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Warped: Multifandom 4.0 (OPEN)

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15th of the month, 25th century


I did it! The invention worked! My interdimensional transportation device is up and running!


We do have just… the tiniest problem, though.


It appears that I have invited a few unsavory guests onto our planet. And ah… they have taken over the entirety of Mul’tilennaya. Unfortunate! Very, very unfortunate.


I’m going to need to work on this machine, it seems there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. But now that the world’s being run by the newcomers, I won’t be able to get the data I need to get them out of here. Oh, Journal, sometimes you’re the only one I can rely on.


Perhaps I can study these newcomers and their- oh, what are they called— sectors? It’s truly fascinating, and perhaps it’ll give me a clue as to how to fix my machine. Maybe then we can be rid of these vermin.


Oh, it seems that it’s activating again— oh no! Oh dear, that can’t be good.


Time to get back to work.


Ah, welcome, welcome! For those of you who are new, welcome to Warped! And for the veterans, welcome back!


So here’s the deal. The journal entry above was written by an anonymous person only known as Professor. They created a new, state-of-the art machine that allows for inter dimensional travel!


Well. Sort of. Unfortunately, the machine is in its infancy stages, so alas it has a tendency to act up. So while the inhabitants might come across some of their favorite characters from their favorite fandoms (assuming those fandoms are canon to the world)… That’s not always a good thing.


Welcome to Mul’tilennaya. It’s pretty, and it’s very similar in environment to modern-day Earth. There are a wide variety of cities, towns, villages, so many things to do and see! Travel is pretty easy- just hop on a warp pad and it’ll take you to where you’d like to go! And there are no fees, courtesy of Professor themself. It’s a pretty nice place. Or… Once upon a time, it was. 


Unfortunately, the machine brought in a gang of villains from other dimensions onto the planet. These villains all began to gather up in one place on Mul’tilennaya, their home base if you will. They started to wreak havoc on the innocent inhabitants, changing the terrain to their liking, and now they’re under the villains’ control, and under a new government name: the Dark Order. They weren’t the most original bunch.


But this newly-established regime wasn’t unified for long. With no leader to keep the Dark Order in check, it quickly began to fall apart, with its members fighting each other for control.


To put an end to the overall madness, one villain rose up and crushed the budding civil war. They divided Mul’tilennaya into different sectors- with each member (or members, if they actually did get along) in charge of a sector. However, they still fight bloody battles amongst themselves, with their “citizens” being drafted quite often. The citizens are suffering more than ever.


Here is where you (Ah yes, you. You can fight Natla head-on, right? No, not you, your characters!!!) come into play. Recently the machine decided to pull a new group of people onto Mul’tilennaya. It seems this group is more of a mixed bag- some heroes, some villains, and some neutral sorts. This may wind up being a good thing. Yes? After all, we need someone to clean up the mess this machine made…


What was that? No?


Well, consider this. You’re all stuck in an unknown place. The territory may be completely foreign to you. And you (hypothetically) would like to go home, yes? Right now, it would benefit you to work together here. If you’d like to go home, you’re gonna have to work with us. We’re not begging.


With your fellow heroes (or, hell, former villains if you want!), you will try to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse. It works in many mysterious ways, ways that (evidently) haven't been discovered. Now here are the rules.


Discord link


General Rules

It’s pretty simple, actually! First, all DC forum rules apply. And second… Don’t god mod, and be respectful of the others in the RP! That’s it! Any other rules are in the Discord. :3

Character Sheet

Please link in a google doc and post it in the Discord.





Professor’s Squad/Neutral wanderer:


If a villain: In charge of a sector or roaming free?

Sector number (If villain in charge of a sector) and description of sector (if you wish):




Relationship to canon character (if applicable):


Weapon/Special Power:

Link to wiki/source: 


Notes on characters


We’re going to do things a little differently this time around. Instead of a hero’s vs villains plot, we will have a more grey sort of group. So we are organizing things based on: Professor’s Squad, Neutral Wanderers, and Sector Leaders. Note that these roles are subject to change depending on the events of the RP- a Sector Leader can become a Wanderer, for example, or a Wanderer can join the Professor’s Squad. Not all Sector Leaders are villains, per se, unless you’re hostile towards them. We just want a vague idea of where these characters are initially headed when you submit them. :)

Notes on the sectors

Make sure it’s possible for all characters to somehow navigate your sector, as we will be moving around sectors. It can be a challenge, that’s okay!

They can be based off of settings in books/games/movies, etc. Not the exact same thing, but similar turf is okay with me.

If someone can make a map and update it, that would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Anyone is free to make an NPC sector/sector leader. :)

Notes on Mul’tilennaya 


In ways, it was similar to modern-day Earth (i.e. Sustains life, lots of industrialized/modernized areas, plus many rural areas. Continents aren't the same as on Earth, probably closer to the supercontinents right after Pangaea. But the oceans are just as vast.). But the sectors can be similar to the environment the villains in charge are from, if they so choose. If not, the environment will be a destroyed version of what I described above ^^^)


Villains in charge of a sector can also occupy another sector, as long as it's mentioned somewhere (preferably the character sheet). This also means that a villain can knock another villain out of their sector, but remember that if you're not playing the villain you're knocking out of their sector, come to an agreement with the player whose sector you want your villain to take over.

Roster (PC's and NPC's)

Professor’s Gang

  • Zyrrkinoth de Deresnels - hikarinomemori

  • Hibiki Tachibana - hikarinomemori

  • Denki Kaminari - Mikasa361

  • Utakata - Mikasa361

  • Ralsei - Lycanious

  • Scorpia - Lycanious

  • Saphielle Ianpeiros - Mikasa361

  • Arven - Mikasa361

  • Pure Vessel - DoctorTear

  • Trafalgar D. Water Law - Eto

  • Asteroida - Lycanious

  • Tyrael, Archangel of Justice - hikarinomemori

  • Xavier - DustyStar

  • Tovan Khev - hikarinomemori

  • Anduin - DoctorTear


Sector leaders

  • Dr. Morgan ‘Stitches’ Acheron

  • Malefor

  • Vazithrazuul, Keeper of Quills

  • DJ Subatomic Supernova (abbr. DJSS)

  • Natla

  • 'Silverclaw'

  • Starlight Glimmer and The Greater and Powerfuler Trixie

  • Mercurymon

  • Solus zos Galvus

  • Zenos yae Galvus

  • Imperius

  • Diablo

  • Sunni


Neutral wanderers

  • Veronica - hikarinomemori

  • Lady Dimitrescu - DustyStar

  • Hatapon - TaikoYon

  • Vibri - TaikoYon

  • Shepherd - TaikoYon

  • Dive-Clops - TaikoYon

  • Gundham - Lycanious

  • Night Cap - TaikoYon

  • Moominpapa - DustyStar

  • Lambert - Lycanious

  • Ulquiorra Cifer - Eto

  • Baz'ree’zath’ull - DustyStar

  • Wheatley - DustyStar

  • Sabaki - DustyStar

  • Samael - DustyStar

  • Casimir - DustyStar

  • Omori - DustyStar

  • Xaal'Razuul - Lycanious

  • Lucikiel - hikarinomemori

  • Hunter - DoctorTear

Sector List


Sector 1 - Acheron Labs

Sector 2 - Malefor's Temple

Sector 3 - The Archives

Sector 4 - Vinyl City

Sector 5 - Hellworld

Sector 6 - Atlantis

Sector 7 - Bubble Cove

Sector 8 - Aequitas

Sector 9 - White Hart Woods

Sector 10 - Forest of Memories

Sector 11 - New Garlemald

Sector 12 - Pandemonium

Sector 13 - Glitzopolis

Sector 14 - 

Sector 15 -

Sector 16 -

Sector 17 -

Sector 18 -

Sector 19 -

Sector 20 -

**Disclaimer** ~ This is an LGBT-run RP. Please be LGBT-friendly! Thanks!

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þrð£ê§§ðr - Ðêår Jðµrñål.


The typing of the keys fills the space as Professor types away into their notes. 


The invention was brilliant– brilliant! But it might have worked just a tad too well. It seems that the first waves that it brought in have taken control of the planet, they divided it up. Had all of them been docile, this may not have been much of a problem. 


However, most of them seem to be more hostile, which could prove bad news for Mul’tilennaya. I didn’t want it to go this far, I promise!


They continue to type, and as they do they smack the desk. "Heavens!" They exclaim. 


This is an invention that should be celebrated, but instead it's putting this entire planet in danger. Stupid, STUPID! Why did I test it this early? Why didn't I make sure everything was in order before running another test? Goodness, this is going to be a mess-- 


They freeze when there's a screeching sound from the machine. "Damn it! There it goes again!"


Professor minimizes their journal and pulls up the kill code, which to their dismay has become jumbled and distorted, as if their access to the code had been removed. They curse up a storm as they try to find where things went wrong, except it doesn't take long for the page to go blank. Instead, a text scrolls across the screen, and Professor cries out in dismay.





Ê̸̡̢̳͙̩̠̺̦͙͓̺̖̼̅̉̎͋̅̀̍̈̒̊̿̏̚R̸̛̫͔̩̤̣͔̯͒̐͂̂̕ͅR̶͓͝O̵̙̔͐́̑͐̔̑̌̋̀͐̿̏͜Ȓ̴̬͕̻̌̋͆͊́̂́̃́̈́͜.̷̙̯̻̍̎̂̓̉̂͌̋̅̕̕ ̴͕͎͎̫̠̳̤͓̻̭̩̭̏̏̀̊̇͛̉̃́͜ͅẀ̴̥̗͍̔̾͆A̴̡̡̗̦̺̱̳̩̞̜͒̈͂͋̚͠V̴̜͍͐̾͑́͜È̴̹̿̓͊́̽̓ ̵̢̭̝̞͔̝̬̻̪̯̉͒͑̎͗̐͌̏̽̌̐̿͝O̸̠̗̮͎̪͔̹̮̽̋̉͗̋̌͌̈́̈͘F̴̛̯̦̈̾̍̎̅̅́͛̏͌̚͠ ̸̻̘͍̠͍̻̙̞̜̤̬̻̗̑̆̈́̉͒̑̊̀̃̐̾̀́̐͘I̵̛̞̟̜͍̔̎̓͊͊̈̑̚͘͘Ṇ̶̻͍̊̑̈́͝ͅŢ̷̺̞̹̘͈̺͈͙̤̤̓̅͐̀͌̋̒̆̌Ŗ̸̟̯̪͖̤̽̈́͆̂̚Ų̷̜̭̻̘̥̟̱̞̟̓̉͛̿͛̍̀͝Ḑ̵͖̫̏͐̆̅͒͗̈̀Ê̸̥͕̺̔̓͂͐̈̎̀̐̏͛̐̃̚͠Ŕ̶̮̲̹̥̅͊͑̒̽͛̈́̏̄̂͐̌̓Ṣ̸̛̱̥̩̜̳͙̖̥͓̊̉͑̅̄͒̃̽͗̑̂͘͝͠ͅ ̶̡̨͈͖͕̼̹̱̜͈͉͉͙͒̍̐͒́̆̚͠D̵̙̩̻̯̀̂̊̓̉̚͝É̵̢̝͇̭̼̹̱̩̤̣̝͉̗̳̂̒̐̓͝T̵̬̥̝̬̙̗̞̟͎͕̅̈́̔̈͆̏͝Ȇ̷̛͉̆̅̀̑̈́̓͌̾̌Ç̸̡̰͎̙̻̭͑́͜ͅṮ̸͕͇͊͑Ȩ̶̮͉̓̅̀͝D̷̡̛̠͕̯̰͔͙̯̰̪͔̜̤̩̼̆͗̿̓̔̅͐̈́̾̎̈́́̋̚ ̸̡̩̥͎̘̳̞̹̗̪̈́͐́͆̑̈͊̀̄̓̍̓̅͛̃͜Ḯ̸̡̜̮̤̳̗̪̟͉͙̥̝̺͚̃̀̄͂̊̅̿̎͑͌͂͌̕N̶͚͖͙̑͐̅̇̑̓̂̈̐́̄̕͝ͅͅ ̴̥̪̙͙͓̋̏̔̃́̿̔̈́̊͐̔̆M̷͉͓͔̳̩̞̺̘̽̏̅͂̾͘͘U̶̡̹̖̘͔͎̱̞͔͚̖̱̒̓̈̓̆̃̿̆͑́̀̂̐Ḷ̸̡̨̗̾̄̉͌̎̀̆̋̀́̀̅̋̚͠ͅT̵͔̰̦̹̰͊͆I̴̹͇̰̰̜̭͊͆͗͂͛̄͘͘͜͝P̷̡͙͈̈́̄͒̎̓̚Ĺ̴̯͓̲̭͎̹͖̙͈͇͓̮̹̫̓̿̀̀Ĕ̶̢̢̡̬̲̈̔̋͐́͒̔͂͠͝ ̸̧͖̲̩͎̞̞̜͕̳̞̻̦̘͕͒̓̊̀͌̂͑̓̒̌͋̕͠Ş̶̟͉̜̤͙̙͖̫̄̉̎͘͝͠E̴̡̛̫̮̬̟͈̰̣̙̮͛̈͋̉̅̚C̴̱͔͔͛̿͠Ṫ̴͔̰̖̘͝Ơ̷̹̔̈́̀̃͆͐̇̚͠R̴̡̦̗̪̰͖̣͚̫̱͗͆̒͂̈́͆̿͋́̈́͒̉̚͝S̸̲̯̣̭͉̦̱̀͑̏͒̈̾̑̿̌̎̿͛̋͝.̴͉̺̰̣͕̝͚͍̟̱̰͛̑̀́͜͜ͅͅ ̷̧̤̜̀̍̎̾̆̈́́͌͝P̴͓̭̻͔̝̹͔͖̓̈̏̈́͠Ĺ̸̨̡̦͙̤͕̠̭̅̇Ḛ̵̤̠̬͚̱͙̘͎̄̌́ͅÄ̵̦̳̝͉́̒̇̐̋̿̉̋͗̐̃̕͠S̵̡̩͕̗̬̣͍̱̻͕̲͗͛̅͛̄́͂͌̏̏͊͠Ẻ̷̜̦̖̺̔́̈́̽͛̋͛͒̚͝ ̸͙̪̺̣͈͈̲̲̥̙̜͚̦̌̋E̵̜̲̯̓̑̅̄͊̕ͅX̴̢̖͓͍̙̖͚̯̙̤͉̫͎͗͑E̸̗̗̬͍͆͆̒͐͂̽̀͂͝R̵̢̪̟̳̗͎̫̩̩̍̓̿͗̌̽̄͂̕Ç̸̧̼̜̞̹̬͕̣̗̤͎̯̽̍̈̀͛̋̕͠͠Į̶̞̹̳͖̺̦̯̫̟̝̺̲̑̆̈̆̑͋̒͂́̀͐̚̕͘͜͝S̸͓̎̋̏̈́̚͝E̴̠͉͆̅̈́͗͋̓̈́̕ ̷̼͔̤̺͋̋̐̕ͅC̵̖̿̈́̌̊̎̾̉͒͑͒̚̚͠ͅȀ̷̛̛̟͕̭̫̪̘̦̦̭̯̟͎̇͆͒̀̿̃̒̓͊̕͜͠͝Ų̶̺͚̖̫̥̭̙̙̲̬͑̈͆̓̽̀͂́͑̌͐̍̎̕͜ͅͅT̶̛͖̥͚̜͚͖̍͆̑̉͗̚͝͠͠͠I̷̡̫̯̒̎͛̾͗͜͝͝O̶̡̞͎̪̖̩͇̓͂́̏̒̃͗̏̈́̈́̋̎͜͝N̷͍̥̪̈́̓̕.̷̳̲̹̰̲̙͙̜͉͈̺̦͒͜ 

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Asterodia - Pokemon@0.75x.png

Asterodia - Name@0.75x.png

Location - Bubble Cove (The Shore)

Other Entities - Dusk | Marlow | Saphielle | Virgil


It was raining down at Bubble Cove. Just a light sprinkle at this stage, but Asterodia’s years at sea had trained her all too well to detect the signs of a storm approaching. It looked to be a particularly nasty one the cove was in store for too, if the dark storm clouds in the distance were of any indication. She sighed, shivering slightly as she trudged along the shore of the beach and withdrew slightly into her shell.


