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Naming based on code

Have you named a dragon based on it's code?  

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I voted "yes, a couple times" but I've only actually done it once so far.


I have a vine with a code that basically spelled "guyz" (I don't know what the code is right off hand and DC is down right now) and I thought of "disguise" due to the dragon being plant-like so I named it "Guise" smile.gif


I jsut got a frill with code R8AR which to me is like "radar" and with those frills on it's head being like a satellite dish I think I may name that one Radar. smile.gif

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Let's see, I have quite a few I have named according to their codes.


Kerril du'Dronett -split- code:A4nb (a foreign Bee) A Drone is a male bee.

Karrat el Kuzodd - black - code:Rat7 put the code in his name, except for the 7.

Kerr'Quinnell - dino - code:QNE7 Tried to use a name with the letters.

KerroKa' Jurr - stone - code:JURR Such a nice sounding name for a stone.

Kerr'Ariellian - black - code:IIaa Used a name with 2 A's and 2 I's, not in sequence.

Kerradiant Jon'z - silver - code:JONZ Sounded like Jonesy so used in name.

Kerr'Khym- black - code:khym Sounds like Kim, so used as a name.

Kerre'Giurare Draku - black - code:damU Means "Swearing Dragon" in Italian.

Kerr's Maltaj Oni -black alt - code:OnIj I put the j before the rest of the code here.

Kerr'Zimmery - black - code:zjm2 Looked like Zim to me, hence Zimmery name.

Kerr's Altu'Nejori - black alt - code:unej Mixed parents names and code.

Kerr'Amerquec - dino - code:AmQc Created a name for the code.

Kerr'El Jai-Giex St Claire - red - code:ljgx Name is code as sounds.

Kerr's Stonecandy Gumdrop - stone - code:gmDp Stone/CC bred. Just had to be.


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OK, I may have to name this new mint of mine something according to it's code.

the code is I Fly and the interesting bit (which may explain my Avi) is that I am an aircraft mechanic.

It was a low time egg I was just going to hatch and release till I saw the code.

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I have a black with the code "ohai" I named it, "Lolcat Wannabe."


I didn't remember if I had put that one up or not.


I name a lot of mine on code.

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EVSC = Evanescence of a Dream

LLaG = Natus Interimo (I name my golds/silvers/geodes with latin names starting with Natus('Born From') so I made it Interimo, which relates to lagging or waiting somehow... I forgot the exact meaning.

5x63 = Natus Amplitudo (Latin for Size, since their code seems like a size of something, though said something is very thin, and very tall. xd.png)

RIHT = Rightwind

zViz = Zee Vizard (And a Magi nonetheless!)

01Nu = Pyrrhic Defeat (If you don't get this one, they OWNED you, thus a Defeat. Pyrrhic I threw in there for the oxymoron, since Pyrrhic Victory is where you lose more by winning than you would have for losing.)

IOVK = Iiovuk

q4LT = Greater Roar (The code somehow reminds me of quiet, dun ask me how...)

awkX = The Awkward Dorkface (Awkward, and of the dorkface lineage! xd.png)

7OVE = Seven Sins of Love


Sometimes I name by code, sometimes by spontaneity, and other times I actually have something pre-planned. Whatever happens happens, and that's how I name them.


Though in doing this, I realized that I forgot to name the one with code sIIR by their code.. which I had really been wanting too... >> Silly me.....

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So far only two:


WjlL: Wyjil Marie Zmeesc - Because as soon as I saw the code that's all I could refer to her by xd.png

DmxB: Demyx Benzaiten Zmeesc - I knew I wanted to name a dragon Demyx and then I saw that code and I just couldn't pass it up xd.png


I also had one with the code "LucP" and I wanted to use it, but I forgot and named her … Orihime Inoue Zmeesc laugh.gif


I have a couple more codes I need to turn into names … but haven't figured out how yet.

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Only a couple of times, as of now.


DOSO : Doso

Ooor : Thunderegg Ooor ( this is a Geode, and for all of my geodes I give them names of precious stones, and Ooor sounds a lot like Or, which means gold in french)

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Oh the wonderness of my latest blue dragon egg:




I wasn't going to keep it but names based on it are crossing my mind. xd.png

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My Lord and Lady dragons have names based on their codes.


Lady Hamem of Abeg (HmeM)

Lord Scent of Abeg (scnt)

Lady Dukesa Abha (Dke2)

Lady GibJila daughter of Abha (G6J7)

Lord Vezco of Abeg (v7CO)

Lady TucLe daughter of Abeg (tcLE)

Lady WeiYi Abha (wEY1)

Lord GaxNy of Abeg (GxNY)

Lady Quibci daughter of Abha (Qbci)

Lord ZaBasz Abha (28sZ)

Iron Lord Zab of Abha (28Fe) (this one is based on Fe being the chemical code for iron)

Lady LaGa Abha (LaGa)

Lord BatFab Abha (BtFB)


Also I'm scroll-sitting a friends scroll and she named all of her dragons based on the code. But these are often rather weird names. I can't give them right now because I can't get into her scroll because of the problems with the site.

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My female winter hatchie's code was mostly the reason why I kept her. I named her Super Spy Yuma. tongue.gif She's a Super Spy cuz she's got a codename, rofl. biggrin.gif Her code is YUMA. I also have a CB mint eggy that is going to be named after it's code when it hatches.

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I picked up a CB winter named UPdo, but I didn't do anything with it.


Oh, and I just realized: Thirteenth Earth Squadron d'Orly is named after the 13 part of 13ui. I went on to name another Eighth Water Flotilla d'Orly, which is a shame, since the code is XxL7.


EDIT AGAIN: Oh, and Zhivaga was named after 7ZHV. Her mate was going to be named Zhivago, but that's a mint. He, oddly, also has a z in his code. Wz5n or something.

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Somehow during this downtime, I managed to breed my blacks and got 2 eggs. The one I kept is hopfully an alt... Fingers crossed, lol.


I kept it based on it's code of BIGY


I loved it and am going to try to name it based on it's code.


I have another dragon that's code is JMPT, I should have named her Something Jumped, lol... tongue.gif

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I have not yet but I have a hatchie named 'chew' (caps messed up) that is sorely tempting me. Except its a silver I suspect will mature (if it has not already) before I can give it away as I've not been able to access my scroll for days

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I have a water that gendered wrong with the code fBlz, I was about to abandon it, when I saw the code. I named her Fiblz. tongue.gif

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I have a dragon with the parents Snag and Brag... the code got8. I really want to give it a very dirty name. We'll see once the vine comes out of the egg.

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I have one so far... the code is zmEa. I didn't utilize the E at all, but the dragon's name is Zuma Goldwing Dorkface. Sometimes if I can think of something that goes with the code I'll use it, but most of the time so far I haven't.


One thing I want to do...my current vine hatchie has a code of 6win. I want to name it something having to do with that code. LOL.

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I plan on doing it as soon as my geode hatches. It's code is "aawe" so I have to. But other than that, I don't think I have any dragons w/ code-inspired names!


I have another dragon w/ the code "t4tu" (tea for two) so I am kicking myself over naming her something else.

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