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Introducing myself I guess-?

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My name is Razoreniye, but you can call me Razor or Raz. I really like creepy things, dinos, dragons, etc. I haven't played Dragon Cave for long, but so far I really do enjoy it. Currently collecting Vampires and working on some lineages! My favorite dragon in the game is the vampire dragon (ofc) but I have implemented myself into the game as a grave dragon! You can find him under my scroll under the name Razoreniye. He is meant to represent me in the DC world, as I like to imagine I'm a lone dragon who wanted to create a cave of different breeds living in peace. Although it mayyyy not completely work in the lore, I still like to imagine. I do artwork as well. My favorite games are VRChat and Roblox. Uh. What else. Oh I also like FNAF. Cringe ik. Uh. I think that is it. 


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