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New To DragCave

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Hey y'all, 


I'm Beck and I'm fairly new to DragCave. I have a decent number of dragons on my scroll by now but am still ultimately figuring out how the game works. I've won two adventures and am trying to save currency for a particular breeding project (albeit a very straight forward one because I don't understand anything about dragon geneology as it works on DragCave yet), so I'm not doing too bad for a newbie. I'm not certain how active I will actually be on the forums but it's definitely better that I have access in case I have questions, or a problem! I have played Flight Rising pretty much since it first came online, and DragCave was recommended as a similar game option. It's the only recommendation for similar games that I've actually enjoyed and stuck with! I like that there are times in my gameplay that the only thing I can really do is put it down and come back to it in an hour or a day or two. The mechanics are simple enough which is perfect for me, because I'm particularly picky about the games I play - if they stress me out at all I'm very unlikely to keep playing them since I have a high stress life as it is, lol. Outside of the internet, I just graduated college with two Bachelor of Arts degrees and am pretty much just struggling and trying my best to establish myself as an independent and self-sufficient adult. Now that I've made myself sound super boring I think I'll stop writing 🤪

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