for a silver girl became Akeena's Sterling Miss.

Pggh- for a Gaurdian female- Akeena's Miss Piggy.

Oaky- for a silver female- Sterling Silver Oak

BaEG- for a silver male- Sterling Money Baeg

Looz- for a silver female- Sterling Loozie.

Wych for a female black- Witch Legacy.

DqEq- for a pink- 10 wl Dequella.

fyz8- for a pink 12 wl Strawberry Fizzy.

Sh1v- Minty Shiver (for a mint of course.)

Etai - for a frilled male- 16 wl Etai.

CLng- for a gold- Golden Xmas Clingon.

un3I- for a gold- Golden Unique.

Pwtl- for a geode- Pewter.

Skwr- for an autumn seasonal- Skewered leaves

se9m- for a puddle- Senine.

Tmle- for a puddle - Tumble.

Bkes- Golden Harley Biker.

J3Ig- for a gold - Triple Golden Jig ( this gold egg when laid, if I remember correctly was a clutch of four eggs three golds and one common I think red.)

key3- for a storm- Stormy Keys.

ROYl- for a black - Royal warrior

PEep- for a pebble- Peeping Pebble

Tjor for a frill- Tjor.

Yom2- frozen golden Yom.

Didy- frozen autumn- Autumn Diddy.

K9pn- for a frozen pink- Pink canine.

spdl- for a frozen water- spedle.

Skt9- for a frozen skywing- Sky Skater.

Sy5o- for a frozen red - Inbred red soy

Lubl- for a male split- Lue and Blue.

hopj- for a female split- Hopping Jane

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I technically haven't, but one of my Black dragon's children was coded aMMo, which I took to calling Ammo. When he hatched and turned out to not be an alt, I gave him to my best friend, who named him Ammo.

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The little black I have has just been named 'Bevi'. I thought that 'l' (el) in her code 'BlEV' was an 'I' (eye). Still, it worked out. smile.gifwink.giftongue.gif

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I haven't actually named by code yet. But my latest sun egg's code is "Liez". (caps messed) You think it's trying to tell me something? unsure.gif

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My sunrise hatchling with jkyl (messed) gendered female, and now I'm the proud owner of Miss Jekyll! rolleyes.gif

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I do it all the time...Codes provide one of my only sources of inspiration for names. xd.png

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The only one I can really think of was a stone named Drum - her name is Stone Drummer Girl. To a lesser extent, her geode daughter was IC4s and became Lady Icy Girl.

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I think I may have done it once or twice. Mostly I name after the parents.

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I have most of my dragons named after their cones:


kfl8 - Kefleite

LMDJ - Midjana

F1aR - Flar

gFoy - GreyFoy

d90a - Deaona

ky29 - Kysene

q3R2 - Quarrus

xW8A - Xeweitia

V3eU - Vereus

h5zE - HesSezen

I1fC - Ilefsen

cxii - C'Xii

Ofgi - Ofegina

JldS - Jeldis



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I've got a fair number of dragons named from their codes (caps on all messed)


ebux = Ebuxil

md9n = Moondellava

oawf = Awfo

h3xi = Hexci

telf = Telf

vuya = Vuya

9sah = Parchasah

agmm = Agramm

zimy = Zimzy

namo = Namo

gub5 = Gubs

nybg = NybNyg


I also have a handful where I'm pretty sure I used a letter from the code for the start of the name, but that isn't quite the same.

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All but my first three dragons! (Reetha, Agudir, and Hukarn) though I wish I'd started earlier, Hukarn's code is great! (HXIS)

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My vine hatchie is now named Ol Zoob xd.png

the code was olZB



and the new red hatchie: The Lux

the code was ThLx

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My Whiptail's code was Wiko so I named it Wiko Whiptail right when it hatched. ^.^

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A friend of mine has 0P2h and named him "No Place to Hatch", because at the time, he thought he would get into trouble since he already had 4 hatchlings when this egg was about to hatch (lucky for him, he found out how it actually works with maximum numbers of eggs and hatchlings)

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I have a mint whose code and name are both Iyar. My white dragon's code is UM0X and it was so tempting to give her a Ferengi name!

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