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Warped: Multifandom 4.0 (OPEN)

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15th of the month, 25th century


I did it! The invention worked! My interdimensional transportation device is up and running!


We do have just… the tiniest problem, though.


It appears that I have invited a few unsavory guests onto our planet. And ah… they have taken over the entirety of Mul’tilennaya. Unfortunate! Very, very unfortunate.


I’m going to need to work on this machine, it seems there are a few kinks that need to be worked out. But now that the world’s being run by the newcomers, I won’t be able to get the data I need to get them out of here. Oh, Journal, sometimes you’re the only one I can rely on.


Perhaps I can study these newcomers and their- oh, what are they called— sectors? It’s truly fascinating, and perhaps it’ll give me a clue as to how to fix my machine. Maybe then we can be rid of these vermin.


Oh, it seems that it’s activating again— oh no! Oh dear, that can’t be good.


Time to get back to work.


Ah, welcome, welcome! For those of you who are new, welcome to Warped! And for the veterans, welcome back!


So here’s the deal. The journal entry above was written by an anonymous person only known as Professor. They created a new, state-of-the art machine that allows for inter dimensional travel!


Well. Sort of. Unfortunately, the machine is in its infancy stages, so alas it has a tendency to act up. So while the inhabitants might come across some of their favorite characters from their favorite fandoms (assuming those fandoms are canon to the world)… That’s not always a good thing.


Welcome to Mul’tilennaya. It’s pretty, and it’s very similar in environment to modern-day Earth. There are a wide variety of cities, towns, villages, so many things to do and see! Travel is pretty easy- just hop on a warp pad and it’ll take you to where you’d like to go! And there are no fees, courtesy of Professor themself. It’s a pretty nice place. Or… Once upon a time, it was. 


Unfortunately, the machine brought in a gang of villains from other dimensions onto the planet. These villains all began to gather up in one place on Mul’tilennaya, their home base if you will. They started to wreak havoc on the innocent inhabitants, changing the terrain to their liking, and now they’re under the villains’ control, and under a new government name: the Dark Order. They weren’t the most original bunch.


But this newly-established regime wasn’t unified for long. With no leader to keep the Dark Order in check, it quickly began to fall apart, with its members fighting each other for control.


To put an end to the overall madness, one villain rose up and crushed the budding civil war. They divided Mul’tilennaya into different sectors- with each member (or members, if they actually did get along) in charge of a sector. However, they still fight bloody battles amongst themselves, with their “citizens” being drafted quite often. The citizens are suffering more than ever.


Here is where you (Ah yes, you. You can fight Natla head-on, right? No, not you, your characters!!!) come into play. Recently the machine decided to pull a new group of people onto Mul’tilennaya. It seems this group is more of a mixed bag- some heroes, some villains, and some neutral sorts. This may wind up being a good thing. Yes? After all, we need someone to clean up the mess this machine made…


What was that? No?


Well, consider this. You’re all stuck in an unknown place. The territory may be completely foreign to you. And you (hypothetically) would like to go home, yes? Right now, it would benefit you to work together here. If you’d like to go home, you’re gonna have to work with us. We’re not begging.


With your fellow heroes (or, hell, former villains if you want!), you will try to unlock the mysteries of the multiverse. It works in many mysterious ways, ways that (evidently) haven't been discovered. Now here are the rules.


Discord link


General Rules

It’s pretty simple, actually! First, all DC forum rules apply. And second… Don’t god mod, and be respectful of the others in the RP! That’s it! Any other rules are in the Discord. :3

Character Sheet

Please link in a google doc and post it in the Discord.





Professor’s Squad/Neutral wanderer:


If a villain: In charge of a sector or roaming free?

