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A human introduction made by a human

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Heyyyy, I'm- I'm a human- more specifically I'm a human that barely knows how to human, there we go, first thing you get to learn about me lol

I've been playing DC since 2018- or well- I started playing it in 2018 and then took a long break until like a week ago- oof-

Anyways my main language is English though I can speak enough of some other languages that I'm able to hold mini conversations in them.

I discovered DC on accident when trying to look up ways to make custom dragons eggs without drawing them myself (basically wanted a dragon egg picrew back before picrew).

I love roleplaying but I've never roleplayed anything DC related.

anyways hopefully this suffices as an introduction! : ) lol

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Hello and welcome! Do you like to cosplay as well as roleplay? Either way, you might find some RPs that suit your fancy in our Role-Playing subforum. I hope you have fun!

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