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Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2022 edition -- Grand finale raffle winners drawn!

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Original Organizers: PointOfOrigin, Plok, simkim
    Past/Inactive Moderators: evilSpectra,  WWECornserpent, The Dragoness, Rosastrasca, Toyo, Aqub, Paintra, Tini, BlueLatios
    Current Moderators: purplehaze, Lushwave, Glyndlamir, BringsTheSnow, galleri


Signups are currently: CLOSED!

This is a gifting game with a simple idea: each person participating is paired with a secret gifter and a secret giftee. The goal is to fulfill the requests on your giftee's wishlist to the best of your abilities. While one present is enough, the more the better! After all, who doesn't love to find pretty eggs waiting for them in their inbox?        

    Remember, this project is all about spreading the joy of gifting, not being greedy.

Table of Contents:

Timeline, Rules, Creating a Wishlist, Signing Up, Secondary Gifters, Receiving Gifts, Giveaways, FAQ, Banners - 1st post
    Participants - 2nd and 3rd posts
    Replacement Santas - 4th post



November 15th - December 21st: Sign ups are open

    December 22nd - January 2nd: Sorting and finalization of groups

    January 2nd - January 5th: Delivery of wishlists

    January 6th - January 30th: Gifting period

    January 30th - February 10th: "Make up" gifting period (for anyone who was missed)


    But before the fun can begin, there are a few rules to go over:

  • Each gifter is only required to send one gift to their giftee. Anything more comes from the goodness of their hearts.
  • Off-topic chat, spam, abuse, and whining are not permitted in the thread.
  • You must have the messenger feature enabled. We need to be able to contact you.
  • Any gift/donation claimed in the Secret Santa thread during the gifting period should be given to your assigned giftee, unless it is explicitly stated that the donation could be kept. (Eggs won or claimed through signup period giveaways/raffles are yours to keep, though!)      
  • Killing, experimenting, trading, abandoning, or re-gifting a gift is not allowed. Freezing is also forbidden, unless you specifically mention your intention to do so in your wishlist.
  • Giftees have 48 hours to respond to gifter PMs and to pick up gifts.  Gifters may wait longer if they choose but are not expected to hold gifts for more than 48 hours.
  • Please make a public group on your scroll, named "Secret Santa 2022." (When making a new group, just put a random dragon in as a placeholder until the group has been created, then please remove it immediately so the mods will be able to tell if you have received any gifts.) Whenever you receive a gift from your Santa, sort it into this group! (If you are unfamiliar with using groups on your scroll, please PM a mod, we can help!) Please do NOT put any dragons in your group except gifts that you have gotten from your gifter.    
  • Please see the guidelines under “Creating a Wishlist” for specific rules about filling out your wishlist. Wishlists that do not follow those guidelines will be rejected.
  • Santa mods will not be able to deliver wishlist gifts for Santas who want to remain anonymous. This created too much of a problem in the past and the mods are all pretty busy with other things.


    Mods have the right to add more rules if they see fit at any time.     

In the case of not following the rules, you will be greylisted (warned) for one offense, and blacklisted (banned) for two offenses. Both lists will be kept private. If you disagree with a warning, you are welcome to send us a PM so we can work it out.

Creating a Wishlist

    Each person has a list with seven slots which they can fill with holiday wishes according to this chart:

Wish 1: CB Staterae, CB Gold, CB Silver, 2G Prize (you may specify the Prize breed and metal of your choice, but not the mate breed), "2G" CB Vampire bitten by an original 2008 Vampire, 2G from Spriter's Alt, 2G from female Holly, 2G from black Sweetling, 2G Scourgekeeper, Neglected, a special code (all-numbers, palindrome, word of your choice)

Wish 2: CB Pink Sapphire, CB wild Shumoga hatchling, CB Motus or Mundus Cantormaris hatchling, any CB Copper, 2G Staterae, 2G Gold, 2G Silver, 2G Prizekin (you may specify the Prize's breed and metal and mate breed of your choice), 3G or higher Prize (you may specify the Prize's breed and metal of your choice), 3G or higher from Spriter's Alt, 3G or higher from Thuweds, 3G or higher Scourgekeeper, alt Black, alt Vine, alt Undine