Sector number (If villain in charge of a sector) and description of sector (if you wish):




Relationship to canon character (if applicable):


Weapon/Special Power:

Link to wiki/source: 


Notes on characters


We’re going to do things a little differently this time around. Instead of a hero’s vs villains plot, we will have a more grey sort of group. So we are organizing things based on: Professor’s Squad, Neutral Wanderers, and Sector Leaders. Note that these roles are subject to change depending on the events of the RP- a Sector Leader can become a Wanderer, for example, or a Wanderer can join the Professor’s Squad. Not all Sector Leaders are villains, per se, unless you’re hostile towards them. We just want a vague idea of where these characters are initially headed when you submit them. :)

Notes on the sectors

Make sure it’s possible for all characters to somehow navigate your sector, as we will be moving around sectors. It can be a challenge, that’s okay!

They can be based off of settings in books/games/movies, etc. Not the exact same thing, but similar turf is okay with me.

If someone can make a map and update it, that would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Anyone is free to make an NPC sector/sector leader. :)

Notes on Mul’tilennaya 


In ways, it was similar to modern-day Earth (i.e. Sustains life, lots of industrialized/modernized areas, plus many rural areas. Continents aren't the same as on Earth, probably closer to the supercontinents right after Pangaea. But the oceans are just as vast.). But the sectors can be similar to the environment the villains in charge are from, if they so choose. If not, the environment will be a destroyed version of what I described above ^^^)


Villains in charge of a sector can also occupy another sector, as long as it's mentioned somewhere (preferably the character sheet). This also means that a villain can knock another villain out of their sector, but remember that if you're not playing the villain you're knocking out of their sector, come to an agreement with the player whose sector you want your villain to take over.


Professor’s Gang

  • Zyrrkinoth de Deresnels - hikarinomemori

  • Hibiki Tachibana - hikarinomemori

  • Denki Kaminari - Mikasa361

  • Utakata - Mikasa361

  • Ralsei - Lycanious

  • Scorpia - Lycanious

  • Miles Edgeworth - Lycanious

  • Saphielle Ianpeiros - Mikasa361


Sector leaders

  • Dr. Morgan ‘Stitches’ Acheron

  • Malefor

  • Vazithrazuul, Keeper of Quills

  • DJ Subatomic Supernova (abbr. DJSS)

  • Natla

  • 'Silverclaw'

  • Starlight Glimmer and The Greater and Powerfuler Trixie

  • Mercurymon


Neutral wanderers

  • Veronica - hikarinomemori

  • Lady Dimitrescu - DustyStar

Sector List


Sector 1 - Acheron Labs

Sector 2 - Malefor's Temple

Sector 3 - The Archives

Sector 4 - Vinyl City

Sector 5 - Hellworld

Sector 6 - Atlantis

Sector 7 - Bubble Cove

Sector 8 - Aequitas

Sector 9 - White Hart Woods

Sector 10 - Forest of Memories

Sector 11 -

Sector 12 - 

Sector 13 -

Sector 14 - 

Sector 15 -

Sector 16 -

Sector 17 -

Sector 18 -

Sector 19 -

Sector 20 -


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þrð£ê§§ðr - Ðêår Jðµrñål.


The typing of the keys fills the space as Professor types away into their notes. 


The invention was brilliant– brilliant! But it might have worked just a tad too well. It seems that the first waves that it brought in have taken control of the planet, they divided it up. Had all of them been docile, this may not have been much of a problem. 


However, most of them seem to be more hostile, which could prove bad news for Mul’tilennaya. I didn’t want it to go this far, I promise!


They continue to type, and as they do they smack the desk. "Heavens!" They exclaim. 


This is an invention that should be celebrated, but instead it's putting this entire planet in danger. Stupid, STUPID! Why did I test it this early? Why didn't I make sure everything was in order before running another test? Goodness, this is going to be a mess-- 


They freeze when there's a screeching sound from the machine. "Damn it! There it goes again!"


Professor minimizes their journal and pulls up the kill code, which to their dismay has become jumbled and distorted, as if their access to the code had been removed. They curse up a storm as they try to find where things went wrong, except it doesn't take long for the page to go blank. Instead, a text scrolls across the screen, and Professor cries out in dismay.