Her shell. Though the initial shock had long-since passed, Asterodia still felt out of place with her current form. Everything was a little too big and a little too heavy now, and though being encased in a shell provided her with a decent buff to her defences she still didn’t like how cumbersome and clunky it made her feel. The local citizens of the cove had told her she had taken on the form of a ‘Wartortle’ when she first arrived, a bizarre little turtle-like creature that neither she nor her brother Marlow had ever seen before. 


She angled her head, turning so that she could catch a glimpse of Marlow with her one remaining eye. Marlow had also been transformed on arrival, becoming an otter-like creature that was supposedly called a ‘Buizel’. If he felt similarly out of place with his appearance though he showed little indication of it, instead happily bounding along beside her. “Any luck?” Aster inquired, her voice still taking on its low, baritone growl despite her current stature. Marlow shook his head, holding out his paws to indicate that they were empty. Nah. I reckon we give it one more hour to find this ‘priceless artefact’ and then we gotta get going before the storm hits.” The one-eyed wartortle sighed but nodded in agreement over the plan, before scuffing her clawed foot against the fine sand beneath it a few times. “Who knows where the barmy old bat dropped it anyway. Might be buried under all this sand for all I know. If that’s the case we got no bloody hope of finding it.”


“Mm…true…though I’d feel awful if we didn’t at least give it a try, y’know?” Hummed Marlow in reply, to which Aster snorted in half-hearted agreement. “Alright. I’ll continue along the shoreline here, why don’t you go track down where Dusk has gotten to and then head for the cluster of rocks over there eh?”


With little protest Marlow started to bounce away to do just-that, leaving Aster to continue to comb the shoreline for any hint of the lost artefact in question. It didn’t take long for Marlow to start shouting for her and Dusk’s attention though, his little orange head poking out from behind the rocks just before he beckoned them into joining him with an outstretched paw.


Aster obliged, hoping it meant he’d finally found the artefact only to instead realise he’d discovered something far, far more interesting.


Behind the rocks were two unconscious creatures lying face-down in the sand, or ‘pokemon’ if Aster was to use the local term for them. The first that caught her eye was a large, purple and yellow cat of some kind, while the other looked to be a small dog with a ring of rocks arranged around its neck like a collar.


“Oh dear…” Marlow fretted as she came to a stop next to him. “We should take them back to the Guild, right? Do you reckon they’re friendly?”


Aster shrugged. “Dunno, but I reckon between us we can take ‘em on just fine if they ain’t.” Reaching down, she then grabbed a long stick that had fallen to the ground beside them and prodded it sharply into the canine’s cheek.

“Oi, Aster, don’t antagonise them. They’ve probably both got a splitting headache or something.”

“Look, it’s either this or we drag them by the ankles aaaaaall the way back to the Guild before the storm hits.” Refuted Aster, followed by several more pokes with her stick. “Oi! Rise and shine mate!”




Garrett - Default@0.75x.png

Artboard 52@0.75x.png

Location - Acheron Labs (Storage Room)

Other Entities - Atlas


Maybe this was a bad idea.


The lab’s one-of-many storage room was small, but still provided just enough space for a certain half-Vulcan to pace back and forth as he started to fret over the situation. As he was alone he was less vigilant about maintaining the facade of a cool, calm, and logical Vulcan mind behind the helm, and instead started to thread his fingers together in an anxious gesture as he mulled over possibilities.


Maybe he unexpectedly got sidetracked?


Logical. Very Likely. And probably the explanation that Garrett was hoping for the most. Any other scenario would be a nightmare for one or both of them, surely.


Worst of all, what if he was called in by Dr. Acheron?


Visibly, Garrett shuddered. Though he hardly would have ever called the doctor a shining example of rationality or compassion, it was difficult to ignore the fact that he’d become increasingly erratic and harsh in his actions as of late. The half-Vulcan scientist hadn’t seen his face in weeks as he had turned himself into something of a recluse, locking himself away in his office and occasionally summoning a doctor to visit him over the lab’s PA system. 

Said doctors rarely, if ever, had been seen again by Garrett since the sudden shift in Acheron’s personality. He dreaded to think why.  


A horrid, anxious sensation gripped at his chest, and he forced himself to take deep breaths as he tried to focus his mind on something else for a bit. A teleportation quirk would presumably get his ally out of a sticky situation if push came to shove, right...? He was probably fine. Maybe. Possibly. He’d show up any minute now so Garrett could discuss his plans, surely.


Beside him, close to the entrance to the storage room, was a monitoring screen. All the rooms and hallways of Acheron Labs had at least one perched along their walls, granting access to various functions for the room or a way to communicate with ‘Atlas’, the resident AI. A red, blinking light in the centre of an otherwise blank screen was what had grabbed Garrett’s attention, prompting an expression of intrigue mixed with concern as he leaned in to determine what was wrong with the monitor. Before he had a chance to call for Atlas though the screen flared into life, and a map of the lab started to form behind the red light. Garret watched as the light started to move from his room to a different room, waltzing its way down several corridors before turning and hovering over the nearby kitchen and lunch room.


It was then that text appeared on the screen, the words ‘INTRUDER ALERT!’ scrolling above the image. Very odd. Thought Garrett. Why hadn’t he heard the alarm? It occurred to him a moment later that the map was instructing him to move to the kitchens, to which he grew wide-eyed and cleared his throat to address the apparently confused AI.


“Ah I’m um. Not security, Atlas.”


That is irrelevant. Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E.


Replied Atlas, the words scrolling briefly across their screen before quickly disappearing once more. 


“Oh so this is like…a safe point, then?”


A pause. 


Yes. Technically.




Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E, Doctor Strulvat. The purpose of which will be made clear to you upon arrival.


Garrett fidgeted uncomfortably, but decided it was best to comply with the AI’s instructions for now lest it earn him a report. Tentatively he left the storage room, following the path indicated towards the kitchens before nudging open the door.

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Billions upon billions of organisms reside on this tiny planet...

...each meticulously designed to fulfill their given purpose...

...yet you barely reach the cusp of mediocrity!




"You can't even handle a simple teleporter operation signal!" The man angrily tossed his phone away, breaking it upon the floor. "Such incompetence! It's not like it's rocket science or anything! ...and can someone fetch me some fresh Mr. Dodo Ice Pops?! This one's all melted!" He tossed away the melted popsicle, as well, which landed on the floor with a light *splat*.


The man - DJ Subatomic Supernova, current leader of Vinyl City and head of record label No Straight Roads - leaned back in his chair and sighed. "Great. What else could possibly go wrong today?" At that exact moment, he found that he was getting communications from his two fellow megastars, and those two only contacted him when it was serious. "...I had to ask. What's going on out there, you two?"


"You likely saw the teleporter signal by now, sir. Or, rather, signals."


"What?! There was more than one?!"


"In quick sucession, I might add - just like when we arrived on this world. SAYU and I have both come to the conclusion that more people have arrived on Mul'tilennaya--"


SAYU cut in then and there, interrupting her fellow megastar. "And some of them even landed right here in Vinyl City! I'm so excited to meet them, but I'm a bit worried that they might be mean. So I told Neon J. about it the minute I saw the signals cross into the city."


Neon J. cleared his throat and continued. "...and SAYU raised a valid concern, sir. What shall we do with these intruders?"


"...observe them, for now. They are but newborn stars in our galaxy, and at the moment, only time will tell whether they turn out to be harmless or hostile."


"And if it's the latter, sir?"


"That will ultimately depend on who they go after first, if they are hostile. Regardless, I want you both to be ready for that very occasion - especially with him out there."




<Status: Dazed & Confused>


<Status: Stable>


<Status: Stable>


<Location: Vinyl City alleyway>




"I think they might be dead, man. That was a pretty nasty fall they took..."


"Nonsense, Zuke! Look - they still breathe! And if they wake up, chances are at least one of them will--" The man cut off his speech as one of the newcomers stirred. "Ah! Speak of the devil!"


"Ugh, my head..." Zyrrkinoth sat up to try to get his bearings after having suddenly fallen unconscious - he could've sworn he'd last been in the dark, empty expanse of the Azim Steppe, and the blaring lights that were around him didn't help his current situation any. "Where am I...?"


"Hey, welcome back to the land of the living! That looked like a nasty fall you took there."


Zyrrkinoth jolted, scrambling away from the orange-haired man and prompting his companion to step in. "C'mon, man, you're scaring him! Sorry about Kliff - sometimes he forgets the concept of personal space. You good after that fall?"


Zyrrkinoth raised an eyebrow. "F-Fall? What-- I-- What's going on?"


The orange-haired man - Kliff, he'd heard him be called - sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Oh, boy. This'll be a long explanation... Let's wait for the others near 'im to wake up, Zuke. I don't wanna have to explain things more than once."



<Status: Stable>
<Location: Acheron Labs, Kitchen 5E>




It had been a while since she'd been in these halls. Though she'd been careful enough to not trip any of the alarms - memory of past trips from those old days was helpful here - she wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to pull it off.


Especially after memories of that day played themselves in her head once more.


"What are you saying, Veronica?! You have one of the highest positions in this order of ours, and you'd just give it all up?!"


"It brings me no happiness, Supernova. I see the people of both my sector and others suffering, and I can bear to watch it no longer."


"Get to the point, Princess. I tire of this inane chatter."


"...my point, Zenos, is that I am stepping down from my position, effective the moment I leave this room. What happens to New Embla afterwards will be left up to fate."


"...I hope you know that when we next meet, Princess, it will not be as allies. You are giving up a great deal of influence and power with this decision."


"I am well aware of that, but I feel that this is what is best for me. With all due respect, I want genuine connections, not whatever false friendship you give me, nor your great-grandson's twisted 'bonds', nor... whatever Supernova has. I can only attain what I desire by traveling the world... and I cannot do so as a sector leader. With that, I bid you adieu, Your Radiance."


She was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of the kitchen door opening, and when she looked up, she saw a very familiar face - a comforting sight ever since that day. She smiled as her line of sight met that of the half-Vulcan's.


"It's been a long time, Doctor Strulvat."



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Dr. Saphielle Ianpeiros

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ A literal cat


Damn it. Saphielle has to use all of her self control not to scream out loud. Her ears pick up the familiar beeping of the man's heart going into Vfib as her own heart begins to race. This is the fifth time in an hour! Damn. It! She grits her teeth together before making the split second decision to start compressions. Looking at one of her colleagues, she says, "Grab the paddles."


Keeping compressions steady, the only external indicator of her distress is the lashing of her tail. We just stitched him up- Damn it! DAMN IT! She continues her compressions until she sees the pads are lined up on the patient's chest.


"Clear," says her colleague. She backs up, taking note that one of the other doctors managed to inject something into his system. She puts her hands in the air to indicate that she is no longer touching the patient. Anyone else who had been working on him does the same. Her colleague shocks the man, and the familiar sight of his body reacting to the jolt causes a pang of nausea to settle in her stomach. Just as she hears the line going flat though, she feels herself getting yanked in a direction she assumes is upwards--


-- only to land on the ground and pass out.


"Oi! Rise and shine mate!"


Those words don't appear to be targeted towards her. No. They're aimed at a small... Dog?


Now this is just bizarre.


She groans softly, her tail lifting to reflect her confusion. "What the bloody...?" A turtle...? What in the nine hells is going on here? "Where... Am I? Who...? Why am I not in the OR...? I-I have a surgery to go to, I-- he's dying--"





Virgil Cerullo

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ Hangovers have felt better than this.


He thought he was laying down on the couch. Now he's face-down in what he assumes is sand, and he couldn't feel more nauseous. His head is pounding. He knows he hasn't had anything to drink in quite some time, so he knows very well that this couldn't be a hangover. So he has no idea what's got him feeling this crappy. He's tired, but it feels as if he'd been on an incredibly bumpy car ride. And he didn't get the Dramamine.


He does have the weirdest urge to chew on a bone, though.


And for a nice, big bowl of chicken, turkey, and duck.




He feels a prodding at his cheek, and he quickly gets up and bares his teeth at the giant turtle. "Oi. The **** do you want?!" There's an almost canine growl to his voice, and his expression changes to one of confusion. "...Did I just bark at you???"


Jesus. It's been years since I've seen those weird wolf girls in middle school. I should be over that trauma.




Utakata ~ Jinchūriki of the Rokubi

Location ~ Vinyl City

Status ~ KO'd


The fight he'd just endured was, without question, the worst fight he'd ever endured. Mentally, he kicks himself for not going into full Six-Tails Mode sooner. Every joint aches, every inch of skin is screaming in pain. His eyes are completely incapable of staying open as he finds himself being carried in an unknown direction. And with every bump, every shift, Utakata grows more and more nauseous. 


There's a moment where, when he's conscious again, everything turns dark. He's placed down on what he assumes to be stone. It's cold, but having an inkling regarding his own fate, the feeling causes chills to race down his spine. It provides no relief to his aching body- rather, every single pain seems to intensify. There are other voices, but they all seem to meld together as he drifts off again.


He's jolted awake by a tugging at his waist, when suddenly he finds himself falling against the ground. He lands with a thud in a much brighter, noisier area. The sudden shock of the change in environment is too much for the man's mind to process. So his eyes roll upwards as everything goes dark.







! Kaminari Denki !

Location ~ Burned Lands

Status ~ Requesting an Adult


"He-ey, Shinsou? Real funny prank there, buddy," Denki calls out. "Uh, is it hot in here, or is...it....just.....you........?"


No response.


