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Hello everyone! It's Abrel here ^▽^

I can't believe it took me so long to realize that the account password used here is not the same as Dragcave. So... uh- I hope I'm not late.


First language: Chinese

Translators are used for English content, so it may seem strange or have meaning deviation;-;


I really like DC's dragons! I have been interested in this mysterious creature since I was very young. tbh, I had a dream that there was a game/place where I could collect all kinds of mysterious and characteristic dragons. I always thought it was just a dream - until I came to DC. Yep, I think- the dream came true.

Btw, I very much hope to have the opportunity to submit some of my own dragon designs to DC, and hope that this day will come. ^w^

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35 minutes ago, sh20000sh said:

Welcome to forum! Good luck!

Thanks!! ❤️^▽^

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