Ê̸̡̢̳͙̩̠̺̦͙͓̺̖̼̅̉̎͋̅̀̍̈̒̊̿̏̚R̸̛̫͔̩̤̣͔̯͒̐͂̂̕ͅR̶͓͝O̵̙̔͐́̑͐̔̑̌̋̀͐̿̏͜Ȓ̴̬͕̻̌̋͆͊́̂́̃́̈́͜.̷̙̯̻̍̎̂̓̉̂͌̋̅̕̕ ̴͕͎͎̫̠̳̤͓̻̭̩̭̏̏̀̊̇͛̉̃́͜ͅẀ̴̥̗͍̔̾͆A̴̡̡̗̦̺̱̳̩̞̜͒̈͂͋̚͠V̴̜͍͐̾͑́͜È̴̹̿̓͊́̽̓ ̵̢̭̝̞͔̝̬̻̪̯̉͒͑̎͗̐͌̏̽̌̐̿͝O̸̠̗̮͎̪͔̹̮̽̋̉͗̋̌͌̈́̈͘F̴̛̯̦̈̾̍̎̅̅́͛̏͌̚͠ ̸̻̘͍̠͍̻̙̞̜̤̬̻̗̑̆̈́̉͒̑̊̀̃̐̾̀́̐͘I̵̛̞̟̜͍̔̎̓͊͊̈̑̚͘͘Ṇ̶̻͍̊̑̈́͝ͅŢ̷̺̞̹̘͈̺͈͙̤̤̓̅͐̀͌̋̒̆̌Ŗ̸̟̯̪͖̤̽̈́͆̂̚Ų̷̜̭̻̘̥̟̱̞̟̓̉͛̿͛̍̀͝Ḑ̵͖̫̏͐̆̅͒͗̈̀Ê̸̥͕̺̔̓͂͐̈̎̀̐̏͛̐̃̚͠Ŕ̶̮̲̹̥̅͊͑̒̽͛̈́̏̄̂͐̌̓Ṣ̸̛̱̥̩̜̳͙̖̥͓̊̉͑̅̄͒̃̽͗̑̂͘͝͠ͅ ̶̡̨͈͖͕̼̹̱̜͈͉͉͙͒̍̐͒́̆̚͠D̵̙̩̻̯̀̂̊̓̉̚͝É̵̢̝͇̭̼̹̱̩̤̣̝͉̗̳̂̒̐̓͝T̵̬̥̝̬̙̗̞̟͎͕̅̈́̔̈͆̏͝Ȇ̷̛͉̆̅̀̑̈́̓͌̾̌Ç̸̡̰͎̙̻̭͑́͜ͅṮ̸͕͇͊͑Ȩ̶̮͉̓̅̀͝D̷̡̛̠͕̯̰͔͙̯̰̪͔̜̤̩̼̆͗̿̓̔̅͐̈́̾̎̈́́̋̚ ̸̡̩̥͎̘̳̞̹̗̪̈́͐́͆̑̈͊̀̄̓̍̓̅͛̃͜Ḯ̸̡̜̮̤̳̗̪̟͉͙̥̝̺͚̃̀̄͂̊̅̿̎͑͌͂͌̕N̶͚͖͙̑͐̅̇̑̓̂̈̐́̄̕͝ͅͅ ̴̥̪̙͙͓̋̏̔̃́̿̔̈́̊͐̔̆M̷͉͓͔̳̩̞̺̘̽̏̅͂̾͘͘U̶̡̹̖̘͔͎̱̞͔͚̖̱̒̓̈̓̆̃̿̆͑́̀̂̐Ḷ̸̡̨̗̾̄̉͌̎̀̆̋̀́̀̅̋̚͠ͅT̵͔̰̦̹̰͊͆I̴̹͇̰̰̜̭͊͆͗͂͛̄͘͘͜͝P̷̡͙͈̈́̄͒̎̓̚Ĺ̴̯͓̲̭͎̹͖̙͈͇͓̮̹̫̓̿̀̀Ĕ̶̢̢̡̬̲̈̔̋͐́͒̔͂͠͝ ̸̧͖̲̩͎̞̞̜͕̳̞̻̦̘͕͒̓̊̀͌̂͑̓̒̌͋̕͠Ş̶̟͉̜̤͙̙͖̫̄̉̎͘͝͠E̴̡̛̫̮̬̟͈̰̣̙̮͛̈͋̉̅̚C̴̱͔͔͛̿͠Ṫ̴͔̰̖̘͝Ơ̷̹̔̈́̀̃͆͐̇̚͠R̴̡̦̗̪̰͖̣͚̫̱͗͆̒͂̈́͆̿͋́̈́͒̉̚͝S̸̲̯̣̭͉̦̱̀͑̏͒̈̾̑̿̌̎̿͛̋͝.̴͉̺̰̣͕̝͚͍̟̱̰͛̑̀́͜͜ͅͅ ̷̧̤̜̀̍̎̾̆̈́́͌͝P̴͓̭̻͔̝̹͔͖̓̈̏̈́͠Ĺ̸̨̡̦͙̤͕̠̭̅̇Ḛ̵̤̠̬͚̱͙̘͎̄̌́ͅÄ̵̦̳̝͉́̒̇̐̋̿̉̋͗̐̃̕͠S̵̡̩͕̗̬̣͍̱̻͕̲͗͛̅͛̄́͂͌̏̏͊͠Ẻ̷̜̦̖̺̔́̈́̽͛̋͛͒̚͝ ̸͙̪̺̣͈͈̲̲̥̙̜͚̦̌̋E̵̜̲̯̓̑̅̄͊̕ͅX̴̢̖͓͍̙̖͚̯̙̤͉̫͎͗͑E̸̗̗̬͍͆͆̒͐͂̽̀͂͝R̵̢̪̟̳̗͎̫̩̩̍̓̿͗̌̽̄͂̕Ç̸̧̼̜̞̹̬͕̣̗̤͎̯̽̍̈̀͛̋̕͠͠Į̶̞̹̳͖̺̦̯̫̟̝̺̲̑̆̈̆̑͋̒͂́̀͐̚̕͘͜͝S̸͓̎̋̏̈́̚͝E̴̠͉͆̅̈́͗͋̓̈́̕ ̷̼͔̤̺͋̋̐̕ͅC̵̖̿̈́̌̊̎̾̉͒͑͒̚̚͠ͅȀ̷̛̛̟͕̭̫̪̘̦̦̭̯̟͎̇͆͒̀̿̃̒̓͊̕͜͠͝Ų̶̺͚̖̫̥̭̙̙̲̬͑̈͆̓̽̀͂́͑̌͐̍̎̕͜ͅͅT̶̛͖̥͚̜͚͖̍͆̑̉͗̚͝͠͠͠I̷̡̫̯̒̎͛̾͗͜͝͝O̶̡̞͎̪̖̩͇̓͂́̏̒̃͗̏̈́̈́̋̎͜͝N̷͍̥̪̈́̓̕.̷̳̲̹̰̲̙͙̜͉͈̺̦͒͜ 

