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Greetings! Long time player, first time poster!

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Hi there, the name's Thom and its great to finally be posting! 


I've been playing drag cave for what seems like a looooong time. I orginally came from Furcadia <_< #SQ 


I'm 29, a former professional counselor turned professional fortune teller.  Both of which I am pretty great at; mostly I'm pretty sure because I love helping people. 


Anyways, I have been playing on and off for many years and would love if someone could be kind enough to point out which of my dragons, if any, are particularly Hard to Find/Rare/Desirable? 

~scrollspam removed~


Much love,


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Hello and welcome! Links to your scroll are not allowed in your posts, it's considered spam, but you can add a link to your scroll in your signature if you would like us to view your dragons!

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