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Another day, another newbie!

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Hey there!

Well, I'm Laraya and joined Dragon Cave just about... 20 minutes ago?  :D

I'm an adult mommy from Germany, I breed and keep reptiles (and one Hamster named Susi) and besides this.. I read a lot ( ..a LOT. 80 Books last year. I'm fine, I promise), I do some drawing and crafting like wood burning, glass carving, stuff with resin.. 



Well, I don't fully understand Dragon Cave but.. I hope my eggs don't die? :D 

Also, if you want to chat, feel free to hit me up, i like meeting new people :)




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Hi there and welcome to Dragon collecting :D When I first joined, the folks at the Mentoring Project helped me out a ton, so I would absolutely recommend peeking at that thread if you're feeling lost.

What sort of reptiles do you keep?

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