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Asterodia - Pokemon.png
Asterodia - Name.png
Location - Bubble Cove (The Shore)

Other Entities - Dusk | Marlow | Saphielle | Virgil


It was raining down at Bubble Cove. Just a light sprinkle at this stage, but Asterodia’s years at sea had trained her all too well to detect the signs of a storm approaching. It looked to be a particularly nasty one the cove was in store for too, if the dark storm clouds in the distance were of any indication. She sighed, shivering slightly as she trudged along the shore of the beach and withdrew slightly into her shell.


Her shell. Though the initial shock had long-since passed, Asterodia still felt out of place with her current form. Everything was a little too big and a little too heavy now, and though being encased in a shell provided her with a decent buff to her defences she still didn’t like how cumbersome and clunky it made her feel. The local citizens of the cove had told her she had taken on the form of a ‘Wartortle’ when she first arrived, a bizarre little turtle-like creature that neither she nor her brother Marlow had ever seen before. 


She angled her head, turning so that she could catch a glimpse of Marlow with her one remaining eye. Marlow had also been transformed on arrival, becoming an otter-like creature that was supposedly called a ‘Buizel’. If he felt similarly out of place with his appearance though he showed little indication of it, instead happily bounding along beside her. “Any luck?” Aster inquired, her voice still taking on its low, baritone growl despite her current stature. Marlow shook his head, holding out his paws to indicate that they were empty. Nah. I reckon we give it one more hour to find this ‘priceless artefact’ and then we gotta get going before the storm hits.” The one-eyed wartortle sighed but nodded in agreement over the plan, before scuffing her clawed foot against the fine sand beneath it a few times. “Who knows where the barmy old bat dropped it anyway. Might be buried under all this sand for all I know. If that’s the case we got no bloody hope of finding it.”


“Mm…true…though I’d feel awful if we didn’t at least give it a try, y’know?” Hummed Marlow in reply, to which Aster snorted in half-hearted agreement. “Alright. I’ll continue along the shoreline here, why don’t you go track down where Dusk has gotten to and then head for the cluster of rocks over there eh?”


With little protest Marlow started to bounce away to do just-that, leaving Aster to continue to comb the shoreline for any hint of the lost artefact in question. It didn’t take long for Marlow to start shouting for her and Dusk’s attention though, his little orange head poking out from behind the rocks just before he beckoned them into joining him with an outstretched paw.


Aster obliged, hoping it meant he’d finally found the artefact only to instead realise he’d discovered something far, far more interesting.


Behind the rocks were two unconscious creatures lying face-down in the sand, or ‘pokemon’ if Aster was to use the local term for them. The first that caught her eye was a large, purple and yellow cat of some kind, while the other looked to be a small dog with a ring of rocks arranged around its neck like a collar.


“Oh dear…” Marlow fretted as she came to a stop next to him. “We should take them back to the Guild, right? Do you reckon they’re friendly?”


Aster shrugged. “Dunno, but I reckon between us we can take ‘em on just fine if they ain’t.” Reaching down, she then grabbed a long stick that had fallen to the ground beside them and prodded it sharply into the canine’s cheek.

“Oi, Aster, don’t antagonise them. They’ve probably both got a splitting headache or something.”

“Look, it’s either this or we drag them by the ankles aaaaaall the way back to the Guild before the storm hits.” Refuted Aster, followed by several more pokes with her stick. “Oi! Rise and shine mate!”




Garrett - Default.png

Garrett - Name.png

Location - Acheron Labs (Storage Room)

Other Entities - Atlas


Maybe this was a bad idea.


The lab’s one-of-many storage room was small, but still provided just enough space for a certain half-Vulcan to pace back and forth as he started to fret over the situation. As he was alone he was less vigilant about maintaining the facade of a cool, calm, and logical Vulcan mind behind the helm, and instead started to thread his fingers together in an anxious gesture as he mulled over possibilities.


Maybe he unexpectedly got sidetracked?


Logical. Very Likely. And probably the explanation that Garrett was hoping for the most. Any other scenario would be a nightmare for one or both of them, surely.


Worst of all, what if he was called in by Dr. Acheron?


Visibly, Garrett shuddered. Though he hardly would have ever called the doctor a shining example of rationality or compassion, it was difficult to ignore the fact that he’d become increasingly erratic and harsh in his actions as of late. The half-Vulcan scientist hadn’t seen his face in weeks as he had turned himself into something of a recluse, locking himself away in his office and occasionally summoning a doctor to visit him over the lab’s PA system. 

Said doctors rarely, if ever, had been seen again by Garrett since the sudden shift in Acheron’s personality. He dreaded to think why.  


A horrid, anxious sensation gripped at his chest, and he forced himself to take deep breaths as he tried to focus his mind on something else for a bit. A teleportation quirk would presumably get his ally out of a sticky situation if push came to shove, right...? He was probably fine. Maybe. Possibly. He’d show up any minute now so Garrett could discuss his plans, surely.


