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Do you have a comfort dragon?

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Dragon Cave is a pixel-collecting game. To many, I’m sure that’s all it is, nothing more and nothing less. But then I’ve seen others who seem to get more attached to their dragons, especially with the ability to create user descriptions for them that allow you to make your own dragon unique; its own creature rather than a mere carbon copy of every other sprite its kind. Something that makes it a little more.... special.


Others, like me, don’t always write descriptions for our dragons—but in our heads, we envision a world where the creatures on our scroll live, come up with lore for each dragon that lives there. And that can get you really attached. I am one of those people, and I can vouch for that—to me, some of my dragons are mere pixels to collect for fun, but others are characters who live in my head within their own world.


And, well, even the ones that I only see as pixels..... I can still get attached to some of those pixels. So that got me wondering - does anyone have a “comfort dragon” on their scroll? Something that just makes them so very happy to look at, or makes them feel proud that they were able to obtain, or perhaps a dragon that has become like a true character in your head. Maybe it’s your first-ever dragon, or your first rare that you were lucky enough to catch, or perhaps a gift from a dear friend. Maybe you obtained them at a sentimental time. Whatever the reason, tell us about them here!



-My biggest is my (first) Neglected, The Forsaken. A friend of mine got him specially for me, and he just makes me extremely happy to see on my scroll. When I’m upset, I often find myself looking at him, and he makes me feel better.


-Sub-Zero Knight is my second biggest. He was my first silver ever and is named after and based on a beloved character of mine, the same character whom inspired me to use “Fairsky” as my dragon family name for my scroll (as their full name is Kirakira Fairsky). I named him after said character since they share a color scheme and I adore silver dragons. ❤️


-Nova and Sunny are my first two dragons, so they hold a special place in my heart. I even began working recently on a Nhiostrife x Freckled lineage in their honor! Nova’s backstory also coincides with Forsaken’s.


-Quetzal was my first gold! I got her before I even knew about spriter’s alts, but once I found out about them I realized just how lucky I was to get her! I was at first disappointed when she ended up female, since I like the male gold sprite best (I had no Pinks yet back then), but I still loved her anyway and at this point I’m very attached. ❤️ She’s Sub-Zero’s mate, since they were my first two metals and I got them close to the same time.


-Star was my first Avatar of Change, which were one of my very favorites the second I laid eyes on one (which was the day I started playing)! He’s very, very special to me. And the bonus is his ancestors with Kirby-related names, heheh! He’s named after a lyric from one of my favorite songs.


-Lucien is Star’s grumpy best friend, who lives with the enthusiastic Avatar of Change in his mountain cave home. He spends most of his time acting annoyed by Star, but though he’ll never admit it, he sees the cheerful astronomer as a little brother and would do anything to keep him happy.


-Marx was my first Jester, a very lucky AP grab after weeks of unsuccessfully trying to get one. Jesters were a top favorite of mine the second I found them, and I was so excited I finally managed to get one!


-Wisdom is my first Stat, so he’s pretty special! His lineage is gorgeous, too, and it seems he was quite the surprise! Special boy! ❤️

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I have a few, actually!


- My first ever dragon Mrevir! I like that he's a Guardian Dragon, so he can watch over all my other dragons and keep them safe! I remember back then I didn't super understand the game, and thought that raising an AP dragon would have, like... garnered me more good-guy points or something. I was dumb! I'm still dumb! But I love this guy ❤️

Pudxo was my first Pillow, and who sent me down my Pillow Dragon obsession spiral! Love her ❤️

Guildonn was my first gold, and at the time, didn't know these guys were in such high demand! I dunno, he just makes me happy!! Also, just like... like look at his lineage. Smexy ❤️

(ehowl) is a dragon I'm unreasonably attached to, just because she's a Halloween dragon with the word "howl" in her code!! She's not even that special, however I do adore her ❤️

Literally just a tree oh my god. Need I say more?

- And finally, Hajaskaa, my CB prize! She is a queen 👑 

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For sure!  


I've had dragons on my scroll for over 14 years now, and just pixels or not, there are many tiny groups of colour that remind of who I was back then, or where I was back then


my longest 2 lineages have been going for over a decade so there is a part of that which has its own place in my head


Holi of course. 


and I've a line going at the moment that uses the oldest of each CB I have in release order where possible, its been fun dusting off dragons from that far back, although I do question some of the names I thought off back then lol  



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I also have some comfort dragons!! 


Slywing! She's my very first dragon, and I'm really close with her. 

The Honey Clan! What can I say, Honey Drakes are my favorite breed and I will never stop hoarding them XD

And last but not least... Sylvija! He's my very first Staterae, I practically bred him on accident when I was breeding xenos into the AP, lol 

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A lot of my first dragons are very special to me just for being with me so long, I have so many dragons now I certainly can't remember all their names but I'll always remember the names of my firsts. SimbawieZaarchan, and Gracliious are my favorites from that time. 

First Successful Force is a frozen Storm hatchie that always makes me smile, he was force-hatched loooong before we had any breeds that actually required that, and even before Earthquake was introduced! 


I have a ton of dragons that I really love, like my Aqualis hoard (over 2k Aqualises!) and my on-hold alt-Electric lyrics hoard, but the only other individual dragon that's really personally special to me is Jennifer Schmelter, named in honor of my best friend in high school who tragically died in a car crash just months before graduation. 

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I have some special babies


Shiny Disco Balls is the first cb metal I caught, and I was so happy to have her. I named her after a song— and because I like disco balls.