O-kay, this is scary. Denki tries looking around to see if he can at least find the boy's passed out form on the ground somewhere. No. It's just a vast expanse of rock, rock, and more gosh dang rock. He sighs as he takes his jacket and ties it around his waist. This uniform might need to be adapted for... Well... Warmer climes. "Uh... Yoshi-Toshi, none of this is funny anymore, please come out? I mean, I assume you're out and all, but-- Oh dear, I don't like this... Where's Aizawa-sensei...?!" I need an adult. 


Denki gives a nervous laugh as he sees one of those overgrown flies again. "Uh... Uh... Um..." Denki tries throwing finger-guns at it. "Wa-hey...? Um, hey there, looking.... Good....?"


The overgrown pest lifts its club as a couple of others fly their way over.




Dr. Hikaru Shinsou, M.D.

Location ~ Acheron Labs

Status ~ It's not time for lunch, damnit!




"I'm sorry?" Hikaru looks up as he finishes wrapping up a rather nasty wound on his patient "Atlas, is there something you need from me?"


Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E.


"Are you aware that I can use a scalpel to defend myself?" Hikaru raises his eyebrow, gesturing his head for the patient to hurry on out of there while cleaning his hands. 


That is irrelevant. Report to the kitchen. Immediately.


Hikaru rolls his eyes. Atlas can suck on my left--


The eye roll was not a part of your instructions.


He sighs in defeat and tries to recall where that specific kitchen is. He nods when he remembers, and he teleports over to the kitchen with a puff of glitter.

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<Status: Stable; In Battle>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Active, Normal Mode>
<Location: The Burned Lands>




"Oh no you don't! You are not harming anybody on my watch!" She might have just fallen from the sky, but she wasn't about to just let these flies have their way with this guy. Hibiki quickly pulled out her pendant and just as quickly "sang" (or shouted, rather) her Symphogear's chant...




...and no sooner did the armor form than she propelled herself forward and punched the fly closest to the kid apart. Hardly a challenge for the wielder of Gungnir, but then again, she never really cared much for the challenge; she just liked keeping people safe. "I have no idea where I am or what's going on, but if you think I'm just going to let you hurt others, you have another thing coming!"


She then spared a glance towards the other person. "Daijoubu? You're not hurt, are you?"



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Asterodia - Pokemon@0.75x.png
Asterodia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Bubble Cove (The Shore)

OTHER ENTITIES: Dusk | Marlow | Saphielle | Virgil


As the canine snapped in Aster’s direction she quickly took on a similar tone, tossing aside the stick in favour of crossing her arms across her chest and snorting in his direction. “I want you two to drag yourselves back to shelter before I gotta bloody do it.” She announced, followed by a flick of her head back towards the seaside village.


“Oh uh…aye, you kinda did bark at us. I take it you’re not usually a dog?” Hummed Marlow in thought, his nose wrinkling slightly. The motion was followed by him shuffling forward a few steps, stooping slightly so that he was more at eye-level with the small canine. “You two feeling okay? I know things can be kinda confusing when you first get here so feel free to take a minute or two to breathe and-”


“Oh gods we don’t have the time for this Mar!” Interrupted Aster. Marlow turned his gaze from the dog and squinted in disapproval towards her, though it only earned him a shrug in response before she continued. “Look, way I see it is you lot got two choices. You can either help us find some old bat’s necklace along this beach here, or you can head for town and bug someone else for answers.”


Aster then turned, her single eye now focusing back on the sand beneath them as she started to sift through it. Marlow tapped a paw to his chin and cleared his throat, eyes darting between the two newcomers. “Ah. Sorry. She’s a bit um…annoyed by the whole turtle thing right now?” He offered as partial explanation, followed by a peculiar motion from his paw that may have been a signal to dismiss her for now. “Ah…um…so. Uh. Welcome to Bubble Cove?” The buizel spread his arms wide, gesturing to all of his surroundings with a toothy grin. “I’m sure you have a lot of questions. I can try to help with them but um…we might need to talk to someone for the village to answer them all.”




Garrett - Default@0.75x.png

Artboard 52@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Acheron Labs (Kitchens)

OTHER ENTITIES: Atlas | Hikaru | Veronica


Despite the reassurance of the computer AI, Garrett could hardly claim that entering the kitchen gave him any further explanation as to what was going on right now. Confused, he glanced towards the nearby Atlas Screen beside the entrance, about to ask for more clarity when a familiar voice instead caught his attention.


“Salutations. Is something the matter?” He asked, his brow wrinkling with concern as he recognised the individual before him. Though he had a reputation to maintain as a logical, emotionless individual thanks to his Vulcan heritage, those who interacted with Garrett on a daily basis soon found him to be full of moments where the guise would slip.


Case in point was when Hikaru decided to materialise behind him in that same moment, and Garrett cried out in alarm. Instinctively he picked up a nearby paper cup and hurled it in the direction of the new presence, though mercifully the cup was empty and did little more than bounce harmlessly off of the fellow doctor’s chest. Garrett, nonetheless, brought a hand up to cover his mouth and stared wide-eyed over at him in silent apology. For a moment he was frozen, his mind working overtime to squash down the budding anxiety once more until he finally cleared his throat and shook his head to try and clear his thoughts. “S-sorry. Um. My apologies, Doctor Shinsou.”


Still shivering slightly, but less than before, he turned his attention back towards the lab’s visitor. “Did you call us both here?” His question was answered by a short beep from the nearby Atlas screen, and text started to scroll across its surface once more.


Actually, that was me.


“Oh…?” Garrett offered, glancing across at Hikaru as if he had a better explanation for what was going on than Garrett did.


I have detected nearby intruders within these walls. Unfamiliar ones, unregistered.


There was a pause, as if the AI was contemplating something, before the text continued.


I am directing them here as we speak.


“What, why?!” Garrett hissed under breath.


I detect a…situation is about to unfold. You three are individuals I have decided to trust throughout it. I will explain once the rest have been gathered in this spot.


And with that, the icon that represented an actively listening Atlas dimmed from the screen. Garrett's eyes darted back towards Hikaru's own, silently questioning him over whether they should stay in the kitchen to wait for said intruders or make a hasty exit before they arrived.




Scorpia - Default@0.75x.png

Scorpia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Vinyl City

OTHER ENTITIES: Kliff | Utakata | Zuke | Zyrrkinoth


“Urp…okay…fair warning. I might need a bucket.” Feebly, a crab-shaped claw rose into the air to gain the attention of anyone who was nearby. It wobbled in an uncertain manner, clicking loudly a few times in the air before the owner finally decided that she had the energy and determination to pull herself up from the ground.


Scorpia’s memory of how she got here was incredibly hazy and her headache certainly wasn’t helping matters. Opening her eyes proved to only confuse the matter further, as she definitely was not in The Fright Zone where she last remembered falling asleep. In fact, she wasn’t even sure if this was Horde territory any more.


A sudden, startling conclusion that this could be Princess territory crossed her mind, and that was enough for her to finally sit up and scoot backwards a few paces from the rest of the people present. She squinted with clear suspicion about the place, her scorpion tail now coiled forward in a defensive manner as she surveyed them all. 


“Ssso…” She began, trying to figure out if this sudden shift in location was some sort of trick of the Rebellion. She cleared her throat, being sure to make use of her most sternest of expressions. Dark eyes flickered over to the horned, elven-like being nearby.  “...Are you the local Princess?” She then inquired, taking note of his formal clothing. “If so then...uh...I politely demand you tell me the name of this city and tell your guards to stand down!”




Ralsei - Default@0.75x.png

Ralsei - Name@0.75x.png


LOCATION: Avalar (Burned Lands)

OTHER ENTITIES: Denki | Hibiki


Ralsei had little idea what was going on right now, and that was of tremendous concern to him. He prided himself on being the informative one after all. He’d even written a manual! But as of right now, right here, he was just as confused as he imagined the poor souls that fell into the Dark World for the first time would be. 


A voice caught his attention, and quickly he scrambled up onto his feet to face its direction. For a fleeting second he hoped that perhaps the voice belonged to Kris or Susie. Heck, even Berdly wouldn’t have been an entirely unwelcomed presence right now. Maybe. Possibly.


Right, the voice.


Ralsei switched his attention towards it, noting what looked to be a Lightner standing in the distance. A human, no less! Ralsei barely had time to greet the human though when a much more determined shout filled his ears, and he watched as another soared through the air to make short work of one of the fly-like monsters that had been hovering before them. He responded with what could only be described as a rather undignified yelp, and dashed forward to close the gap between himself and the humans as he fretted under-breath. “W-wait! Time out! I-is someone hurt?” He called to them, complete with forming a ‘T’ shape with his arms that seemed to be aimed at both the humans and the flying monsters above them. “Does someone need healing?”




Lambert - Default@0.75x.png

Lambert - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Avalar (Burned Lands)

OTHER ENTITIES: Denki | Hibiki | Ralsei 


Come closer. Fear not, for though you are already dead, I still have need of you…


They had, admittedly, not really known what to expect upon returning to the land of the living. Certainly, the change in landscape was a surprise. The lamb had expected to be teleported to the outskirts of Darkwood. This place meanwhile was far warmer yet far more barren. Turning his head, he couldn’t even see a tree in his surroundings let alone approach one for resources. Building a settlement was perhaps going to be a much more difficult task than the lamb had initially thought.


Still, she had been given a mission. He owed it to The One Who Waits to make the best of this strange new place. With the right sort of thinking, perhaps it could even claim to one day be a haven?


That thought was cut short as a ghastly cry from behind broke their concentration. The lamb jumped in alarm. However, at the same time the red eye upon their crown started to glow, and they barely had time to turn on the spot to face their potential enemy when they found a sword had manifested in their hand.


Take the sword, and do what must be done.


As if they were a mere puppet, the lamb found themself suddenly darting forward and brandishing the weapon. Before their eyes what looked to be several large, fly-like creatures had manifested. Possible followers of Shamura, given their insect-like appearances? The lamb broke into a sprint, sweeping the sword to the side and then leaping up into the air to strike at the creature. Said creature was little match for the blade, barely having the time to cry out from the impact before the lamb had successfully silenced it. Briefly, she held out her paw, absorbing faint traces of its life-force before turning her head to stare blankly over at three more beings that had entered the scene. He felt no orders from the crown to attack, and instead started to contemplate if they were to be the first of many Followers to recruit instead. After a long, unblinking gaze in their direction during this contemplation, she eventually raised her free hand and waved cheerfully. One of the beings, a goat presumably, only stared back with a wide-eyed look of horror.


< Hello! >


A soft bleat had emitted from them, barely audible. And yet, despite the mundane sound, those that stood beside her would likely hear a word whispered through their brains as translation. The voice was likewise quiet and said seemingly nothing of malice, yet held none of the warmth or innocent tone of the physical sound the lamb had made.


< What location is this? >


The lamb paused momentarily, taking a moment to observe their surroundings before switching their attention back towards the strange-looking beings before them.


< Are you interested in changing deities? I have… >


They frowned, uncertain of where to expand on from here. Recruiting followers was perhaps harder than they had initially believed. With an outstretched paw, they beckoned the red crown to float down from their head and then flipped it over to rummage through its insides. She hummed a jaunty little tune to herself as she searched, eventually withdrawing a handful of berries and then glancing sheepishly back up at the unfamiliar faces. < I have berries? There might be a fish somewhere in there, too. >

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<Status: Stable & Still Confused>
<Location: Vinyl City>
<Other Entities: Utakata | Scorpia | ??? | Kliff | Zuke>




No sooner had the scorpion-like being awoke than she caught Zyrrkinoth completely off-guard with her questioning accusation, and he stammered for a few seconds before his clearly masculine voice cracked from the shock. "Wh-- Princess?!?! What in the blazes are you talking about?! Nobleman, yes, but not even close to a princess, ma'am!"


Looking around and deducing that nobody here was hostile, he then put his hand to his chest and dispelled his Dragoon armor, leaving him in his civilian clothes - a midnight blue tank top, pair of black pants, midnight blue shoes, a necklace holding a blue stone, and a silver bracelet. Hardly an outfit befitting royalty in his opinion, especially not a princess.


He then cleared his throat and crossed his arms. "...besides, even if I were royalty, I don't know what this place is called and I'm definitely not in charge here. I don't even know who these two are..."


The orange-haired man opened his mouth to speak before his companion suddenly dragged him away - something was coming, falling from the sky...


And soon, Zyrrkinoth felt it coming as well and also stepped aside, as whatever was plummeting from the heavens landed straight on top of the unconscious man in the kimono.


The sound of groaning coming from the impact denoted that whatever had landed was clearly alive, at least. "...that's going to leave my wings sore. One minute I'm defending the Diamond Gates from demons, and the next, I'm hurling from the Heavens into Light-knows-where..."


Then he slowly rose and looked around, and his wings lifted slightly in alarm. "...and at this point, I think only the Light knows where I have landed!" It quickly became clear to Zyrrkinoth and the two natives that this man was likely a newcomer to the world, as well.


The orange-haired man adjusted the glasses on his face before clearing his throat. "...now, then, just to wait for the one to wake up and - barring anything else falling from the sky - explain location and situation. Again, I don't wish to repeat myself. But you're all free to make each other's acquaintances while you wait for Sleeping Beauty there."


<Tyrael has entered Mul'tilennaya.>



<Status: Stable & Surprised>
<Location: Acheron Labs Kitchen 5E>
<Other Entities: Garrett | Hikaru | Atlas>




Veronica had been about to answer Garrett before Hikaru appeared, as well, eliciting a startled gasp before she saw Garrett throw the paper cup. She was never going to get used to Hikaru's ability to teleport.


Upon hearing that Atlas had detected intruders, she briefly wondered if it had meant her before it mentioned that these new entities were unfamiliar. To hear that she was one of the three the AI trusted to see through the coming situation...


It would either end with new allies, or very very poorly.


"...well. I'm glad to see that Atlas is doing well." Veronica was apprehensive of whatever these unknown entities would be, but she knew that leaving would only make matters worse and possibly leave the unknowns to the likes of Acheron - and Acheron's behavior as a whole was, for lack of a better word, concerning. At least, when she'd last seen him.


But she would see this through to whatever end awaited - whether for weal or for woe.



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 STATUS: Healthy

  LOCATION: Acheron Labs, Kitchen 5E 
  NEARBY: Hikaru | Garrett | Veronica


She was gone.


There was no lingering trace of the burning bright light that clouded their thoughts. It was almost as though it was never there at all. For the first time since they were sealed away, their mind was completely their own. The silence was as reliving at it was terrifying, but, more importantly, freedom was more... cramped than they thought it would be.


Although they were no longer bound by chains, Hollow was still, unfortunately, squished into a small space. They were in some rectangular container that was shorter than they were of height. Hollow's limbs were forcibly pressed together tightly to accommodate the box's limited size. Their body was bent awkwardly forward in an attempt to keep their horns from piercing the ceiling of the box, but even that proved unsuccessful. For whatever reason, there appeared to be shelves within the box loaded with a variety of cans and bagged goods, all of which were had either clattered onto Hollow's lap or were hanging precariously from their horns. At the bottom of the box was what appeared to be a thin line of light peeking out from the outside. Hollow could hear muffled voices coming from outside their confinement.


Hollow, unsure of what to think, waited silently inside their new prison, listening as the voices grew in number over time. How peculiar! When Hollow was locked away in the temple, they couldn't hear anything but Her voice. They were perfectly isolated from the whole world. Now, they could see pinpricks of shadows as the strangers outside moved around in whatever room existed outside the box. Wherever they were now, it was not only considerably smaller than their old jail, but it likely wasn't even a jail at all. The cogs in their mind whirled slowly. They patted alongside each side of the box, wincing as aluminum tins fell from the shelves and on top of them. After some time, their hand landed on an oblong metal shape attached to the wall in front of them. It was too oddly shaped to be a hinge, and it seemed to turn when Hollow tugged it downward. Suddenly, the horrifying realization dawned upon them. They were no longer locked away in a temple to keep a Goddess's fury at bay. No, they were somewhere else, somewhere terrible. They were trapped in the closet!

With one firm tug, Hollow walked, or rather fell, out of the closet. They tumbled down flat on their face, a sea of pantry foods and their faithful nail falling alongside them. Their escape was rather loud between the weight of their bottom hitting the floor, the assorted cans rolling to freedom, and their nail clattering on the ground. Hollow pressed the palm of their hand against the crown of their head, willing the stars dancing in their vision to vanish. It was strange to be able to move their limbs freely after so long. Every movement felt sluggish and a little unnatural. As their vision began to return, Hollow got a good look at the people they heard speaking outside the closet. They were all rather... small. Very small. Even though they were on their knees, Hollow still towered over the strangely fleshy creatures before them. It was at that moment, Hollow realized that they had been locked up for so long that they no longer knew how to interact with people. They stared at the three small creatures unblinkingly. Then, with some hesitation, Hollow waved sheepishly at them.

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Lady Dimitrescu 


[Status: Stable | Annoyed]


[Location: Acheron Labs]


[Others: Hollow | Hikaru | Veronica | Garrett]




“How long have you been here?”


“A few days at most.”


“Are you comfortable?”




The lady replied flatly to the scientist's stupid questions while letting out a puff of smoke from her cigarette. The sound of rapid keyboard clicks filled the tiny office space Alcina had been unwittingly shoved into. Plants covered every available surface and more, so much so one could barely tell it was an office at all, it would be better recognized as a cramped botanical nursery. A few of the potted plants had been hastily shoved aside and stacked near the far wall to make space for her, but even so the room still felt suffocating with all the abundant foliage brushing against her arms and dress. She was half-sitting on the far side of the scientist’s desk with her cigarette holder raised delicately in one hand while the other propped her up against the desk. A handful of wires and blinking lights ran from her lowered hand to the computer the scientist was thoughtfully clicking away at. 


“What’s taking so long?” She huffed.


“Well, this isn’t exactly my field of study-” The scientist began to explain while pulling away from his computer and looking at the Lady with a hesitant expression.


“-my field of knowledge is more in botany and chemistry, maybe anatomy and pharmaceutical medicine if we are being generous…” He leaned backwards in his chair running his fingers through his spikey white hair while he spoke.

“I’m not sure exactly why they put me on your case. I don’t usually study molds, or viruses, or anything like that. They were probably thinking ‘oh, molds are like plants. Evander knows plants, he totally isn’t doing anything more important, we’ll make him do it.’ assuming I could provide some ‘much needed insight’ or something.” His usually light, breathy voice took on a scratcher tone as he mocked his superiors assumed reasoning.


The Lady rolled her eyes as the tiny man continued to ramble on about meaningless nonsense. She was about ready to get up and leave on her own when an Atlas panel lit up with a notification.


Both of you, please report to Kitchen 5e.” The text scrolled by on a nearby screen.


“What did you do wrong?” She snapped.


“Me!? I had nothing to do with this!” 


The panel beeped again, almost like it was losing patience and didn’t want to wait for them to argue.


“Look, I'm not sure what is happening, but let’s take it as a much needed interruption to all...this…” He said, gesturing loosely at the computer and connecting wires. He flicked off the scanners and spun out of his chair excitedly.


As he went to disconnect the wires from her wrist she flicked her hand up defiantly, the equipment snapping off before he could touch her. She could hear him sigh with exasperation as she pushed off the desk with her thigh and started heading out the door. She waited for the automatic lock to disengage and the doors to slide open before gently grabbing the top of the doors frame so she wouldn’t hit her head as she ducked through the doorway. 


A few steps down the hall she could finally hear the tiny man’s clunky footsteps closing in behind her. 


“You walk really fast!” Evander wheezed. He was at a steady jog to try and keep up with her.


“You walk too slowly. Where are we going?”


“Not far, just turn right here. It’s the last room down this hall.” 


She stared at him with a look of mild disgust as he jogged next to her all the way down the hall. How he ever got anywhere in those garish boots is a mystery to her.


“You know what, I…have to go grab something. I will be right back. Just go inside and please don't go anywhere this time.” He said, holding his hands out in a ‘stay’ gesture as he trotted away down another hallway. 


She scoffed at him and turned her attention to the opening door. Carefully, she ducked through it into the kitchens. Immediately she was met by a handful of small, dumbfounded individuals, who all had their attention turned towards some clambering white thing half hanging out of a closet. With a look of irritation she addressed one of the scientists in the group, singling him out with a disdainful flick of her cigarette holder. 

“Doctor Strulvat, what are you doing? You better not be wasting my time.” She said scornfully, propping a hand up on her hip and taking a long drawl from her cigarette while she awaited his answer.




[Status: Stable | Enthused]


[Location: Bubble Cove]


[Others: Dusk | Asterodia | Marlow | Saphielle | Virgil]



It was a beautiful day in Moominvalley. The sky was clear, the air was crisp and refreshing, the sight and smell of freshly bloomed flowers adorned the rolling hills and wide open fields of the valley. The brooks babbled quietly while small animals darted across the peeking rocks at the surface to get across. The wind played in the leaves of the trees creating a faint melody to compliment the dragonflies hum as they darted through the air. The sunlight was warm, just comfortable enough to sunbathe in without the need for much shade. Everything was as it should be.


Moominpapa was in his study. He sat thoughtfully at his windowsill, casually sipping at a cup of steamy chamomile tea while silently admiring what a beautiful day it was. He had been poring over the last of his memoirs for most of the day. The final pages sat scattered across his desk in heaps, haphazardly compiled into chapters that would soon be turned into a complete book. 


“This is unbearable.” He stated, slamming his teacup down on the windowsill.


“I can’t create in this pleasant atmosphere. It isn’t exciting enough, I need something to happen.” He gets up from the window with an irritated huff.


“I’m getting to close to the end of these memoirs. Pretty soon I won't have any more things to remember. If something exciting doesn’t happen soon, I will have to give up writing altogether. Maybe art as a whole. I will just have to resign to being a tired old moomin sitting on my porch with nothing useful to write about ever again.” He grumbled to himself pulling his tophat over his eyes in frustration. 


After a moment he lets out a long sigh.


“Well. Nothing exciting is going to happen while i’m in here. Might as well take a walk. See if that will clear my head.” He nods to himself. His face lights up slightly just as he remembered the children went out to play on the beach. It wouldn't be a bad idea to go see what they were up to.


He drags his feet over to the coatrack by his study’s doorway and grabs his cane. Each lazy, discouraged step echoed throughout Moominhouse as he made his way down the staircase into the family room. Just before opening the front door he called out into the kitchen.




“Yes, dear?”


“I’m going out for a walk down by the beach. Off to see what mischief the children are causing.”


“Alright, dear. Just remember to be back in time for supper.”


“Of course, dear.”




Moominpapa took in a deep breath of the fresh springtime air. It did smell lovely. The beach was just in sight, so he picked up his pace a little bit with a slight giddiness to his steps. Just as he touched the sand he was overtaken by a brillant, dizzying white light. The sudden flash stunning him and sending him tumbling backwards into the sand.


“Ow…” He groaned, rubbing the stars out of his eyes.


“What could that have been, I wonder?” He sat up with a start looking enthusiastically in all directions for what could have caused the light. Finding nothing, he sighed to himself in resignation and got up to continue his little jaunt.


As he makes his way down the beach he takes a moment to close his eyes and enjoy the sensation of the sand dusting his feet while he walks. Relishing in the gentle sound of the waves caressing the shoreline. The slightly bitter taste of saltwater in the air. His meditation was interrupted by a sudden droplet of water hitting his nose. As he looked up, he noticed small drops of rain falling from the sky, his gaze following the droplets to where they were spattering the sand. He looked back out to sea in confusion. Dark storm clouds lurked at the horizon waiting to pounce on the shoreline at any moment. That’s odd. Wasn’t it a nice clear day just a second ago? He closed his eyes and shrugged it off. It wasn’t totally unusual for the weather in Moominvalley to change suddenly. 


He opened his eyes to the sound of conversation off in the distance. A few figures shuffled about near the shoreline. Assuming they are his children he waves his cane in the air to get their attention.


“Moomin! My! Sniff! Snufkin! Have you found anything interesting washed up on shore today? Any new shells for Snorkmaiden, perhaps?” He calls out.


As he approached he began to notice their body shapes were a bit off. None of his children looked like a turtle, or whatever the other creatures were, unless they were playing around with some kind of goblin magic again. He stopped a few feet away from the group and tipped his hat in greeting.


“Ah, my mistake. I thought you were my children. Haha. What brings you all to Moominvalley this fine spring afternoon?” He inquired with a soft smile in his eyes.

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Utakata ~ Jinchūriki of the Rokubi

Location ~ Vinyl City

Status ~ Squished



He thought he'd somehow be getting a quality nap out of all of this. 


"Hey, Uta-chan?" calls a feminine voice at Utakata wakes up in a meadow. Hovering over him is a young lady with long, straight brown hair and curious amber eyes. She looks exactly as she was when he left the village all those years ago. "Are you finally awake? Mama said she needs you to make dinner tonight."


Utakata gives a low groan. "Hama-chan, I really don't want to.... Can't Mama cook today?"


"I mean, if you really want to... but Hotaru-san was super curious about your food."


"...? How do you know Hotaru?" He raises his eyebrow, but Hamako giggles. 


"You idiot, you brought her home to meet us, remember?" She starts laughing at his expression in response. "Oh, you dummy... Mama loves her, you know."


"I knew she would," Utakata murmurs as he gets up. "Can I... Can I see her?"


"Considering she's waited for your stupid butt to get up? Yes. C'mon, fool. Let's go." Hamako offers her hand and helps her brother up, leading him towards the house. Utakata's heart pounds, this is the first time he's seeing his family in a very long time. Kaito and his stepfather be damned, he still wants to see the others. Including Hotaru, now. He's just about to open the door to greet his mama, when--


--Utakata is instantly crushed by many, many kilograms of something. He bolts awake, but he finds himself completely unable to move, or breathe for that matter. A squeak leaves his throat as he tries to yell. When that doesn't work, he manages to slam his fist against the ground several times to get someone's attention.


Why was this the way his dream had to be ruined?




! Kaminari Denki !

Location ~ Burned Lands

Status ~ STILL requesting an Adult. A responsible adult, that is.


"大丈夫? You're not hurt, are you?" Asks the girl who came to his rescue. 


"Uh.... Uh.... 'm okay! Just gotta.... Gotta--- uhhhhhh...." He looks around to find his pointer device missing, causing him to panic. "Oh crap, uh....." He rushes away, causing the flies to follow him as he sends some volts in their direction. "S-sorry! Can't chat right now. Um. Gotta-- gotta zap-!" One of the flies had managed to sneak behind Denki and whacks him on the back of the head. "OW! RUDE!" He hisses, using his elbow to knock it backwards before running back in the direction of the other people. He doesn't even blink an eye at the talking goat, he's sure he saw someone like that before. 


"Hey- uh.... No healing right now, think you can whack one'a these?" He asks, before another one whacks him. "RUUUUUUDE." He yelps at it before running and drawing them further away. He sends a nastier shock as they get closer to him. It's not the biggest amount, maybe about 500,000 volts. That's when his brain shorts out before he has time to register it. Two of the overgrown flies drop to the ground, fried. A goofy grin crosses his features, and he gives two thumbs-up. "...Yaaaaaaay."

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Scorpia - Default@0.75x.png

Scorpia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Vinyl City

OTHER ENTITIES: Kliff | Utakata | Zuke | Zyrrkinoth | Tyrael


Scorpia blinked back at him a few times, then squinted as if to determine whether this was a clever ruse on behalf of the maybe-princess. With his change of attire she eventually eased at his words though, reasoning that if he was intending to start a fight with her he’d have kept the armour on. “Oh, good, good. You’re surrendering, then!” She mused, beaming at this realisation and how proud Catra was going to be of her for such a swift and resource-saving victory on the matter.


Gingerly Scorpia started to rise to her feet, noting a dull ache in her hip from how she’d landed but otherwise nothing she couldn’t shake off with a bit of determination. Idly she glanced up to the sky, pondering the distance she’d fallen, which gave her enough time to grow wide-eyed and step aside as a new being was thrown from the heavens.


“Ooh my gosh!” She yelped, reaching forward with outstretched claws but unable to catch the cloaked figure before they collided with another being on the ground below. Scorpia grimaced, stepping towards the duo and hovering over them as she sucked in the air between her teeth. “Um…uh…you're alright, right? C’mon you can walk it off buddy.” She tried to encourage, kneeling down to poke the tip of her claw into the unconscious man’s cheek a few times.  Briefly she glanced up at the newest arrival, quirking an eyebrow over his words. "A what gate? What's a demon-" She cut herself short as movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention, and she twitched her head towards it in order to catch a glimpse of...a feather...? Or at least, that's what it looked like to her. A dark feather with a silver hilt, featuring what looked to be a single eye carved into the metal. She blinked at it. The eye blinked back, briefly twitching towards Tyrael as if silently questioning her on something she didn't know the answer to. Scorpia shrugged at the odd little feather. The feather then abruptly whisked itself away, soaring down the street and quickly out of view.


"...Oookay...?" Scorpia mumbled, not quite sure what to make of the entire interaction and whether any of them should be concerned. After a moment of thought, she then reached across and pinched hard at the nose of the man in the kimono to see if that would finally rouse him into waking up. "Alright, rise and shine buddy!"

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<Status: Stable>


<Status: Stable>


<Location: Sector 4 - Vinyl City Streets>
<Others: Utakata | Scorpia | Kliff | Zuke>




"Oh gods--" Zyrrkinoth almost jumped in to get the winged man off of the no-longer-unconscious kimono man, but was beaten to the punch by the armored creature getting off himself.


