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Hello hello, everyone! ❤️ Welcome to my little art dump! Here is where I shall post my doodles of dragons, and probably some of my Kirby fanart as well! Feel free to look around and stay a while!


You can make requests if you wish, but I can’t guarantee a timeline of when they’ll be finished or if I’ll be able to get to them at all (I’ll do my very best, but I swear I have the attention span of a goldfish and the motivation of a sloth). I can also only do Dragon Cave, Kirby, Flight Rising, or Wings of Fire-based requests, because that is... all I am honestly capable of drawing. xD


You can use my Dragon Cave-based fanart if you are so inclined to, just as long as you don’t claim it as your own! ❤️ 


At any rate, without further ado, let us get on to the art!~



We will begin with my current profile picture, a little doodle of a Mistra a made not terribly long ago. They’re my absolute favorite dragons on the site, I adore them to no end :D



A drawing I finished the other day of me and my friends as Wings of Fire dragons. (I’m the IceWing, which is the spiky white dragon). I’m... honestly impressed I managed to actually finish this with how unmotivated I’ve been this year, lol.



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