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Lineage View Question

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I found the Never Ending Song line in the AP at 60 something generations. Congratulations on managing to take it so far @Shadowdrake


It's hilarious. It's beautiful. I love it. It's a dang shame I'm egg locked right now.


But I noticed something that distubed me. The lineage view cut off after several generations. So I traced the line back to its start and it was cut after seventh gen. Gens one through seven were visible and then eighth onward just weren't.


Is this just a mobile thing or a whole site thing?


I have a 10th Gen Even Gen Reds project on hold that will be ruined for me if I can't view the entire lineage on the same web page at the end.

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Huh, it's not doing it now, I can see all 12 gens.


Must have been a glitch.

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