Said armored winged creature began to apologize profusely. "I am SO sorry, I didn't mean to cause you harm..."


Zyrrkinoth squinted at the scorpion-armed woman when she spoke. Surrender? Him? The thought was absurd, but he didn't vocalize this. Nor did he try to after spotting what appeared to be a floating quill pen.


The winged being approached it, raising one wing in curiosity as if it were an eyebrow. Then he turned towards the scorpion-armed woman, and it was to her he spoke, with that same curiosity clear in his tone of voice. "You are quite the oddity..."


Zyrrkinoth sighed. "Shouldn't we introduce ourselves? Here, I'll start - I am Zyrrkinoth de Deresnels, Lord of House Deresnels of Ishgard, Knight Dragoon, and Warrior of Light."


"Quite a list of titles you have there, friend. My name is Tyrael, and I have but one to my name: Archangel of Justice." Tyrael raised his wings slightly as he spoke, as a show of authority.


Zyrrkinoth then crossed his arms. "So, who will introduce themselves next? Best to know names now and all."



<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Active, Normal Mode>
<Location: Sector 2 - The Burned Lands>
<Others: Denki | Ralsei | Lambert>




"へいき, へっちゃら." Hibiki gave a thumbs up to the goat-like newcomer to signal that she was fine. "Thanks for asking, though." Before she could speak further, however, several more fly-like creatures were eliminated by a... lamb? That couldn't seriously be a lamb, could it?


She rubbed her eyes, before the lamb let out a telltale, yet barely audible bleat. Accompanied with said bleat was a voice in her mind, which she quickly figured was translating. "I'm not hungry at the moment, but thanks for offering. I think that's very nice of you." She then smiled. "A lamb that can speak with humans, though...?" Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. "かっこいい! I think that's awesome--"


She was abruptly cut off by the only other human there firing electricity at more of the flies, zapping two of them before giving two thumbs up and a goofy smile.


Then she remembered: she was being rude! "Oh, right, introductions! 私は立花響 - I'm Tachibana Hibiki! It's nice to meet you all!"



<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 1 - Kitchen 5E>
<Others: Garrett | Hikaru | Hollow | Lady Dimitrescu>




The princess yelped and jumped out of the way when the closet came crashing open and another individual came tumbling out. This being was easily several times her height, even on its knees. The sheepish wave it gave at least denoted to her that it was not immediately hostile, and Veronica subsequently relaxed a little bit.


"Doctor Strulvat, what are you doing? You better not be wasting my time." This other voice, carrying an ever-familiar air of nobility, prompted Veronica to turn to see yet another newcomer.


Hm. Seems their machine's on the fritz, she thought to herself.


Nonetheless, the princess knew a dignified woman when she saw one, and was quick to brush aside her apprehension to give a polite curtsy. After all, she wasn't one to simply abandon her manners.


Once more, she'd let those around her do the talking.



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<Status: Hungry>
<Location: Sector 05 | Hellworld>


"Oomph!" Hatapon landed face first in some thorns. "Cho cho ziggurri..." (Ouch ouch this sucks...) He lay there for a few moments before finally standing up. He was hungry, really hungry. Before he ended up... here, he was just about to eat some of his favorite, tender meat. He brushed himself off before noticing a big structure in the distance. "Don quorori..?" (What is that?)He looked at the big castle in the horizon and made it his goal.


Would there be a friendly tribe there? Some Ziggotons? Or Karmen...? It didn't matter right now as all he wanted was food, he had no hunting capabilities, despite leading great hunts for the Patapon in the past. But he wasn't the one throwing the weapons of course, only leading. Maybe a tribe in the castle could give him food? Or there would be a big banquet or there- He spotted a small animal. "Pon pon pata pon!" (Move it move it move it now!) he banged his drum in the pattern that would command the other patapon to attack. Instead, without his army, the noise scared the animal off. "Ziggurri." (This sucks) He stated again.


He picked up his flag and held it high, marching for the castle.

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Dr. Hikaru Shinsou, M.D.

Location ~ Acheron Labs

Status ~ It's not time for lunch, damnit!


Hikaru doesn’t even blink when the paper cup hits his chest.

He stares down at it with a blank expression for a few moments. “….Ah, yes. My one weakness. Paper cups. I will proceed to melt away.” He deadpans, before giving Garrett a chuckle. “No worries, Dr. Strulvat. I was the dummy who startled you, after all.

He then quiets down as Garrett and Atlas begin bantering, and he raises an eyebrow when Atlas reveals they have intruders on the way. “So you want us here when there are potentially dangerous beings on the way? Rather rude of you to bring people you trust into such a tight space…
He decides that it’s time to walk over to the knife block and grab the biggest knife he can find. “Not sure if Atlas will freak if we run…. But I’ve seen enough zombie apocalypse movies to know that it’s not safe to stay here unarmed.

He startles and drops the knife when there’s a loud crash coming from the closet. “AUGH, S***!!! S*** S*** M***********!!!” He yelps as he teleports to another area of the kitchen. A large creature gets up and towers over them all, causing him to draw back in fear. “Oh god, what- ?!” He blinks when all it manages is a sheepish wave, and he cocks his head to the side. “….Oh, so it’s not trying to kill us? Um.... Hello there.

That’s when a familiar sharp, feminine voice pierces his ears. “Doctor Strulvat, what are you doing? You better not be wasting my time,” calls the voice of Lady Alcina Dimitrescu. 

Ah- blame Atlas. It told us there are intruders, but it wants us to remain here. I still don’t understand.



Utakata ~ Jinchūriki of the Rokubi

Location ~ Vinyl City

Status ~ Flustered, slightly annoyed



Utakata yelps in pain at the pinch to his nose. “OW. Come ON, can we not do that to my face??? I’m fine! I’m just crushed, not dead!” He protests as he opens his eyes and looks up in annoyance. “I was just about to get up.” Everything hurts. All he wants right now is to close his eyes and go back to sleep- at least his dream was more familiar than anything going on here.


He then sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose ever so softly. “God. Anyway, are we done squishing me? Poking me? Prodding me?” He sighs in defeat. “Because if you’re not done, please kindly hold off until I’m less sore.


Utakata huffs as he gently gets up onto his feet, wincing as his back cracks. “Ow,” he says flatly. “Yeah, that smarts.” Looking around the area, he knits his eyebrows together. “I’m Utakata. Um…. Does….. Does anyone know what kinda place this is? Or is everyone as confused as I am?


There’s a bit of tension in his neck, and Utakata grunts as he moves his head to try and crack the tension out. “I’ve never seen buildings like this, if ‘m honest.


Something he finds himself concerned over, increasingly more so as he realizes how unfamiliar everything truly is.


Where is Saiken?





! Kaminari Denki !

Location ~ Burned Lands

Status ~ Brain fry go brrrrbrrrrbrrrrrrrrrr-


Denki can hear everything they're saying.


But his brain is currently fried.


So he sways a bit in his spot as he maintains his double thumbs up.






Virgil Cerullo

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ Hangovers have felt better than this.


Virgil bares his teeth at the turtle in annoyance. "Gimme a sec to figure out where the f*** I am, god dammit! I'm barking like a f****** dog over here, and you're here snapping at me like I did something wrong." He barks again before looking at the bizarre otter. "....She's not normally a turtle? Huh. Coulda fooled me," he adds as he eventually settles down. "Bubble Cove, eh? Seems nice, minus the fact that I don't feel like I'm in my own--" He glances at a small pool in the beach as he backs up from his own reflection and barks at it. 


"W-what?! I-I'm a--- WHAT? WHAT THE--" He starts ranting on in Italian panic as he barks and barks at the pool. 


The barking stops when he hears a new voice, to which he turns and barks at. His ears tuck back as his tail starts lashing from side to side. 





Dr. Saphielle Ianpeiros

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ Not sure if she approves of the turtle or the dog, really.


Saphielle watches as the strange dog barks about. She then turns her attention towards the turtle and sighs. "Aye, some necklace? Care to explain what in the gods you mean?" She looks down, a bit startled at her appearance, but shrugs and licks her paw. "Perhaps I could help, but aye, please don't snap. Aye?"


“Ah, my mistake. I thought you were my children. Haha. What brings you all to Moominvalley this fine spring afternoon?”


Saphielle gives a surprised mmmmrp? in response. "Ah, this otter over here said this is Bubble Cove. What's Moominvalley- and who may you be?"





Location ~ Hellworld

Status ~ 141-1416726_wasted-transparent-gta-wasted-transparent.png


"Ah- Nemona, make yourself useful and pass me the bread?" Arven asks as he quickly starts chopping some of the ingredients. "And Penny-- Penny, what in the world are you doing?"


Penny looks up from her computer and shrugs. "I'm not much of a helper."


"En serio?" Arven looks at her with a blank expression before rolling his eyes. "Then can you at least pack the basket?"


"Julianna did it already," Penny says rather flatly. 


"Then grab the cheese from the fridge."


"You do that," she retorts. 


Julianna gently smacks them each in the arm as she passes by. "Alrighty you two, settle settle." She giggles, causing Arven's face to heat up.


"Even Nemona is helping...."


"Penny's getting a playlist together! She's gotta finish before we get on Miraidon, for obvious reasons," Julianna chirps again. 




Penny gives him a smirk. "Exactly, ya big lunk. Now go finish those sandwiches," she adds. Arven has to hold back a remark in response. He grunts in exasperation, turns on his heel, and walks back to the kitchen. It's when he picks up the sandwich, however, that he finds himself getting pulled by something and yells for help. As he hears someone calling his name, though, everything goes black,.


He lands pretty hard- had he been conscious, he may have noticed the pain. His hand releases in response to the impact as the sandwich falls to the ground in pieces. 


Mabosstiff finds himself released from its Poké Ball as he starts sniffing around. He whimpers when he notices two people start to approach.

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Scorpia - Default@0.75x.png

Scorpia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Vinyl City

OTHER ENTITIES: Kliff | Tyrael | Utakata | Zuke | Zyrrkinoth

“You are quite the oddity…”


Scorpia blinked a few times. She then glanced down at herself with mild bafflement, prodding at some of the exoskeleton along her arm as she questioned whether that was true or not. Maybe? Just a little? Come to think of it she hadn’t even seen any other Scorpionis since-


Someone mentioned that introductions were in order, breaking her from her temporary daze. Abruptly she stood to attention. “Ah, yep! Right! I’m Force Captain Scorpia!” She declared, rising to her full height and posing in a proud manner with her claws at her hips. Any tone of authority she may have managed to invoke with the introduction was quickly side-lined though, as she then hunched forward and lifted her claws to tap them lightly together in a cheerful manner. ”Fair warning though, I’m a hugger.”


Mercifully she decided to merely stand back up at her full height rather than prove that, instead surveying their surroundings for a moment. “Mmm…nope. No idea where we are. But Zyrrkinoth de Der…Lord of…Dragon Warriors…” She glanced across at him, apologetically, and cleared her throat before continuing. “Lord Zyrr just surrendered to me. So. I guess this is Horde territory now!”


Scorpia regarded them all with a beaming grin. “Welcome! You guys are gonna love it here I’m sure, don’t worry about it.”


Ralsei - Default@0.75x.png

Ralsei - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Avalar (Burned Lands)

OTHER ENTITIES: Denki | Hibiki | Lambert

“Um. Um. Well I could-” Ralsei stuttered over an explanation when asked to take out some of the bugs, a garbled mess of trying to ask what was happening combined with a frantic claim that he wasn’t really the violent sort. He was cut short by another of the winged creatures diving towards him, prompting a yelp as he hurried aside to dodge it.


The Lamb, meanwhile, wasted little time in explaining themself and instead promptly surged forward again to easily dispose of the latest threat. Ralsei again went wide-eyed and brought his paws to his mouth as the creature thudded to the ground before him. Shocked into silence, he instead took a step back from the other being before gulping and trying to find his voice again.


“U-um…” Fearfully, he glanced aside, finding no more bugs to worry about for the moment but not certain if the current party of people he was with were any more safe to be standing beside. “Uh…Ralsei. That’s. That’s my name.” He finally managed to Hibiki. He then switched his attention towards the other, currently unnamed Lightner.


“Um…Are you alright…?” Ralsei’s brow wrinkled with concern as he spoke to him. He stepped forward, waving his paw in front of the Lightner’s face and then clicked a few times to try to grab his attention. When he didn’t give any indication of having heard him or seen the movement, Ralsei tutted, then brought his paws together. Channelling a Healing spell, he slowly pulled his palms apart and let an orb of golden light form between them before flinging it in the direction of the unnamed Lightner in the hopes it would wake him from his daze. “Is that any better?”


Lambert - Default@0.75x.png

Lambert - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Avalar (Burned Lands)

OTHER ENTITIES: Denki | Hibiki | Ralsei 

Human? Was that what the two odd looking primates were called? The Lamb tilted their head in a curious manner, taking a moment to process this strange new species of animal that she had stumbled across. At least the goat was a far more familiar entity, to the point where it even left a slight ache in her heart the more she lingered on how much he reminded her of old family and friends.


The Lamb shook their head, swiftly stuffing said thoughts to the very back of their mind where all the other unaddressed problems in their life were supposed to live. They had a task to carry out first and foremost, after all. < Understandable. I’ll save the berries for later. > He hummed, daintily placing the crown back onto the top of his head. The Lamb then frowned, mulling over how best to introduce themself.


< I am simply The Lamb. > They decided to say, eventually, and followed by an uncertain shrug of their shoulders as they tacked on a vague explanation. < There has not been another Lamb around to be confused with for…quite some time. >


The goat, Ralsei, regarded them with a rather distressed expression to hear that. The Lamb just turned to better face him and shrugged again. < Maybe we should find somewhere a bit safer before we start to chat, though? >


Asterodia - Pokemon@0.75x.png
Asterodia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Bubble Cove (The Shore)

OTHER ENTITIES: Dusk | Marlow | Moominpapa | Saphielle | Virgil

Aster decided that she had very little time for the annoying, yappy newcomer and soon turned from him with a roll of her eye. She then narrowed it, slightly, at the feline’s request not to be snappy with them. She opened her mouth, no doubt about to retort with something, only to be distracted by a new voice on the horizon. 


“What? What kind of screwed up genes do you have to think that we’re your bloody hellspawn-”


“Aster. Don’t be an unpleasant git to people we just met, aye?”


Aster pressed a hand to her remaining eye and growled in dramatic exasperation. The other hand was occupied with making a rude gesture in Marlow’s direction for the lecture, though he didn’t seem too bothered by it. Instead he merely rolled his eyes to the heavens and sighed in response, before deciding to turn back towards the latest arrival. “Sorry, sir. Uh. Aye, I don’t reckon you’re in Moo-Man Valley anymore but it’s nice to meet you.” Again, Marlow gestured to his surroundings. “We’re looking for a gold pocket-watch that got lost on the beach here, somewhere. Don't reckon you've seen one around here at all, have you?”


