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New here, Racconcity present!

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I love RP and I always really enjoy trying to learn all the lore and collecting as many dragons as possible.


The Ameryth Empire is located in Valkemare in a land to the south beyond the limit of Galsreim, within the empire there is a group looking for the secrets of the dragons, looking for the one that appeared in old legends in the books of the library of the capital of the empire, Naurë. Making our way through the dangerous and uncharted lands of Galsreim we assemble a faithful and powerful group of dragons with which to face the threats that are to come.

Right now we have several outposts like Mâz-Kert spread out mostly in the south and southeast of Galsreim from where we will move north in search of new breeds of dragons.




Long live and power to the Ameryth Empire!


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Hello and welcome! I would love to follow your RPs, your intro had me intrigued! We also have an RP subforum where you might find other RPs to participate in!

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