Beside him, close to the entrance to the storage room, was a monitoring screen. All the rooms and hallways of Acheron Labs had at least one perched along their walls, granting access to various functions for the room or a way to communicate with ‘Atlas’, the resident AI. A red, blinking light in the centre of an otherwise blank screen was what had grabbed Garrett’s attention, prompting an expression of intrigue mixed with concern as he leaned in to determine what was wrong with the monitor. Before he had a chance to call for Atlas though the screen flared into life, and a map of the lab started to form behind the red light. Garret watched as the light started to move from his room to a different room, waltzing its way down several corridors before turning and hovering over the nearby kitchen and lunch room.


It was then that text appeared on the screen, the words ‘INTRUDER ALERT!’ scrolling above the image. Very odd. Thought Garrett. Why hadn’t he heard the alarm? It occurred to him a moment later that the map was instructing him to move to the kitchens, to which he grew wide-eyed and cleared his throat to address the apparently confused AI.


“Ah I’m um. Not security, Atlas.”


That is irrelevant. Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E.


Replied Atlas, the words scrolling briefly across their screen before quickly disappearing once more. 


“Oh so this is like…a safe point, then?”


A pause. 


Yes. Technically.




Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E, Doctor Strulvat. The purpose of which will be made clear to you upon arrival.


Garrett fidgeted uncomfortably, but decided it was best to comply with the AI’s instructions for now lest it earn him a report. Tentatively he left the storage room, following the path indicated towards the kitchens before nudging open the door.

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Billions upon billions of organisms reside on this tiny planet...

...each meticulously designed to fulfill their given purpose...

...yet you barely reach the cusp of mediocrity!




"You can't even handle a simple teleporter operation signal!" The man angrily tossed his phone away, breaking it upon the floor. "Such incompetence! It's not like it's rocket science or anything! ...and can someone fetch me some fresh Mr. Dodo Ice Pops?! This one's all melted!" He tossed away the melted popsicle, as well, which landed on the floor with a light *splat*.


The man - DJ Subatomic Supernova, current leader of Vinyl City and head of record label No Straight Roads - leaned back in his chair and sighed. "Great. What else could possibly go wrong today?" At that exact moment, he found that he was getting communications from his two fellow megastars, and those two only contacted him when it was serious. "...I had to ask. What's going on out there, you two?"


"You likely saw the teleporter signal by now, sir. Or, rather, signals."


"What?! There was more than one?!"


"In quick sucession, I might add - just like when we arrived on this world. SAYU and I have both come to the conclusion that more people have arrived on Mul'tilennaya--"


SAYU cut in then and there, interrupting her fellow megastar. "And some of them even landed right here in Vinyl City! I'm so excited to meet them, but I'm a bit worried that they might be mean. So I told Neon J. about it the minute I saw the signals cross into the city."


Neon J. cleared his throat and continued. "...and SAYU raised a valid concern, sir. What shall we do with these intruders?"


"...observe them, for now. They are but newborn stars in our galaxy, and at the moment, only time will tell whether they turn out to be harmless or hostile."


"And if it's the latter, sir?"


"That will ultimately depend on who they go after first, if they are hostile. Regardless, I want you both to be ready for that very occasion - especially with him out there."




<Status: Dazed & Confused>


<Status: Stable>


<Status: Stable>


<Location: Vinyl City alleyway>




"I think they might be dead, man. That was a pretty nasty fall they took..."


"Nonsense, Zuke! Look - they still breathe! And if they wake up, chances are at least one of them will--" The man cut off his speech as one of the newcomers stirred. "Ah! Speak of the devil!"


"Ugh, my head..." Zyrrkinoth sat up to try to get his bearings after having suddenly fallen unconscious - he could've sworn he'd last been in the dark, empty expanse of the Azim Steppe, and the blaring lights that were around him didn't help his current situation any. "Where am I...?"


