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Scholarly Dragons

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So, for a forum designed for a community of people who love dragons I was surprised to not find any threads about general information about dragons (scholarly, academic, or otherwise informational). As a library student, I thought that was a shame. So, I'm starting this topic to open up the floor for 'scholarly' dragons. (This topic may be buried somewhere in the old threads, but I have done my best to find it and failed). 


To start: some MLIS classmates of mine just created a pretty amazing (and free) LibGuide about dragons called Here Be Dragons: A Monstrous Exploration as part of one of our final projects. I thought that some people here might like to peruse the sources they've collected!


Also, they've linked to DragonCave on their Leisure and Reader's Advisory Tab👀

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On 12/30/2022 at 8:39 PM, Impulsive_Egg said:

Hey this is actually pretty neat! Y'all did a nice job and it's obviously a labor of love

Thank you! This was the first LibGuide we made (well, I wasn't a part of this one, but I made a separate TTRPG one). We can see how many views this page has gotten in the page details - so thank you all for giving it so much love! <3 

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