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Introducing... me!

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Hello! 🐲

I remember this site from ages ago, and I found out I made an account in *squints* 2006-2010. I can't tell if I had ever actually done anything with it, but it was empty, so I suppose not? In any case, one of my best friends picked up this site again, so I wanted to give it a shot too! I went through the hoops to get the account back- luckily despite the email being old I managed to get in fine- changed my username, email, and got myself some dragon eggs. I even have my first hatchling now, which is exciting!

So here I am! Hello fellow Dragon Cave members! I'm unsure how active I'll be, and I tend to be quiet in places like this unless I get really invested, but I figure having a forum account can't hurt!


I am curious, what do you all like to do here? I see there is an encyclopedia, so I assume one thing people might like to do is try to collect every dragon. But I also see there's a breeding system, what is that like? 😆

Apologies if this is answered in the FAQ thread, I don't appear to have access to it and I assume it's because I need to make this post first!


Edit: Realized I forgot to introduce much of myself really, so while I'm waiting for forum approval, I'll add a little more. I'm a casual artist who loves creating things like stories, characters, etc. I've dabbled a little in writing and gamedev, and there's a lot of video games I really like, such as Pokémon, Splatoon, Hollow Knight, and a ton more.

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Hello and welcome, fellow old-timer! I joined in 2008! I like to fill out my encyclopedia, there's an entire thread dedicated to helping people complete theirs! There is a lot to take in with breeding, I suggest starting here to get a hang of the language first, then dive into the Breeding subforum to get some more info. 


I also love Hollow Knight and can't wait for Silksong. :) 

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