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DUPLICATE:Your Niche Groups

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I have this constant, insatiable desire to categorize things that are completely useless. For example: making a playlist for all the songs that I have that mention "bones", or making a list of all the games I've played that have a fishing mechanic.

I take advantage of Dragon Cave's grouping system for sure, I have a whole bunch of lists that serve absolutely no purpose other than to put my babies into categories.

I'm confident I'm not the only one on the forum who does this, so let's share our niche dragon cave groups in this thread!


Here's one I just made tonight that lists all of my favorite dragons that are special to me, either because I named them after an OC, or they have a funny name, or it's the first dragon I've ever hatched

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I name my dragons in all kinds of different ways, but I have some groups that were created just to make a list of certain 'types' or 'formulas' of name!  Here's one as an example; here's another, and another:)

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