I love Shumoga dragons, and Gaelio Bauduin is my favorite because he’s the first successful wild Shumoga I made, after…a few failed attempts.  I named him after a character who was thought to have died at the hand of his friend, but came back to get revenge. 

Tanzanite Crystalwyrm, my beloved first nicely-lineaged Stat. 

I received Self Love Mantra as a gift. the lineage is a beautiful rainbow, and it has an important message. I’m so lucky to have this one on my scroll. 

I named this Black dragon Cujo, after I lost my beautiful Bombay cat in 2012. he was kind of a menace— I still have scars on my hand from him but also have fond memories of us playing fetch. I’ve lost many pets throughout the years, but this one hurt the most— even to this day. 

Bambi is one of my most recent favorites. she was also a gift, check out her beautiful lineage of Tutela with Iridichi Spriter’s Alts. 


love this thread btw @StarKaabi💕





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I have a couple of sentimental dragons too!

  • My very first dragon, Glory, will always hold a special place in my heart. I collect a lot of Spotted Greenwings in her honor.
  • I'm attached to Royal Flairs because his child was my first and only time accidentally auto-abandoning an egg after breeding. Flairs was my first Royal Eminence dragon and I was so excited to have another one when the breeding was successful, until I realized to my horror that I had forgotten to check my egg limit and she was lost. I was so genuinely upset that I had abandoned his daughter, and waited for hours on the Abandoned Page trying to get her back and spam-clicked her egg the instant I saw her, but alas, to no avail. (Thankfully she seems to have gone to a very nice home, and got a cool name, so it all worked out.) I like to think he's forgiven me for it and visits her sometimes.
  • I'm attached to Pitblaze because she represents the first time I ever killed a dragon. It sounds dumb but even though they're just pixels, I feel so bad about doing things like killing dragons, using Earthquake, smashing eggs or doing other violent things to my dragons - to the point where I will probably never have a black Shumoga, a zombie, or a green Cantormaris because I just can't bring myself to do that to my poor babies yet. So Pitblaze is the only dragon who has truly suffered a violent act by my hand, since I knew she wouldn't actually "die" from it.
  • This guy was my first Paper dragon and my first time catching a really rare CB dragon. (I didn't get a chicken or a dino until a year later.)
  • And of course, my yellow sapphire Macho, for having hands down the best code I've ever gotten. (Miscode's code is a close second... I named him accordingly.)

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Rainedear and Darlinx! darlinx is my first and only cb gold, and i was raising them both at the same time and thought they’d be the power couple of my scroll :)

Oliver Bruin, my scroll guardian ❤️ learned i really love royal eminences, and i got him first time breeding for one! he’s named after a character of mine who fits the role of a RE… haven’t got any others since, BUT! that’s fine! he is a special boy


figured i’d edit to add one more!

My Melancholy, my first ND :) i was originally gonna trade for something, but i got attached…

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Yeah, I have a few.


Obvious expected picks: Satori Komeiji and Katrina Lewin, the two representatives for my spriter alts and memories of working together with my friends and the excitement of seeing one of my holidays get picked.

The ones you don't know about: Kuchiki Yume and Jeremie-san, my first dragon and my first rare, they just make me happy. Sabishii, my precious first Summer dragon who inspired me to work on the Seasonal revamps. And Ionasal-kkll-Preciel, formerly known as Fon Master Ion, who was my first (and only self-made) Neglected.

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I made a whole group for them lol. Any special lineage project I've completed, rare dragons I've gotten as gifts or trades, CB metallics... I could go on.

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My sentimental dragons are:

Tacitus Eternal the Placid - my very first dragon

Springs Eterna the Vain - my first CB

LVIII Eternal the Multifaceted & Mittit and Seiungus the Detached - my first New Release dragons (Aug 2013, Duotone and Ciriax Lindwyrm)


My super special favorite dragons are:

Constant Comment Eterna - my first Black Tea, the one that started it all... I have a PB Black Tea project that I have been slowly working on since 2013

Silver Gargoyle Eterna - my CB Silver Tinsel 

April Rain Song-Langston Hughes - my first completed lyrical lineage


There are so many more that I love but those are definitely my most sentimental ones.

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Yes, as a matter of fact I do. I've been on this website since late winter 2009 I think, and although these are just pixel creatures I still love them and am attached to every dragon and non-dragon creature on my scroll. :wub: However, there is a special one:





I named this dragon after my dad who passed away on the 25th of September 2021. He died of covid and we never got to say goodbye because visits were prohibited. My dad's name was Aleksandar (Serbian version of Alexander), and Cakani Caja was a nickname he got from my uncle and aunt who were very close to him and loved him a lot. They had his number memorized with that nickname in their phones.

I got this egg from the market two days after my dad's funeral and the dragon grew up nine days before what would have been my dad's 56th birthday. When I lose someone dear to me and want to own a dragon that represents them, I always choose a Celestial dragon because, in their incorporeal form, they remind me of souls of those who have passed. I don't know how much sense it has, but it's a comforting way to cope with losing someone I love and keep them in my life somehow.

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I have these four dragons who I caught in the early morning before going under for my surgery. I keep looking back at them on my scroll and being happy that I managed to coincidentally have four egg slots open up at midnight and that I managed to catch them to commemorate the date.


I also have Lady of the Slinky Dance, who I am incredibly proud of her name and I kinda want to start a lineage with her at some point. Unfortunately I have a few too many projects right now and am not sure what kind of lineage I want yet.

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