Wish 3: CB Blusang, CB Aeon, CB yellow Sapphire, any CB Trio, CB Cantormaris (unhatched and cannot request a variant), any CB False-Headed Hydra, any CB Gemshard,  any Dino, Paper, Chicken, Cheese, 2G Pennybright Copper, any 2G hybrid Floret, 3G Staterae, 3G or higher Gold, 3G or higher Silver, 3G or higher Staterae, 3G or higher Prizekin (you may specify the Prize's breed and metal and mate breed of your choice)

Wish 4: CB red Dorsal, CB tan Ridgewing, CB Golden Wyvern, CB blue Sapphire, CB Vampire, any CB Zyumorph, any CB Xenowyrm, any 2G Avatar, 3G or higher Pennybright Copper, any 3G or higher hybrid Florets

Wish 5: Any CB Lunar Herald, any CB Fire Gem, any 2G hybrid (excluding Avatars, Pennybright Coppers, and Floret hybrids), any CB BSA dragon (excluding Aeons), any 2G from Holidays

Wish 6: Something with a lineage. Be as specific as you like, as long as the requested dragon does not belong in one of the higher tiers.

Wish 7: Any CB uncommon or common breed, any bred BSA dragon, any hatchling that does not belong in one of the higher tiers.

Guidelines for Creating Your Wishlist

  • You may list as many things as you would like under each slot. Just make sure that your wishes meet the criteria for that slot.
  • You must list at least one request for each slot.
  • Please do not list duplicates in multiple categories.
  • Please do not request: Holiday dragons or 2G Thuweds. These are impossible to obtain.
  • Do not put dragons that belong in more valuable slots in a lower slot. (Example: 2g prizes belong in slot 1, but not slot 6, even though they're technically a lineaged dragon.)
  • Anything considered to be less valuable than the suggestions on each spot can also be wished for. So, for example, if you don't want any of the dragons listed for the first spot, you can fill both the first and second spot with a dragon that would fall under second spot, etc. You may also fill one slot with "surprise me," but you will have to take whatever your gifter gives you.
  • Do not link to a wishlist or group, or link a dragon asking for "a mate for this dragon". Describe the dragon you want. Also, do not request a gift "unrelated to" a specific dragon.
  • Also, do not expect your gifters to fulfill every wish you have. They are only required to send you one gift.
  • All items will be expected to be given as eggs, unless otherwise stated as hatchlings. All items listed without the CB or #G prefix may be expected to have any lineage.


Sign Up Process

 Sign-ups are being handled a bit differently this year. There will be two steps that you must complete to sign up!

Step 1: Participants will be asked to fill out a Google form to sign up.

There will be a place on the form to fill out your wishes for each level. The eligible dragons for each level are listed there to make it easier for you.

Wishlists will be checked and approved by the mod team. If changes are required you will be notified and it will be possible for you to edit your form. Once you have done that, please post in the thread to let us know so we can recheck.

Changing your wishlist: If you decide you want to change your wishlist for any reason – say you got that Pink Sapphire from someone already – you can update it by editing your form. But it is important that you post in this thread to let the mods know you have updated it. You may not update your list once sign-ups are closed (December 21).

To match people in their gifting abilities and requests, we need to know what they are capable of catching/breeding/trading for. Because of that you are asked to list your special dragons, lineages and catching abilities. Nothing you share will be made public.

Step 2: Let us know you have completed the form by posting this short form here in the thread:

I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Please include a link to your profile.         
Scroll Name: Please include a link to your scroll.          
Group Name: Please include a link to the public "Secret Santa 2022" group on your scroll.
And just for fun: Please include a link to your favorite dragon on your scroll!


Replacement Santas 

Since in the past, people have disappeared, were unable to play, or just stopped playing, we will be keeping a list of participants who would be willing to step in so that no one ends up without a gift. When taking a position as a Replacement Santa, all of the rules for primary gifters still apply (see above).

