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Dragon Hatchling didn't transfer properly from Leave/Take an Egg

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I left an egg I don't particularly need, a magi dragon egg that I bred, and I tried to accept a Shallow Water dragon hatchling, but the transaction didn't work. Yet when I look at the site, it shows my egg there and not the hatchling. The link to the page is here https://dcrecords.tj09.net/leaveandtake and it appears to be broken?? I'm really annoyed. Do I have to wait for someone else to claim the egg I left before the hatchling appears in my scroll?

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Just tested it and it's working fine. Did you make sure to check the hatchie you wanted BEFORE putting your teleport link in ? If you don't do that FIRST, your egg goes in as a gift and the message is "You asked for nothing so you get nothing.". If you HAD done so you would have got a transfer link which you would have to accept to get the hatchie.

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