“Aye, but there’s a storm brewing and it’s a bloody nasty one.” Grunted Aster, gesturing towards the sea. Sure enough, thick, rolling storm clouds looked to be slowly but steadily advancing towards the beach. “And I tell you, that ain’t a natural one either. Not if you’ve seen the way the lightning crackles off it.” She then waved her hand, dismissing Marlow away from her as she turned and started to trudge along the sand once more. “Just. Take ‘em to the village, aye? I think the weird dog’s got some sort of delirium going on over there anyway. Anyone who ain’t a peliim can stick around if they want I guess, but I ain’t being responsible for ‘em.”


Damien - Default@0.75x.png

Damien - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Hellworld

OTHER ENTITIES: Arven | Hitoshi

“I think…we…I think we managed…to…lose them.” The voice was a shaken one, marred by an obvious struggle to keep it at a level monotone despite the distress behind it. Its owner’s stance was of a similar nature, in that they were attempting to stand in a stoic, nonplussed manner despite the obvious wheezing for air.


“Tosh? Do we…do we still have water left…?” The owner asked, momentarily taking off his glasses to pinch at the bridge of his nose in a distressed, tired manner. A string of profanity, Vulcan in origin, hissed out as he registered that one side of the glasses was now missing a lens. “Perfect. Great. As if I didn’t have enough problems in life.”


He sighed, rather dramatically, and set the semi-effective pair of glasses back onto his face so at least one of his eyes could see more than a soft blur of colourful shapes before him. Spotting his taller friend beside him, he nudged him slightly in the side with the pointy part of his elbow. “Tosh? You okay?” 


At least there was no sign of the scientists that had been chasing them,, though Damien had never been one to put much faith in his sight in the first place. Pointed, elven-like ears instead twitched in response, straining for any alarming sounds in the distance as he tried to process which of the fabled sectors it was they’d just been chased into. It certainly didn’t look like anywhere they wanted to be right now. Immediately Damien decided that it was time to look for an exit to said sector, and turned to do-so, only for a new sound in the distance to catch his attention. 


It was a faint, whimpering sound, and Damien instinctively turned his head until he could pinpoint the location it was coming from. In the distance, very faintly, he could see two distinctive blurs. “...Is that a dog?” He then asked, elbowing Tosh in the ribs again to grab his attention. “What is a dog doing all the way out here?”


Garrett - Default@0.75x.png

Artboard 52@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Acheron Labs (Kitchens)

OTHER ENTITIES: Atlas | Hikaru | Hollow | Lady Dimitrescu | Veronica

Despite the  lighthearted tone, Garrett looked to wilt a little all the same as Hikaru commented on the cup. They mumbled out something barely intelligible, but was intended as a retort to his own attempt at an apology in favour of their own. It was quickly cut short at the sudden crash from one of the storage cupboards behind him at any rate, in favour of another yelp and frantic scramble for a second projectile to protect himself with.


Mercifully, no more paper cups were hurled about the room as the enormous bug-like entity rolled out into view. They did however earn themself a string of barely whispered Vulcan profanities as Garrett scooped up the knife Hikaru had dropped and held it out in front of him defensively. Shaking, the pointed tip only started to lower after the creature waved at them all, though Garrett was too startled to really offer them the same polite gesture. Instead he found himself side-stepping around the creature, cautious, until he could better assess their intentions.


There is no need for a confrontation. It would be best to save your strength.


Atlas advised, though at the angle and distance he was standing it was unlikely that Garrett had been able to read the message.


“Dr. Strulvat, what are you doing?”


The half-Vulcan flinched at the verbal address however, and though it would be a lie to say that the woman who asked the question didn’t equally terrify him on some level he at least was more familiar with who she was. Garrett risked glancing away from the enormous insect, sheepishly regarding her, before he tried to straighten up his stance and bring some level of calm rationality back to his actions. “I-I just. I was informed I should endeavour to move to this location. I know little more than you do.”


A short, sharp buzz emitted from the Atlas terminal to grab his attention. Garrett’s head snapped towards it, eyes bulging. “Y-yes? What is it?”


Time is running short. I regret to inform you all that I must roll forward with my task regardless of your readiness.


“Wh-what do you mean? Please just tell us what is going on so that we can-” Garrett cut himself off as the lights above them surged, shrouding the kitchen in darkness for a few seconds before they flickered back to life. The Atlas terminal, likewise, crackled in an uncertain manner.


Gather what supplies and weapons you can all muster within this kitchen. Then, proceed to Storeroom 4E down the hallway. You will receive additional instructions upon entry.

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<Status: Angry (and possibly drunk)>

<Location: Sector 04 | Vinyl City>

<Other Entities: Vibri>


“Где я, черт возьми?!” (Where am I?!) She looked around at the blinding city lights and ads. “Он не похож ни на какой другой код. Это другое измерение?” (This isn’t like any code I've seen before. Is this another dimension?) She started taking steps out of the alley she was in, holding her shepherd’s crook forward with one arm and a dog under her other, ready to strike anything that comes her way. The blaring music from the streets irritated her to an extent she couldn’t describe. Эта музыка дерьмо.” (This music is garbage) She muttered under her breath. 


As she walked out of the alley and into the bright and busy street she realized, yep, this is not her dimension. Sure, where she’s from is a crazy surrealist dream, but even she knew what was and wasn’t part of her dimension. “Должно быть, я снова выпил слишком много…” (I must’ve drank too much…) She rubbed her eyes. There were people everywhere and they all seemed to ignore her.

She spotted some bizarre beings in the distance. A lobster..? No, a scorpion, she thinks. She quickly pinched herself before determining that she isn’t drunk out of her mind and decided to see what’s up. “Глупый межпространственный разлом.” (Stupid interdimensional rift.)



<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 04 | Vinyl City>

<Other Entities: Shepherd>


Vibri leaped around the city. She loved this place, music at every corner, tons of strange holograms just like her, bright lights. This place was basically perfect in every way to her. Though she had to wonder…

How did she end up here..?



She doesn't understand. Vibri has never seen another person before. Or any other colors, or any other dimension. It was overwhelming. Back home, the only other thing that moved was the ribbon, which would form into strange shapes. Vibri decided to retreat into an alley for the time being, just to compose herself. “さあ…考えてみてください。” (Come on… think…) She muttered to herself. 


She made her way into an alley where a strange cat creature with a dog was walking out. It didn’t seem to notice Vibri. “なぜ彼らは異なって見えるのですか?” (It looks different?) She thought to herself. It looked very out of place, dull colors, brown mostly. It contrasted with the bright, vibrant colors of the city and people around it. 

Maybe they’re lost too? Vibri decided to follow it for the time being.



<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 02 | Malefor’s Temple>


He sat up, where was he? “Geez… It’s warm in here.” He looked around. “Huh, lava…” He grabbed his missile launcher and slung it over his shoulder. His metal diving suit clunked as he navigated around. “Is that…” He saw a large winged figure. “Ah Spyro!” He ran towards it, jumping over some rocks across lava. “Hey Spyro are you… Bigger?” He scratched his head. 

Malefor noticed the small eyeball creature. “Who- Spyro??? Spyro?!?!” He boomed at the small creature. Dive-clops responded, “Well I don't know. Purple scales and- oh Cynder!” Malefor pinched his nose (snout?) bridge. “Oh you’re the guy that kidnapped her! Malefor!” Dive-clops snapped his fingers as if he had achieved something. Malefor had to at least commend him for remembering his name.”Yes, I must say I am… ‘impressed’, you actually know who I am.” He leaned down to get a closer look at Dive-Clops. “May I ask your name?” He tilted his large head, which was much bigger than Dive-Clops. “Ah I’m Dive-Clops! Thank you for asking.” Dive-Clops held out his hand. Malefor was confused. “Do you… Want me to shake it?” “Yeah!” Dive-Clops nodded. Malefor reached out a claw and carefully put it in his hand. 


“You only remember of my kidnapping of Cynder..?” “Yeah that’s about it, I never saw you before in person. Say, you look pretty menacing.” Dive-Clops pointed out. “Well, Dave-Clops-” “Dive-Clops-” Malefor glared at him for a brief moment before continuing. “Well… I assume that you’re lost. But I do know of a portal to return you home… I just ask for a few, ingredients, in return…



<Status: Rooting>

<Location: Sector 07 | Bubble Cove>


Where is it- Oh! Here is Night-Cap!
She’s uh- Well only her cap is visible, the rest of her is in the mud. She appears to be rooting into the ground.

Well maybe we should leave her for now…



<Status: Still hungry>
<Location: Sector 05 | Hellworld>


“Pata pata pata pon, Pata pata pata pon.” Hatapon marched to the beat of his own drum, literally. He was heading for the castle. His flag was strapped to his back, waving high into the air, he used his free arms to play his drum. “Pata pata pata-” he stopped. Looking around, did he hear something? 




Hatapon looked up. The clouds were a terrible dark gray. “Gan don…” (Looks like a storm…) He didn’t think about taking down his flag and kept marching. He’s been struck by lightning numerous times and lived, he could deal with this. “Pata pata pata pon!” He kept playing, picking up his pace.


A bolt struck right next to him. “Pata- Patapatapatapon! Patapatapatapon!” He dashed for the castle in the distance. 

He was tired but still played his drum, albeit slower. Lets see, he could try summoning a miracle. Don dodon dodon!He drummed with all his might. Aaaand nothing, most of the times his miracle commands fail- “Cho!” (Ouch!) He was struck by lightning being conducted by his flag. “Chocho…” (Owow…) He picked up his drum and looked around. He was in a large clearing nearing the castle. The rain picked up.

Hatapon took a deep breath and started towards the castle again. With his flag held high, he started a new song to deter the weather. Chaka chaka pata pon.” step step step step. “Pata pata pata pon” step step step step. “Chaka chaka pata pon-” step step step step… “Pata pon don chaka!” He danced forward through the rain, there better be some food at the castle.

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 STATUS: Healthy

  LOCATION: Acheron Labs, Kitchen 5E 
  NEARBY: Hikaru | Lady Dimitrescu Veronica Garrett | Atlas


The reaction to their arrival was... more chaotic than they would have liked. Hollow almost felt a little bad seeing the smaller creatures shriek loudly as they scrambled to get away from Hollow. The only one who didn't appear remotely frightened by their entrance was the only other tall creature in the room. She offered them little more than an irritated glance before chastising one of the smaller creatures.


Hollow slowly lowered their hand, upset that their greeting caused such an uproar, but also wary that any sudden movements would cause further disarray. Most of the strangers began talking amongst one another, but one of them picked up what appeared to be a very small nail and pointed it in Hollow's direction. Normally, if someone pointed a nail at Hollow, they would automatically assume that it was a threat, but the small creature was in no fighting stance Hollow had ever seen. He had lowered the nail slightly as his companions began to calm, but continued to side-step away from Hollow's general direction as though threatened. Perhaps this was some kind of native greeting? Hollow had to learn many of the intricacies of the different kingdoms near Hollownest, that of Deepnest and the Hive when they were young. They had never encountered such small, save for the potential tall matriarch, fleshy creatures before, so it would be in their best interest to try and abide by the native customs as well as they could.


As best as they could, Hollow grabbed the hilt of their nail with their remaining hand and pulled themself up. With the low height of the room, Hollow couldn't stand themselves all the way up, but by using their nail as a makeshift walking cane they could at the very least stand in a crouching position.


Time is running short. I regret to inform you all that I must roll forward with my task regardless of your readiness.


Just as they were about to point their nail back to the fluffy-haired man, a disembodied voice began barking orders. Hollow tilted their head to the side as they listened. The voice was presumably talking to the fleshy creatures and not Hollow themself. Still, Hollow had intruded rather rudely, regardless if that was their intention or not. Hollow looked back, staring in dismay at all the aluminum cans and cardboard boxes were strewn across the floor. At the very least, cleaning up the mess as an apology would be the polite thing to do. Then the creatures could go about their orders.


With their only hand occupied by their nail, Hollow had no choice but to find another way to pick up the cans. Two inky black tendrils slithered out from under Hollow's gown and wrapped themselves around several nearby cans. They carried the cans toward the nearby counter and gently set them down. There! Just around 30 or so cans and boxes more, and then they would have made up for their mistake.

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<Status: Stable>


<Status: Stable>


<Location: Sector 4 - Vinyl City Streets>
<Others: Kliff | Zuke | Utakata | Scorpia | Shepherd | Vibri>




"I'm just as lost as you are, Utakata," Tyrael responded to the ninja. "I've never seen buildings like these, either."


He then gave a skeptical look to Zyrrkinoth, who just had a "roll with it" look on his face in regards to Scorpia. The Warrior of Light couldn't fault her at all, especially since now she was calling him by his proper title - after all, pretty much the entire group consisted of strangers in a strange land. An Ishgardian Dragoon, an Archangel, a ninja, and a Force Captain all made for quite a motley crew...


...and then two more individuals showed up, even stranger-looking than Scorpia. "More? This just keeps getting stranger and stranger, doesn't it?" Poor Tyrael couldn't even make out what they were saying, and yet judging from his expression, he could tell that Zyrrkinoth could understand them just fine, somehow.




<Status: Stable>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Active, Normal Mode>
<Location: Sector 2 - The Burned Lands>
<Others: Denki | Ralsei | Lambert>




Hibiki watched as Ralsei tried to heal the dazed blond. "...I think he'll be fine, Ralsei-san. I think it's something he can only recover from with time." Then she looked around. "...we should find a safer place to talk, though, yeah. I agree with Lamb-san. C'mon, let's see if we can't find shelter."


She took the other blond's hand to guide him - it wasn't like he'd be moving too much on his own anyway.




<Status: Stable>

<Location: Sector 1 - Kitchen 5E>
<Others: Veronica | Garrett | Hikaru | Hollow | Lady Dimitrescu>




"You might want to grab another knife, Dr. Shinsou."


In walked Commander Tovan Khev, in all his Romulan glory, twirling a plasma pistol in one hand and giving a polite bow to Lady Dimitrescu as he entered. Almost immediately after rising from his bow, however, his expression softened and he holstered the pistol, turning to address Garrett and Hikaru specifically. "...they're out, you two. No telling where they could've gone once they left the labs' doors, but I couldn't follow them out too far without things looking suspicious. But at least now that veruul can't use them for whatever he's got planned."


He then drew out one of his two mek'leths, addressing the entire group once more. "And before anyone asks, I already heard Atlas. I'm not too privy on the specifics since I was already busy with... something else. But from what little I do know, things are quickly spiraling into a right mess."


He quickly noticed that one of the newcomers, the insectoid creature (the rather well-armed insectoid creature, he noticed on another glance), was attempting to help clean up the mess of cans and boxes on the floor. He sheathed his mek'leth once more and walked over to start helping them, as well.


"We don't have much time. From what I've gathered of the situation, containment is failing and security is struggling to regain control. We need to be as prepared as we can be."




