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ANSWERED:Breaking the Scroll Limit (3/2 of New Release)

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So, I accepted a one-way transfer with two hatchlings, totally forgetting that I had caught an egg yesterday. I figured an image would suffice to show that I seem to now have 3/2 of the new release! I'm happy to donate a hatchling so fair is fair, but I thought I would make a post since... well, I'm pretty sure this isn't intended? Correct me if I'm wrong, though!

Edit: Ok, I did just go and try to catch an egg and I'm getting the notification that I'm not allowed, so I'm 99% sure this is definitely a bug.



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50 minutes ago, Shadowdrake said:

Last time it happened to someone one of the limited eggs spontaneously abandoned itself, jsyk.

this gave me a funny image. too many babies in the nest, guess i gotta *fwoomp*

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Well, it corrected itself, whether by that or something else! I was merely concerned - hadn't ever seen the issue before.

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