"Hey, welcome back to the land of the living! That looked like a nasty fall you took there."


Zyrrkinoth jolted, scrambling away from the orange-haired man and prompting his companion to step in. "C'mon, man, you're scaring him! Sorry about Kliff - sometimes he forgets the concept of personal space. You good after that fall?"


Zyrrkinoth raised an eyebrow. "F-Fall? What-- I-- What's going on?"


The orange-haired man - Kliff, he'd heard him be called - sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Oh, boy. This'll be a long explanation... Let's wait for the others near 'im to wake up, Zuke. I don't wanna have to explain things more than once."



<Status: Stable>
<Location: Acheron Labs, Kitchen 5E>




It had been a while since she'd been in these halls. Though she'd been careful enough to not trip any of the alarms - memory of past trips from those old days was helpful here - she wasn't sure how much longer she'd be able to pull it off.


Especially after memories of that day played themselves in her head once more.


"What are you saying, Veronica?! You have one of the highest positions in this order of ours, and you'd just give it all up?!"


"It brings me no happiness, Supernova. I see the people of both my sector and others suffering, and I can bear to watch it no longer."


"Get to the point, Princess. I tire of this inane chatter."


"...my point, Zenos, is that I am stepping down from my position, effective the moment I leave this room. What happens to New Embla afterwards will be left up to fate."


"...I hope you know that when we next meet, Princess, it will not be as allies. You are giving up a great deal of influence and power with this decision."


"I am well aware of that, but I feel that this is what is best for me. With all due respect, I want genuine connections, not whatever false friendship you give me, nor your great-grandson's twisted 'bonds', nor... whatever Supernova has. I can only attain what I desire by traveling the world... and I cannot do so as a sector leader. With that, I bid you adieu, Your Radiance."


She was snapped out of her thoughts by the sound of the kitchen door opening, and when she looked up, she saw a very familiar face - a comforting sight ever since that day. She smiled as her line of sight met that of the half-Vulcan's.


"It's been a long time, Doctor Strulvat."



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Dr. Saphielle Ianpeiros

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ A literal cat


Damn it. Saphielle has to use all of her self control not to scream out loud. Her ears pick up the familiar beeping of the man's heart going into Vfib as her own heart begins to race. This is the fifth time in an hour! Damn. It! She grits her teeth together before making the split second decision to start compressions. Looking at one of her colleagues, she says, "Grab the paddles."


Keeping compressions steady, the only external indicator of her distress is the lashing of her tail. We just stitched him up- Damn it! DAMN IT! She continues her compressions until she sees the pads are lined up on the patient's chest.


"Clear," says her colleague. She backs up, taking note that one of the other doctors managed to inject something into his system. She puts her hands in the air to indicate that she is no longer touching the patient. Anyone else who had been working on him does the same. Her colleague shocks the man, and the familiar sight of his body reacting to the jolt causes a pang of nausea to settle in her stomach. Just as she hears the line going flat though, she feels herself getting yanked in a direction she assumes is upwards--


-- only to land on the ground and pass out.


"Oi! Rise and shine mate!"


Those words don't appear to be targeted towards her. No. They're aimed at a small... Dog?


Now this is just bizarre.


She groans softly, her tail lifting to reflect her confusion. "What the bloody...?" A turtle...? What in the nine hells is going on here? "Where... Am I? Who...? Why am I not in the OR...? I-I have a surgery to go to, I-- he's dying--"





Virgil Cerullo

Location ~ Bubble Cove

Status ~ Hangovers have felt better than this.


He thought he was laying down on the couch. Now he's face-down in what he assumes is sand, and he couldn't feel more nauseous. His head is pounding. He knows he hasn't had anything to drink in quite some time, so he knows very well that this couldn't be a hangover. So he has no idea what's got him feeling this crappy. He's tired, but it feels as if he'd been on an incredibly bumpy car ride. And he didn't get the Dramamine.


He does have the weirdest urge to chew on a bone, though.