The job of a Replacement Santa is pretty straightforward. Your task will be to take upon yourself another giftee in case someone ends up without a gift. You will be able to send their gift(s) during the dedicated "make up" period. The sign-up form has a place to indicate if you would be willing to be a replacement Santa.

Throughout the gifting period there will also be opportunities to serve as Santa Helpers. We are not asking Helpers to sign up this year, so if you are interested in helping, please keep an eye on the thread during the gifting. If participants are struggling to find the gifts they need for their giftee, they may post in the thread asking for help. That will be your chance to step in if it is something you can provide!

            Gifts Received        

Gifters and giftees do not need to submit proof of their gifts to the Secret Santa forum account. Instead, we are utilizing the "groups" feature.         

When you receive a gift, simply put the dragon in the group you made during the signup process, named "Secret Santa 2022." This way, you can show that the dragon was received and kept, rather than killed, traded, or released.  

Any gifter that has concerns about their gifts may PM the Secret Santa account, and we will look into the matter.         

As always, be aware that viewbombers may target your dragons. Please take care to protect your gifts, and keep an eye on your growing babies. If viewbombing becomes an issue, please PM the Secret Santa account and let us know if you need to make your group private.         


Giveaways are part of the fun of Secret Santa! There are three types of giveaways: during sign ups, after sign ups, and a finale after the gifting period closes. Terms of each giveaway will be posted at the time of the giveaway. There may be free-for-all postings, raffles, or other sorts of giveaway. All giveaway prizes must be treated with care, so please do not bite/kill/freeze/experiment/trade/abandon them.    

During Sign Ups These giveaways are open to everyone, including those who are not participating in the main gifting event. However, these giveaways will be held only during the sign up.

During the Gifting Period This next set of giveaways will be held after sign ups close. They will be open only to gifters, who can enter to win something for their giftee. If your name is drawn, the prize(s) must go to your giftee unless the giveaway specifically states that you may keep the prize for yourself.period. Any prize(s) you win are for you to keep.    

The Big Finale After this year's Secret Santa closes, we will hold an extra special giveaway as a finale. Don’t forget to stick around for this event! Anyone who participated in the main gifting event (gifters, giftees, secondary gifters, mods) is welcome to enter. These prizes are for you to keep as thanks for another great year of Secret Santa.

            jqBp0WE.png Announcement about gifting! DLCcjWR.png    

We've had many very nice people donate eggs for our giveaways - you're awesome! However, the mods may or may not be able to gift/raffle them in a timely manner, due to our schedules and our scrollspace. You all are therefore welcome to give gifts on this thread, as friends of Santa!     

Please bear in mind our rule that gifting during the signup period (through Dec.21) is open to all users, not just those who have signed up for Secret Santa. Other than that, feel free to gift in this thread using two-way links (if you would like to see where your gift goes, or would like to wait a specific time period before choosing) or one-way links (if you'd prefer a quicker gifting experience). Gifting/giveaways during the gifting period (Jan.6-30) should only go to people participating in Secret Santa, and the egg should only go to their giftee (unless you explicitly say that they can keep it themselves, or use it to trade "up" for something their giftee wants).    


    Q: Can I participate without sending a gift/receiving a gift?

    A: No. While you can sign up as a Replacement Santa or donate eggs in the thread as a Santa's Helper, you cannot sign up just to receive a gift. That's not the point of this game.

    Q: I sent my gift(s), but my giftee has not been active. Will I be given a new giftee?

    A: No. Once the gifting has started, only players who did not receive gifts will be reassigned. You are more than welcome to help other gifters get the gifts they need, though.

    Q:  My gifter/giftee has not contacted me at all. What should I do?

    A: If you have not heard from them by the end of the gifting period, contact the mods through the Secret Santa account. We will make sure you get a gift.

    Q: Can I decide not to play after the sorting period begins?

    A: For the purpose of laziness, no. But if you do have a real issue that takes priority, we will find new partners for your gifter and giftee.

    Q: I received a gift that wasn't on my wishlist. Do I have to keep it?

