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ANSWERED:Glitch with sort by color?

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I have a group for my vampires and everything works fine except when I try sorting it by color. The frozen hatchlings disappear when sorted by color. The count is right, but they’re not there. It’s like the magic behind the scenes successfully pulls them (the count is correct) but then something on the frontend hiccups and doesn’t actually populate their rows. It’s not a big deal, I just use sort by color as shorthand for sort by gender, but as someone who is sorta frontend design adjacent it makes me shudder because I have this itchy feeling that it’s a lot more complicated than just a minor hiccup with vampire hatchlings.

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Of course, now they show 😅


You can go ahead and delete this since the glitch was apparently on my end, sorry!


ETA: yep, definitely my end, I really should have eliminated that more throughly!

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