"...damn, I should really stop drinking."


Shiva rubbed his head as he got up from the ground, but his next thought was interrupted by the sound of thunder. A storm, and a quickly-approaching one, at that.


It wasn't long before it started raining cats and dogs, so he made way to the first building he could find, a large castle, to take shelter in while waiting for the storm to pass.


The strange, tiny creature nearby did not escape his notice, but it wasn't like he could discern what it was doing.


So he watched, and waited.


<Shiva has entered Mul'tilennaya.>
<Status: Stable>
<Location: Sector 5 - Abandoned Castle>




Of all the times for him to branch out from Pandemonium, it had to be during a storm.


Oh, well. He saw plenty of similar storms in Kurast. This would be no different... though the sound of distant voices alerted the entity to the presence of others, which the storm could hurt. Getting into their good graces by getting them out of the storm's path could prove useful in the future...


"You all look rather lost," he stated when he approached, making his presence known. "Listen - the sounds of thunder. A storm approaches, and the storms here can get very nasty. Best we make way to shelter before we're drenched, electrocuted, or both." Not that such trivial injuries could bother him, but better these mortals not know that. Regardless, they had to find shelter from the coming storm. "There should be a castle nearby; we can wait there for the storm to pass."


Dul'Mephistos was never too fond of helping mortals, but living beings were better at spreading his namesake of Hatred than corpses, he'd found. Best to help them live, and at least attempt to mask his true intentions...


<Mephisto has arrived in Sector 5.>

<Status: Stable>

<Location: Sector 5 - Outdoors>



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Lady Dimitrescu 


[Status: Stable | Annoyed]


[Location: Acheron Labs]


[Others: Atlas | Hikaru | Hollow | Tovan | Veronica]


Lady Dimitrescu stared at Garrett with mild disdain as he explained what little he knew about their current situation. “Of course. What can we expect from having so many incompetent men in charge." She huffed, taking a long drawl of her cigarette. Her time spent in labs was already more than she cared for, and being forced into another stupid situation with tests and researchers was pushing her limits. She could probably do a better job herself than these fools anyway.


"Whatever bread and circus show you and your associates are running fails to amuse me, Dr. Strulvat."


She crossed her arms, still keeping the tip of the cigarette holder pressed to her lips, as she absently listened to the computer's instructions. Only turning to scoff when it suggested making makeshift weapons for self defense.


"Hah. Weapons. I need no such things." She sneered with a dismissive flick of her cigarette holder.


Her searing agitation was interrupted by the sudden appearance of yet another tiny, strangely dressed man. Her gaze flicked to his as he gave her a short, slow bow. She gave a short nod in return before quietly listening to the man-thing speak. 


"Little point in staying here any longer then." She says flatly, turning to exit the room.


As her fingers brushed the knob of the door it swung open all on its own. Standing in the door frame was the same hopelessly short effeminate man she had been so unfortunate to be assigned to earlier. She let out an aggravated sigh as she rolled her head back in exasperation.


"I thought you said you weren't coming back."


"No, I said I was! And look! I brought a friend!" He chirped excitedly, holding out a silvery orb high in his hands. Two handlebars on the upper and lower parts of the sphere twitched in a sort of greeting.


“He seems to know a lot about navigating malfunctioning laboratories. I trust him with my life.” 


Two panels in the center of the orb shuttered open revealing a cracked, eye-like blue display screen underneath. The lower panel ticked upwards making the sphere look like it was almost smiling.


“Fear not, test su- i…i mean…friends! I can lead you to safety! I’ve done this before and it...uh…totally worked out well the first time! Yes! Let me, Wheatley, be your unshakeable guide through these halls!" A staticky, broken voice boomed from the sphere.


“Did you know that deadly neurotoxin can kill you in only 10 minutes? You can't smell it, taste it, it's like it's not even there. It could be going through the vents right now and we wouldn't even know! That's wild, right?" The eye plate spun excitedly while he spoke.


“See, that's more than we knew before, right?” Evander laughed nervously.


The Lady hummed with no amusement in her tone before grabbing the top of the doorframe to make her way out into the hall. Evander made a small yelp as he scuttled backwards into the wall opposite of the kitchen door to avoid being trampled by the massive woman. She made no motion to even acknowledge his existence as her hefty footsteps slowly clicked their way down the darkened hallway.


"Which way?" She turned back towards the kitchen door, directing the question to no one in particular.




[Status: Stable | Enthused]


[Location: Bubble Cove]


[Others: Dusk | Marlow | Asterodia | Saphielle | Virgil]


"O-Oh? Is that so?" Moominpapa looked about his surroundings once again. The storm loomed ever closer, the beach wrapped around what looked like a cove, not the endless stretch of coast he was used to. Looking out over the shoreline all he saw was thick vegetation instead of charming grasslands and high mountains. Even the sky itself was slightly off color. His brow furrowed in confusion as a knot of fear wedged its way into his stomach. How had he not noticed? His old age must be getting the better of him.


"Oh…Oh dear, it seems you're right." Moominpapa mumbled, bringing a paw up to his mouth in concern.


"No…I'm afraid I haven't seen your pocket watch dear fellow. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to see how I made it all the way here.” He said, gaze fixing on the sand around him, as though the watch would appear in his immediate location. “Where exactly is this Bubble Cove? Do you have a map?" He inquired of the strange orange and blue creature in front of him.


"Oooh a town? What sort of town? Like a pirate town? I have great experience with pirates. I haven't seen any in a while. Ah, to be back on the seas again, with the Joxter, the Muddler, living life to its fullest, wouldn't it be brilliant to experience that again?" He trilled with excitement at the thought. Gaze falling into the distance, a whimsical, nostalgic expression settling into his features. He imagined the cool sea breeze on his short fur, the taste of saltwater in the back of his throat, the sound of his friends' voices howling away in the distance. All at once his countenance seemed to darken. His gaze fell to his feet, his weight pushing harder into the cane at his side.


"Though i suppose, i do have my family now, and i would be missed dearly. And I would miss them dearly. Perhaps…it would be best to just find my way home…" His voice was low, trailing off near the end of his thought. He stood, eyes trained on the sand in front of him as though it might have some sort of solution for his woes. When the sand failed to yield an answer, he slowly returned his focus to the group, brow still furrowed in deep pondering.


“Though I suppose i’m stuck here until that storm blows over. How long until it hits, do you think? Can we not find this watch of yours at a later time?” He inquired, squinting in the direction of the storm. He held onto the brim of his tophat as a particularly strong gust of wind threatened to make the hat another lost item along the sandy shoreline.

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Garrett - Default@0.75x.png

Artboard 52@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Acheron Labs (Kitchens)

OTHER ENTITIES: Atlas | Evander | Hikaru | Hollow | Lady Dimitrescu | Tovan | Veronica | Wheatley

With what could only be described as a terrified awe, Garrett watched as several shadowy tendrils now emerged from the enormous insect and started to shift some of the cans they had knocked over back onto the shelves. The motion at least seemed to do its job at putting him slightly more at ease, lowering the knife further until a new voice caught his attention.


“Th-they’ve escaped? Oh, goodness, thank you.” He breathed as the Romulan entered the scene, but then quickly his usual high-strung nature made itself known once more as he gripped the sides of his temple and scowled. “Containment is failing how exactly? What escaped? Did it make it out the labs after them?!”


“Listing all of them would take time that we do not have. Currently no experiments have breached the outer interior of this complex. Please proceed to Storeroom 4E as instructed.”


“Of course. What can we expect from having so many incompetent men in charge.”


Garrett deflated at the taller Lady’s words, shoulders sagging and eyes briefly darting to the side in a manner that suggested something about her choice of phrasing had struck a nerve with him. His response was little more than a confused series of sounds that didn’t really offer any new insight into what was going on, nor even refute what she’d said of him. “I-ah. Hm. Right. W-well not right but- Alright.” 


The half-Vulcan hung his head, now avoiding the gaze of everyone by instead pretending there was something utterly fascinating to be found on the floor. For a moment he paused, fists clenching, and when he looked back up he had seemingly forced all of concerns under a neutral visage much more akin to the usual expression one would expect from a Vulcan. Garrett stepped forward, jaw clenched, and seemingly made an effort to similarly ignore the presence of Evander and the odd, metallic ball that he’d somehow managed to pick up from somewhere.


“Please note that the orders to ignore any and all advice from Mr. Wheatley are still in place.” Atlas then informed those who still remained in the room, their voice dipping wildly in volume to the point of being barely audible by the last few syllables. “This is both for your personal safety, and the amusement of several other entities.”


Garrett meanwhile focused on mapping out the route before them, gesturing towards the left hallway for the group to head down. Red, blinking lights started in the hallway to warn of the alert the building was now under, though no alarm could be heard. Instead Garrett could only pick up what seemed to be a faint scuttling noise, as if something was skittering through the walls of the building beside them. He stopped mid-stride, then regarded Tovan with a questioning look as he wondered if his pointed ears had also picked up the odd sound. 


“Perhaps we should find a different route?” Garrett then offered, taking a step back and glancing towards the other side of the hallway. “Odd…” He mumbled, as his eyes focused on the number ‘#101’ printed on it. Hadn’t they been in the #400 section…? Garrett shifted his gaze, noting that while there was indeed a door with #427 to the side of it, the door opposite of that one held the number #577. Three doors that had no right to be anywhere near each other, let alone the fact that one of them he could have sworn was in place of where a staircase used to be.


Goodness. He wasn’t good at decision making. Garrett stood aside and gestured in an uncertain manner towards the doors, silently questioning the rest of the group on whether they should continue ahead or try one of the strange, mis-labelled doors.


Scorpia - Default@0.75x.png

Scorpia - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Vinyl City

OTHER ENTITIES: Kliff | Tyrael | Utakata | Zuke | Zyrrkinoth


Scorpia nodded in agreement with the odd, winged being about the strangeness of the situation. “Uh-huh. Yep. Gotta admit, this is a really weird day for me.” She insisted, before clearing her throat and abruptly gesturing forward with one of her pincers. “Right! So! Uh. My first order for you all as your new Force Captain is to…find out where we are! And what to do!” She then placed both of her claws on her hips and stood in a proud manner, surveying the rest of them with a hopeful expression that slowly faded to a faint scowl. 


Scorpia then took a few steps forward, hoping to rally the others into either following or scouting ahead. She had to admit that she'd never really seen architecture quite like this city before, and soon found herself beginning to get distracted by each sign or blinking light that happened to catch her eye. It resulted in the scorpion-like individual barely making any progress before she'd drifted to a nearby window, resting both her claws upon it and pressing her nose up against the glass to see what was being held within the building.

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Arven (and Hitoshi Shinsou)

Location ~ Hellworld

Status ~ Can a sandwich fix this?


Mabosstiff notes as the two get closer, and he whimpers before nudging Arven with his nose. "Ruff...?"


Hitoshi cocks his head to the side in confusion. "Now just.... What is that? That's no normal dog..." He muses to Damien. "Whatever kinda dog it is, seems to be really attached to this random guy, isn't it...." He kneels down next to the boy and uses two fingers to check his neck for a pulse. To his relief, they didn't just stumble in on some random corpse. "Okay. He's just unconscious. Cool. Rad. I assume he needs to be woken up-- Damien!!!" He hisses as he notices the Vulcan starting to poke him in the head with a stick. "Hey, stop-!!!!!!!


Mabosstiff growls in response and lunges for the closest ankle. His teeth don't sink in, but they do apply pressure around the indigo-haired boy's temple. "Grrrrrrr......" sounds from the back of his throat.


Hitoshi screeches in response and hops back, luckily the dog lets go of his ankle as he rushes away. However- he isn't quite so lucky, as he falls backwards and lands smack on his behind. "Agh-! What the hell-?"


Mabosstiff takes on a more defensive stance and bares his teeth.


Arven's head is throbbing. As he fades into consciousness, he notes that the scene is Just Too Loud, and he opens his eyes. "Ow.... What..... Nemona, is that you and your loud mouth? Ne.....Mo....." His voice trails off as he sits back up. "......Where am I?"


Hitoshi blinks and points at Mabosstiff. "It BIT me!"


"Mabosstiff.... Bud...." He groans, reaching out to try and summon the dog Pokémon over. "Buddy, it's okay, I'm okay." Mabosstiff pads over and presses his forehead against his Trainer's hand. "Hey, yeah buddy, it's just me...." He smiles fondly before looking up at the two strangers. "....Which one of you desplazados provoked my Pokemon?" He asks them both, patting at the dog's cheek. "He's usually so good. Who did it?"

"....The hell did you call us?"





! Kaminari Denki !

Location ~ Burned Lands

Status ~ Yep! That brain is fried like chicken.


He sways again and emphasizes his thoughts with another double thumbs-up.






Virgil Cerullo and Dr. Saphielle Ianpeiros

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ What are we, exactly?


"I don't know what a Peliim is, but you better not be calling me a-" Virgil growls before a tail rushes to smack him in the face. 


"Aye haud yer wheesht, dear, nobody wants to hear your barking," Saphielle hisses at him. "I'm confused, in the wrong bloody body, and in desperate need for a snack. I don't need a bawbag like you fighting. You're loud. Shut it.


Virgil allows a low growl to exit his throat, while Saphielle gains her composure rather quickly. "Naw, I'll stick around," Saphielle murmurs, starting to pad her way towards the beach. "After all- if it helps me get back to bloody normal, I'm interested." She then glances back towards the newcomer. "Family, eh..." She muses. I wonder what that's like... She holds back from saying, not wanting to open that can of worms in front of a group of total strangers. She already feels naked enough. 


"Doesn't look long until that storm hits, though." Saphielle sighs as she starts to poke at the sand. "But aye, better not to waste time."


"Better not to waste time, my ass," Virgil grumbles softly. 


"I beg your f*****' pardon?"




"Aye. I sure hope so." Saphielle snaps back for a moment. "I don't like this place any more than you do. Hell, I don't think anyone here likes this place. Now either help us find this bleeding watch or bugger off."


Virgil bares his teeth, but he turns to face the strange orange otter. "...What is this village that turtle is speaking of....?" He asks, seeming slightly defeated. 





Location ~ Acheron Labs

Status ~ It's not time for lunch, damnit!


Malefor did not truly have the ingredients to create a portal home. But he did have a plan.


He was sick and tired of watching as other sector leaders sat idly by in their territories. 


He is Malefor. He is the Purple Dragon, destined to change the fate of the world. And if he can't change the fate of his home world.... If he can't create the world he wanted.... He will do it here. There is no pesky Spyro to stop him. He knows what he is destined to do, and he will carry it out. 


"Seek out this item in Sector 6." His tail flicks towards a Grublin, who yelps and scrambles to find a book. "Any moment now, if you will."