    A: Before contacting us for help, make sure your gifter didn't send you the wrong gift. Politely point out your wishlist to them. If there is still an issue, let us know.

    Q: I believe my gift has been traded/abandoned/regifted.

    A: Contact a mod immediately. This is against the rules. Mods will investigate.

    Q: I ran out of Magi dragons! How do I send gifts to my giftee?

    A: Send a PM to the Secret Santa account. A mod will send you a two-way teleport and then deliver any gifts for you. However, you are asked on the sign-up form if you have enough Magi dragons to fulfill your gifting. If you say you need more there will be people who offer to give you some. Please try to be sure you DO have enough before the gifting begins. Mods may be too busy, or have their scrolls full and not be able to help you.

    Q: Can I participate if my scroll is hidden?

    A: Yes, but be prepared to receive a PM from a mod. We do need to be able to check your scroll at certain points. You can hide it again right after.

           Q: Will thread moderators be participating in the gifting portion of the event?

    A: Yes, moderators will be allowed to sign up. We will still happily step in as replacement/ supplementary gifters when needed.

    Q: What happens if I'm given a warning?

    A: Warnings are given for breaking thread or forum rules. After one offense*, you will be greylisted. That means you will receive a PM from the project account detailing the situation and asking you not to do it again. If you break the rules a second time*, you will be blacklisted. You will be permanently banned from participating in Secret Santa activities.

        *These conditions apply if you break the rules pertaining to gifts (freezing without prior notice, killing, biting, experimenting, trading, regifting, abandoning) only. For thread related offenses (spam, off-topic chat, rude or inappropriate behavior, complaining about a gift), participants will be allowed two chances to correct their behavior before being banned. Upon committing the third offense, they will be blacklisted and removed from all lists.




by Diaveborn



by T-Tiger



by sunshine_ley



by sunshine_ley



by sunshine_ley



by sunshine_ley

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I Signed Up! 

Fourm Name: Athy910 https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/242185-athy910/

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https://dragcave.net/view/9sj8a Chicken!


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https://dragcave.net/view/9Iapa not perfect, but I was very happy when I got him.


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And just for fun: Oh gee, this is hard.  Umm, I have to pck umm...  I guess this fella that I need to find a name for. 



I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: FishFish
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And just for fun: A 3G silver pirze x blusang, his mate happens to be my favorite breed:blush:


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And just for fun: A very special 4G Alt Black


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And just for fun: I named this one after the first lyric of my current favorite song (Tulip by Jesca Hoop)


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I Signed Up!              
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And just for fun:  She has the most babies in existence https://dragcave.net/view/DdYZ


I Signed Up!              
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And just for fun: Matriarch of my personal dragon family breeding project


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And just for fun: https://dragcave.net/view/WquNr


I Signed Up!
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And just for fun: I can't pick a favorite individual dragon, but this is my favorite breed ❤️


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Kelkelen
Scroll Name: Kelkelen
Group Name: Kelkelen's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: Gift of Winter Light was a gift to me from the Spriter in a low time, when the beautiful Solstice dragon gave me hope and comfort.  I promised to only ever use its offspring as gifts.


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Kovia 
Scroll Name: Kovia
Group Name: Kovia's Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun: Jkhafot Haloh Thuwed, not my favorite breed yet holds a special place in my heart ❤️ 

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M - Z


I Signed Up!            

Forum Name:  MaidMarian

Scroll Name:   maidmarian823

Group Name: MaidMarian's Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun: Tough choice, but I have the biggest soft spot for Leia Dorkface❤️ 


I Signed Up!  

Forum Name:  miaou
Scroll Name:  miaoujones
Group Name:  miaou's secret santa 2022

And just for fun:  you and i will meet again, acorn ❤


I Signed Up!              

Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/236567-miltank/

Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/Clowny

Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/219173-miltanks-secret-santa-2022

And just for fun: He's definitely a favorite of mine! https://dragcave.net/view/6YcHN And I can't forget about my two favorite codes! https://dragcave.net/view/clOwNhttps://dragcave.net/view/Tulip


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: MimosaMage       
Scroll Name: MimosaMage      
Group Name: MimosaMage's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: Schrodes &  Nindae


I Signed Up!              
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Scroll Name:   My Scroll
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And just for fun: one of my favorite dragons


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: missy_ (I go by missy)    
Scroll Name:  tarotlover  
Group Name:  Secret Santa group
And just for fun: I have many favorites and it's tough to choose, but since it's the holidays, I give you: Holiday Baking Championship


I Signed Up!    
Forum Name: Mochew
Scroll Name: Mochew
Group Name: My Secret Santa group
And just for fun: A birthday present from forum, I was very surprised 😆


I Signed Up!

Forum Name: Mochi 
Scroll Name: xxlonewolfxx
Group Name: Mochi's Secret Santa 2022 

And just for fun:  There's only a few but he's one of them ^^; 


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Moonshineforest Forum Profile
Scroll Name: Moonshineforest Scroll
Group Name: Santa Group
And just for fun: My very first dragon


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: MyrrhDarkwing
Scroll Name: Myrrh_Darkwing     
Group Name: Secret Santa group
And just for fun: Lil baby hasn't even grown up yet, but I love him so much. For a much older favourite, I've loved her and her lineage since I got her.


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Moriaty

Scroll Name: scroll  
Group Name: 

And just for fun: 
That's hard to pick, never really considered anything a "favorite" ummm...what about this one? https://dragcave.net/view/TFPGa My very first neglected (made by myself : D)


I Signed Up! 

Forum Name: Neforium Forum profile
Scroll Name: Scroll
Group Name:  Group link

And just for fun: Jester from a lineage im working on 😄 but i also adore and hoard spiritwards ❤️


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Oetieloetie

Scroll Name:

Group Name:

And just for fun: i guess this one is cool: https://dragcave.net/view/9iBZA


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Onodzuka - My forum account
Scroll Name: My Scroll
Group Name: My Secret Santa group
And just for fun: My favorite changes but as of this post this one is my favorite


Signed Up!              
Forum Name: QueenAquariusDragon 

Scroll Name: QueenAquariusDragon 

Group Name: QueenAquariusDragon's SSanta2022

And just for fun: I have many favorites, but one of this is this lovely dragon! 



I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/242374-rainsparlke/        
Scroll Name:  https://dragcave.net/user/Rainsparlke    
Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/218837-rainsparlkes-secret-santa-2022
And just for fun: https://dragcave.net/view/UTA3 She was my very first two-headed dragon and is what started my love for that subtype.


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: ravensunset profile!       
Scroll Name: scroll!      
Group Name: "Secret Santa 2022" group!
And just for fun: dragon!


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Rhikasa
Scroll Name: Rhikasa
Group Name: Rhikasa’s Secret Santa
And just for fun: I got this lovely dragon recently



I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: _Ro_ https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/240368-_ro_/    
Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/Roseora    
Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/217905-_ro_s-secret-santa-2022
And just for fun: Ooh this is hard. I love all of them, but if I have to choose.. Probably the first hybrid I made by myself. No gifts/trading/AP. :P https://dragcave.net/view/WFN3q


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Schenanigans     
Scroll Name: Scroll
Group Name: Secret Santa Group

And just for fun: This is hard?? Well, have this recent favorite for now!  


I Signed Up!


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: --Seven--       
Scroll Name: --Seven--      
Group Name: --Seven--'s Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun:  I like name codes and number codes. Among them, these two are special the boy the girl because not only are they twins codes, but they grew up on the same day!


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: shinygirl 
Scroll Name: shinygirl
Group Name: shinygirl's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: my precious ALEX code, the king of all codes in my scroll! 



I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Shizuku-chan
Scroll Name: Shizuku-chan
Group Name: Shizuku-chan's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: Lucky catch during Halloween'22


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: simkim My Forum Profile    
Scroll Name:   My Scroll
Group Name: My Secret Santa Group

And just for fun: One of my favorite dragons


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Solaries
Scroll Name: Solaries 
Group Name: Sol's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: You Are Enough (rainbow arrow lineage)


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Starlight Lion forum profile
Scroll Name: StarlightLion scroll
Group Name: My Secret Santa group!
And just for fun:  One of my faves (so hard to pick, but his code is perfect and I still can't believe I snagged the trade for him)


Signed Up!              
Forum Name: swordblush
Scroll Name: swordblush   
Group Name: swordblush Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun: It changes often lol


Signed Up!              
Forum Name: TempestSea

Scroll Name: TempestSea 

Group Name:

And just for fun:



I Signed Up!

