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Hello there!

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Hey! My name is Sig, or you can also call me variants of my username (Ever Free)! 😁


I'm new on Dragon Cave and the Dragon Cave forum, I don't exactly know what to do but I hope to learn! 🐲


You can call me by it/them pronouns! I'm a teenager from Australia who loves music and fashion🌏


I'm a big fan of the musician hide, and the Visual Kei scene in general. I especially like rock and metal sounds, but I'm always open to listen to new music! Some of my favourite bands are Kaneto-Juusei, X Japan, Buck-Tick, Malice Mizer, Souiumono, Hanatarash, and of course way more🎶


Let's be friends!💕

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Hello and welcome! Thank you for adding to my music playlist, I hadn't heard of any of those musicians. :) 

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I'm not surprised honestly! Visual rock isn't the most popular of music movements (outside of Japan at least) 😋

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