The Grublin returns and places a page in front of Dive-Clops. "It's known as the Chalice of Torment. Once obtained, I will give you the next thing. Now be off, I must tend to a few matters," he says as he turns his back to the guest. Malefor ducks his head into a small cave leading deep underneath the temple. His tail taps at the ceiling, causing a door to close behind him as he enters an old office. "Speak with Natla," he calls. 


As soon as Natla answers, Malefor gives a toothy grin. "Natla, I am sending someone your way. Please deal with him, as he could cause some problems with our plan."


"Ah, but of course. My guards will be on the lookout."







Dr. Hikaru Shinsou, M.D.

Location ~ Acheron Labs

Status ~ It's not time for lunch, damnit!


Hikaru relaxes as Tovan advises them that the children are safe. "Oh thank you, Tovan. Thank you for keeping them safe." He then tenses as Garrett inquires about containment failing. "Ah s***."


Listing all of them would take time that we do not have. Currently no experiments have breached the outer interior of this complex. Please proceed to Storeroom 4E as instructed.


It gets better and better and better, he thinks to himself. “Of course. What can we expect from having so many incompetent men in charge," snaps Lady Dimitrescu. That causes Hikaru to dart his eyes at her. He is certainly hurt at that comment, but sometimes it is best for one to keep one's mouth shut. Especially against a woman that could kill him if he didn't teleport quickly enough.


"I mean, I suppose men are incompetent. But ah..... Ah....."


His communicator starts going off. 


Doctor Sen Show you have approximately ten seconds for you to warp to his my office before I demote you to a food resource, the message reads.


"......What the--- okaygottagobye." Hikaru says quickly as he teleports off. 





Utakata ~ Jinchūriki of the Rokubi

Location ~ Vinyl City

Status ~ Just plain lost


Utakata looks around again. "It's also much louder than I'm used to. I don't like this one bit."


He then shakes his head in response to the scorpion woman's antics. "I am led by nobody. Got that? I-- What are you doing..." he then groans as she squishes her face into a window. "I know so many people who would react very, very poorly to someone peering in their window like that...."

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Damien - Default@0.75x.png

Damien - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Hellworld

OTHER ENTITIES: Arven | Hitoshi | Mabosstiff

“Honestly with all that’s happened lately, this dog’s one of the less weird things I’ve stumbled across recently.” Drawled Damien as they approached. He watched in silence for a moment, contemplative, then slowly reached for a stick that had been discarded on the ground in order to poke at the unconscious being. “What? He could be diseased for all we know-”


Abruptly he cut himself off as the dog lunged for Hitoshi, trying to wrestle his surprise under an expression of very mild concern as he took several steps away from the canine. He held out the stick in a defensive manner as Hitoshi fell to the ground, watching the canine with a wary expression as he then hurried forward once more to place himself between them and his newfound ally.


Slowly, he started to relax as the other being awoke and distracted the dog, registering that the creature was at least a tamed one. “We didn’t provoke it. We were trying to figure out if you were dead or not.” Damien then announced, regarding the new acquaintance with an extra layer of irritation overlaying his usual snark towards others.


“And I don’t know what you just called us, but if it’s something offensive you’re about to get knocked the **** back out again.”


Marlow - Pokemon@0.75x.png

Marlow - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Bubble Cove (The Shore)

OTHER ENTITIES: Asterodia | Moominpapa | Saphielle | Virgil


“Hm…? Oh, right. S’just a short walk from here actually.” Trudging forward a few steps, the buizel then stood up on his hind legs and gestured towards what looked to be a collection of small, wooden and stone buildings in the distance. 


“This here beach is called Bubble Cove, and the town up there is…uh…well it’s kinda new, I guess, so they don’t have an official name for it yet. A lot of folks have been calling it Stormwatch though because. Y’know. All the storms. That you can watch.” Marlow’s brow wrinkled, his last few words trailing off into an uncertain mumble as he questioned whether the strange canine would think he was just rambling inanely. For a moment he brought a paw up to the back of his head, scratching at it in an awkward manner before shaking his head.


“Anyway. Uh. Reckon I can take you all back to the Silvershield Guild, if you need a place to stay for a while. Weather’s been getting worse and worse around here but…they reckon it’s still one of the safer sectors to be right now.” The pudgy buizel started to make his way back to the town, waving Aster farewell as he did. She merely mumbled something incoherent as a reply and made a half-hearted, tired sort of goodbye gesture with her claws before motioning for Saphielle to follow her towards the sea where she started to dig through more of the sand.


“Sorry about her.” Marlow told his audience, once convinced Aster was out of earshot. “She’s not uh. Very fond of this place, to put it mildly. But we ain’t had much luck adventuring outside of the sector before something bad happens and we have to turn back.” The buizel sighed at the thought, before trying to distract himself with polite conversation as he shifted his gaze towards Virgil. “So…um…do you like…fish?” A pause followed, as Marlow tapped his paws together in an uncertain, awkward gesture trying to think of something that would now convince the other being that he had more than one functioning braincell. “...Sorry. Uh. Hold on. I can think of something better as an ice-breaker.”


His nose wrinkled, deep in thought.


“...What do you do for a living? When you’re not. You know. Some kind of dog.”


Ralsei - Default@0.75x.png

Ralsei - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Avalar (Burned Lands)

OTHER ENTITIES: Denki | Hibiki | Lambert


“Hm…” Ralsei’s brow furrowed with concern as his attempt to heal the lightner appeared to have no effect. Reluctantly he took hold of the sleeve of his other arm and tried to help Hibiki guide him along instead, looking slightly relieved when it appeared that he could at least walk alongside of them in his daze. 


“I…guess he needs to recharge?” Offered Ralsei as an explanation, suddenly wishing he had invested more time into learning lightning-based spellcraft. He made a note for himself to check it out in more detail some time in the future with a resigned expression, now shifting his gaze to the dusty, rocky world that surrounded them. “Ah…anyone know where we are? Or at least where to go?”


Beside him the sheep turned on the spot, presumably scanning their environment for any signs of where they should go. Ralsei watched as they honed in on something in the distance, eyes narrowing and their ear twitching before they motioned towards it with their hand. < We should go that way. >


“Oh, why?”


The sheep shrugged. < Because someone has to pick a direction to start from. > They started to walk forward, and despite knowing very little about the unusual being nor whether they had any clue in where they were heading Ralsei found himself compelled into starting to trail after them all the same.

“Well…guess we can start by looking for any landmarks? Or at least signs of a path or road of some sort?”


Stitches - Humanoid@0.75x.png

Acheron - Name@0.75x.png

LOCATION: Acheron Labs (Dr. Acheron's Office)



Abruptly summoning personnel to his office was hardly new behaviour for Dr. Acheron, particularly when one of them could teleport himself over on command. He barely flinched as he detected the signs of Hikaru abruptly materialising in his office. Instead he merely opened his eyes and observed the outline of the man in the reflection of what remained of the glass cabinet door before him. Shards of glass lay sprinkled on the floor surrounding him, crunching beneath his boot as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Briefly his gaze focused on his own reflection, taking note that for now, at least, it still resembled a pale and gaunt looking man with dark hair and a set of red-lensed goggles to obscure his expression.


“You are late.” 


He spoke with his usual monotone, but something about his voice sounded peculiar to his own ears all the same. Almost as if it had gone higher in pitch. Acheron scowled, and coughed a few times into the sleeve of his lab coat to see if it would solve the problem before speaking again. When he withdrew the hand, speckles of a vivid, almost lumescent and turquoise liquid decorated his sleeve. From his other hand, though he wore a glove, more of the glowing liquid appeared to be oozing out from the gap between it and his half rolled-up sleeve. Acheron shuddered, abruptly, in a manner that looked as if he was in pain. Then very slowly, he turned to catch Hikaru in his peripheral vision.


“I expect a man with your unique ability to be far more punctual,” Acheron tutted, continuing his slow turn until he was facing the other doctor. The movement jostled several long, dark wires that looked to be attached to him along his limbs and back and stretched up towards the ceiling. Above him the sound of gears turning and pieces of metal bumping into one another emitted from the ceiling. The wires stretching towards it moved in a mechanical fashion alongside of the sound, carefully twisting and turning to the tune of the clicks and whirs so as not to entangle themselves or the doctor they were attached to. “You are supposed to be an emergency doctor after all, are you not?”


Dr. Acheron stepped forward, his sickly appearance even more haggard than usual as he steadied himself momentarily against his desk. He then collapsed into the chair in front of it, muttering to himself under-breath as he started to peel off the glove from his hand. When it finally was removed it revealed an almost talon-like hand ending in sharp claws, and what looked to be a few more small shards of glass embedded in the knuckles.


“I need you to deal with this. Quickly. Spat the doctor, now rolling up his sleeve to reveal that the skin along it was taking on a stone-grey appearance with an additional few short, dark tufts of hair sprouting along the back of his arm. “If you do not have a cure then I suggest you find one before the rest of these incompetents end up sending the entire damn sector into lockdown.”  Again he scowled, and shook his head back and forth in a twitching, erratic manner. Briefly the clawed hand tensed into a fist, and gripped at the sides of his chair. The frown shifted down to the hand, almost as if Acheron was lecturing himself for the action, then back up to Hikaru. “EX 1886. It is located in the containment breach sector, but I expect you to have no trouble fetching it, yes?”


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 STATUS: Healthy

  LOCATION: Acheron Labs, Kitchen 5E  Hallway 5E
  NEARBY: Tovan | Lady Dimitrescu Veronica Wheatley | Hikaru | Garrett | Evander | Atlas


Stacking the cans had some unforeseeable consequences. Mainly, that Hollow had no idea how the cans were organized before they so rudely fell out of the pantry. They were almost glad the fleshy creatures were too busy talking among themselves, as Hollow swapped between placing cans on the table and reorganizing them in an anxious haze. Were all the cans supposed to be alphabetized? Could they have been arranged by color, perhaps? Maybe they were organized by their contents but if that was the case then Hollow had no hope of putting everything in their correct place. They might all speak the same language, as strange and convenient as that was, but it was clear that they didn't eat the same food. What even was a Cheat Toe? Hollow had stared at the brightly orange bag for a good fifteen seconds, unsure of why anyone would want to eat food that was "flaming hot". They had already seen three different varieties of the same food, and at that point they were too scared to ask.


Thankfully, Hollow's self-perpetuated suffering came to an end. They watched as Tovan confidently walked into the room, caught everyone up to speed, and then, ever so graciously, began helping Hollow pick up the mess they made. They beamed, immensely grateful for the aid. Likewise, they weren't sure what kind of organization method Tovan was using, but they were more than happy to follow his lead, piling more boxes and cans onto the nearest table.


With the very helpful and very wanted assistance from Tovan, it didn't take more than a few minutes to move all the food off of the ground and onto the various tables and counters within the room. Both Lady Dimitrescu and Garrett had left the room with the implication that everyone else should follow. Although they didn't know how they had arrived nor what had "escaped", Hollow was keen on not causing any further trouble. They glanced down at Tovan, momentarily conflicted. They wanted to make their gratitude clear, but with their muteness and ignorance to the local cultures, they were unsure how to best convey that gratitude. It was somewhat anxiety-inducing, especially considering the aura of, for lack of better word, coolness he had around him.


Hollow fidgeted their claw restlessly against the fabric of their shawl. They clumsily attempted to intimate the same bow Tovan had given Lady Dimitrescu earlier. They hastily straightened themself, bonking their horns against the ceiling and creating a hole that was very much not there before. Embarrassed, they hurried out of the doorway, ducking as they did so, in hopes of not making a bigger fool of themself.


Then, they tripped and smashed their head into the opposing wall, creating their second act of structural damage within the past 6 seconds.

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Lady Dimitrescu 


[Status: Stable | Annoyed]


[Location: Acheron Labs]


[Others: Hollow | Tovan | Garrett | Evander | Wheatley]


“Ah. Oh. Don’t listen to them! Big overbearing facility overlords. They don’t know what they’re talking about! Hah. Honestly, I think I would make a much better Atlas, don’t you think?” His eyelid shudder flickered in an inquisitive manner, almost mockingly towards Atlas’s computer monitor. 


“You should listen to me. Definitely. Wh- Oh. Oh? Where are we going?” Wheatley’s eye shrunk in shock and confusion as Evander started backing away from the giant lady coming through the door. The small man’s impact with the far wall sending the poor core forward with a jolt, leaving his eye socket spinning in place. 


“S-Sorry friend! We have to keep moving!” Evander whispered to the ball in his arms. 


They followed Garrett and Lady Dimitrescu down the hallway. Eyes darting between the warning lights and the mysterious facility doors. Evander clutched Wheatley to his chest a bit tighter while trying to swallow the nervousness building in his throat.


The Lady continued walking down the hallway as Garrett came to a halt. Evander stopped a few steps from where Garrett was. 


“Wasn’t there a staircase here?” Evander said quietly, unsure why he felt the need to lower his voice in an otherwise barren hallway. It wasn’t like they were sneaking around.


At the question the tall woman stopped, slowly looking over her shoulder at the rest of the group. 


“Do you even know where you're going, Dr. Strulvat?” She said dryly.


“The…doors are weird…maybe if we check we can find out what's going on?” Evander said, glancing between the strange mismatched doors in the hallway.


“OH! Oh! Let’s go over there!” Wheatley said excitedly while shaking his handlebars back and forth towards one of the doors.


“Well if you think its a good idea, lets do it!” Evander said cheerfully, trotting over to door #427. As he rested his free hand on the door handle to open it, he glanced back up at the tall woman still looming at the end of the hallway.


“Are you coming?” He asked.


“I'm not going anywhere.” She hissed back.


“Your loss.” He shrugged, pressing his weight into the door as it opened with a soft click.




[Status: Stable | Enthused]


[Location: Bubble Cove]


[Others: Dusk | Asterodia | Saphielle]


“Bubble Cove. Fascinating. A new adventure!” Moominpapa said gleefully with a little skip in his step as he ran down the beach after Aster. 


“Lets go- Oh!” He stopped with a groan, falling forward onto his cane while resting a hand on his lower back.


“Gah- not as agile as i used to be. I’ll have to take it easy.” He mumbled to himself.


“So. This pocket watch….anything you know that might help us find it?” The older gentleman inquired of the irate turtle-like creature beside him. He held a hand over his brow, scanning the beach for any object that could remotely resemble a watch.


“This will be an excellent addition to my memoirs, don’t you think?” The question was directed at no one in particular.




[Status: Stable | Curious]


[Location: Bubble Cove]


[Others: Marlow | Virgil]


“What’s an Ice-Breaker?” A new voice purred behind the pair of awkward nerds making their way up the trail. 


A Glameow was prancing a few paces behind the pair. They held their head high, their chest puffed out proudly with each dainty step. His feet flicked slightly every now and then, being notably careful to not get too much sand on his delicate paws. Casimir’s coy blue eyes glancing between the two with pointed amusement curling at their lips. 


“Do you two know each other? Is this a date?” They asked, tilting his head with a curious grin.

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