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ANSWERED:Floret Wyvern Breeding

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I've been trying for months to get a violet alstro wyvern and I can't seem to get an egg.   The wiki just says to breed an alstro with an iris and I've tried breeding the peach alstro with the purple iris and the golden alstro with the purple iris and no luck.  I've started breeding the two alstros I have with the the pink and yellow iris wyverns as well to see if that works but nothing yet.  I've getting so frustrated so any advice would be greatly appreciated!  😅

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Posted (edited) Solution

pink alstro definitely produces violet when bred to purple or yellow iris. not sure about other alstro and other iris though (since the few violet alstro i have are all g2). Found other pairing examples, added below. all i can say is really luck...hybrids are sometimes really hard to produce unfortunately and florets seem to be on the difficult side





Edit: Just went and tried and - Yea no I'm not a fan of the probability either



Edit #2: asked a few friend to try and they ended up with 2 wine from pink alstro and purple iris instead lol.

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Oh yikes.  Good to know it is possible but still sad the probability is so low.  😔  Thanks for the help though!  I'll have to keep trying after Christmas lol.

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