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Hello! I can give a "welcome back" update summary a try, not sure when you were here last 🙂 but here are some big updates that come to mind from the last couple of years.

  • 2022-09-12 Encyclopedia Update: The encyclopedia was updated recently and you can now use filters, search by breed name, and use tags (#fire #wyvern etc.). There's also a new Creatures page.
  • 2021-05-16 Account Page Update: You can now use dragon actions (Action Log, Groups, Sort Order and Links) directly from your Dragons page. You can also change your username once per year.
  • Dragon Cave had its 16th birthday.
  • Lots of new dragons obviously - including a bunch of D&D-themed adventurer dragons that have a BSA to summon and fight a boss BBEG dragon. Most recent release was Ceriuth Dragons which are hybrid Aranoa/Sapo and Quonebb Dragons.
  • Major sprite replacement update occurred to replace the sprites of an artist the site no longer associates with in any way. Also some other sprites got updated for aesthetic changes.
  • Googly eyes. (This was pretty funny.)

There are probably more important updates to catch you up on, but I wasn't around for them all, so maybe somebody else could post more to help out.

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You might want to look into the mentoring project if you've been gone for quite a while!


Otherwise, you can also ask more specific questions and I'm sure plenty of us would be happy to offer help if we can!  Like, what specifically is confusing you?  We can definitely give you more info if we know more details!  Especially if you've been gone a year vs if you've been gone, say, 5 years--the longer you've been gone the more changes we might not think to mention if we're used to them!  :3

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