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ANSWERED:Trying to name my dragons

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Four of my dragons are close to adulthood. I have selected names ahead of time, once I found out the gender. The first one was fine, no problem. But the next would not let me have the name. There was nothing wrong with it. Only letters in both names. It kept trying to make me post both names spelled differently, but I didn’t want to. When I finally got them entered spelled my way, the system wouldn’t take them, saying there were wrong characters in the names. But there wasn’t. No profanity, all were letters, nothing I could see, except that it didn’t like the spelling!


This is getting long but I’m thoroughly frustrated and angry with this.

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Posted (edited) Solution

Names must be unique--if there's already a dragon that has the name then you can't use that same name.  There's also a few things such as you can't have a space at the beginning or the end of a name, and certain punctuation marks can't be used at the end or in a name at all.


What usually ends up happening is that the name is already in use.


(Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, but there's a mechanic reason for name to be unique.  Names need to be unique because otherwise you would not be able to go to the specific dragon that has a name by using the "dragcave.net/view/n/[insert name here]" link.)

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I hope this doesn't count as spam, but I have a suggestion that may help! Some people use "tags" to get around name exclusivity. These could be suffixes to the name, prefixes before it, or just a different spelling (I don't mean to call anyone out, but I noticed Googs uses capital Is instead of lowercase Ls to get around it)! I personally stick a lowercase x ahead of my names, and I have little to no problems getting the names I want. It may be annoying, but it works as long as you use a tag no one else has! ^_^ 

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Thanks for the replies! I came back because I found a way to get the spelling I wanted! 

I just ignored the x altogether 

l typed in the names one space between them but NOT after! This keeps the check mark and lets me enter the name! No problem!

Only one name was already being used.


And while all that was going on, my first hatchling became an adult! Yay!😃🥰

I marked KageSora as the solution because it was closer to what I came up with.

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Just adding a bit more

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