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Hello Hello!

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Hey everyone!


You can call me Kit for short :3


Not much to me I'm afraid XD Just a woman trying to do her best out in the world. I'm a huge cat lover, as well as watching anime, and dabbling in writing here and there. Though I don't think I'm all that good. But, only by doing will I get better.


I have 3 cats.


A gray tabby named Kraken. (I originally named him Milky Way but he is a cat that desires to be outside, so when needing to keep the doors open we have to lock him up as it is not safe for little kitties) So when we were done, we'd make the joke "Release the Kraken!" And so now that is his official name.

A well dressed (tuxedo) tom named Xeno. (Originally I had named him Xena when I thought he was a girl. When I took him to the vet, she said "Welp, got news for you. Your Xena is a Xeno." )


Xeno's litter mate, Caerus a pure black tom. I named him after the Greek god of luck and fortune. I kept the Greek theme since when I thought Xeno was a Xena I had named him after Xena Warrior Princess and wanted to keep that theme. So I thought of black=lucky (Shh I know the actual superstition but he's lucky to me) and then just looked up some gods.


I've graduated with a dual degree in Regular Elementary Education and Special Education up to 12th grade. I no longer teach due to health reasons as well as some personal ones. Currently, I work as a Communication Assistant for the Deaf. (Sounds epic, but all I do is read text messages sent from a Teletype writer aka TTY to the other party and then whatever the other party says I type back to the TTY user.)


That's about it for me. At least of what I can think of for now. C:

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Hello and welcome! Sounds like you love animals and helping others to me, and your intro is one of the best things I've read all day. Thank you! :) 

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I totally though I responded to this XD My bad! Yes! Thank you and so far I am having a blast!

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