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Breeding/Egg Bug?

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So I just bred two of my dragons for the event, and I selected one of their eggs to keep as prompted.
But... now I have all four of their eggs in my cave? I didn't even notice until I went to breed another pair and I was suddenly at the limit that I could carry. As a matter of fact, I'm over the limit of eggs that I should be able to have. I should only be able to carry seven, but I now have nine.
I'm not entirely sure why this happened, nor am I sure what to about this.

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Limited release dragons can breed multiple eggs during their holiday season, but you can only keep one of the clutch. If you don't immediately choose one from the breeding result, they will all be "held" temporarily on your scroll. If you do not choose one to keep (click "Actions" on the egg you want to complete the prompt) they will all be abandoned after 1 hour.

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