Forum Name: TheLittenLord1 
Scroll Name: TheFinalChance           
Group Name: TheLittenLord1's SecretSanta '22 
And just for fun: 

https://dragcave.net/view/AAWS0 was a special gift


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Tiira
Scroll Name: Tiira
Group Name: Tiira's Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: I can't pick a favourite dragon, but my favourite bird would be tern.


Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Tjenni https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/172226-tjenni/  
Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/tjenni         
Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/180653-tjennis-secret-santa-2022
And just for fun: I have many favorite dragons, but come on Diego is the best


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Toyo
Scroll Name: Toyoo
Group Name: Toyo's Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun: I have way too many favorites to definitively "choose," but here is my latest project


I Signed Up!          

Forum Name: Tsunami_Void  https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/240191-tsunami_void/      
Scroll Name:

Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/216294-tsunami_voids-secret-santa-2022

And just for fun: 




I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Unicorn Maiden

Scroll Name: 

Group Name: 

And just for fun: 



I Signed Up!


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: Wingedflight     
Scroll Name: WingsOfFlight    
Group Name: Wing's Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun: Just for fun, meet Id Beginnings~


I Signed Up!              
Forum Name: WWECornSerpent     
Scroll Name: WWECornSerpent      
Group Name: WWECornSerpent Secret Santa 2022
And just for fun: My Sweet Dessert


Signed Up!              
Forum Name: yanderella
Scroll Name: yanderella        
Group Name: "Secret Santa 2022"
And just for fun: Pinkberry Milk Chocolate


I Signed Up!           
Forum Name: zippuzzle
Scroll Name: zippuzzle
Group Name: Zippuzzle's Secret Santa 2022

And just for fun:  My first dragon (who was actually a drake, haha)


Edited by Secret Santa

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Replacement Santas









Chaos Rider










Firstborn Dragon



























Servia Senkalora














Unicorn Maiden






Edited by Secret Santa

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Another year and Santa is back!

There have been a few changes to make things easier for you and for the mod team. So please be sure to read all the rules and instructions carefully.

I am pleased to announce two new members of the Santa mod team who are stepping in for others who were not able to continue.

@Glyndlamir and @BringsTheSnow, a warm welcome aboard!


I hope everyone is as excited about this year's exchange as Santa is!

If you have questions or comments please feel free to post, or to PM the Secret Santa account!


~ Santa purplehaze

Edited by Secret Santa

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I Signed Up!          

Forum Name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/240191-tsunami_void/      
Scroll Name: https://dragcave.net/user/TsunamiVoid    
Group Name: https://dragcave.net/group/216294-tsunami_voids-secret-santa-2022
And just for fun: https://dragcave.net/lineage/r8VJT

Edited by Tsunami_Void

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jqBp0WE.png Gifting! DLCcjWR.png


Yay, Secret Santa is back! Thank you to the mods, who keep this fun project going year after year!


(Pop a dummy egg in, just so I know where they're going)

CB pink hatchlings, influenced m/f! - Gone!

CB red + purple hatchlings! - Gone!

3g blue lunar x caligene SAlt checker! - Gone!

2g aeon! - Gone!

CB cantormaris hatchling (blue, female)! - Gone!




Edited by Toyo

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Updated to here


The following sign-ups have been reviewed and approved:






The following sign-ups have been reviewed and need corrections (PMs sent with more info):






~ Santa purplehaze

Edited by Secret Santa

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I am posting to inform the mods that I would like to request a re-check the details of my original post/form. I have finished fixing up a detail I had missed when I originally submitted all my information. ^^ Thank you so much!


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Posting to let mods know I have edited my wishlist! Apologies for the error.

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