And for a nice, big bowl of chicken, turkey, and duck.




He feels a prodding at his cheek, and he quickly gets up and bares his teeth at the giant turtle. "Oi. The **** do you want?!" There's an almost canine growl to his voice, and his expression changes to one of confusion. "...Did I just bark at you???"


Jesus. It's been years since I've seen those weird wolf girls in middle school. I should be over that trauma.




Utakata ~ Jinchūriki of the Rokubi

Location ~ Vinyl City

Status ~ KO'd


The fight he'd just endured was, without question, the worst fight he'd ever endured. Mentally, he kicks himself for not going into full Six-Tails Mode sooner. Every joint aches, every inch of skin is screaming in pain. His eyes are completely incapable of staying open as he finds himself being carried in an unknown direction. And with every bump, every shift, Utakata grows more and more nauseous. 


There's a moment where, when he's conscious again, everything turns dark. He's placed down on what he assumes to be stone. It's cold, but having an inkling regarding his own fate, the feeling causes chills to race down his spine. It provides no relief to his aching body- rather, every single pain seems to intensify. There are other voices, but they all seem to meld together as he drifts off again.


He's jolted awake by a tugging at his waist, when suddenly he finds himself falling against the ground. He lands with a thud in a much brighter, noisier area. The sudden shock of the change in environment is too much for the man's mind to process. So his eyes roll upwards as everything goes dark.







! Kaminari Denki !

Location ~ Burned Lands

Status ~ Requesting an Adult


"He-ey, Shinsou? Real funny prank there, buddy," Denki calls out. "Uh, is it hot in here, or is...it....just.....you........?"


No response.


O-kay, this is scary. Denki tries looking around to see if he can at least find the boy's passed out form on the ground somewhere. No. It's just a vast expanse of rock, rock, and more gosh dang rock. He sighs as he takes his jacket and ties it around his waist. This uniform might need to be adapted for... Well... Warmer climes. "Uh... Yoshi-Toshi, none of this is funny anymore, please come out? I mean, I assume you're out and all, but-- Oh dear, I don't like this... Where's Aizawa-sensei...?!" I need an adult. 


Denki gives a nervous laugh as he sees one of those overgrown flies again. "Uh... Uh... Um..." Denki tries throwing finger-guns at it. "Wa-hey...? Um, hey there, looking.... Good....?"


The overgrown pest lifts its club as a couple of others fly their way over.




Dr. Hikaru Shinsou, M.D.

Location ~ Acheron Labs

Status ~ It's not time for lunch, damnit!




"I'm sorry?" Hikaru looks up as he finishes wrapping up a rather nasty wound on his patient "Atlas, is there something you need from me?"


Your instructions are to report to Kitchen 5E.


"Are you aware that I can use a scalpel to defend myself?" Hikaru raises his eyebrow, gesturing his head for the patient to hurry on out of there while cleaning his hands. 


That is irrelevant. Report to the kitchen. Immediately.


Hikaru rolls his eyes. Atlas can suck on my left--


The eye roll was not a part of your instructions.


He sighs in defeat and tries to recall where that specific kitchen is. He nods when he remembers, and he teleports over to the kitchen with a puff of glitter.

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<Status: Stable; In Battle>
<Gungnir Symphogear: Active, Normal Mode>
<Location: The Burned Lands>




"Oh no you don't! You are not harming anybody on my watch!" She might have just fallen from the sky, but she wasn't about to just let these flies have their way with this guy. Hibiki quickly pulled out her pendant and just as quickly "sang" (or shouted, rather) her Symphogear's chant...




...and no sooner did the armor form than she propelled herself forward and punched the fly closest to the kid apart. Hardly a challenge for the wielder of Gungnir, but then again, she never really cared much for the challenge; she just liked keeping people safe. "I have no idea where I am or what's going on, but if you think I'm just going to let you hurt others, you have another thing coming!"


She then spared a glance towards the other person. "Daijoubu? You're not hurt, are you?"



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