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Fan site Hatching Question: What’s it mean if the site doesn’t show the picture only the code?

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Could someone please tell me what it means if you put your dragon on a hatch site like The Allure of Neglected Dragons and the sprite pictures don’t load and all you can see is the egg/hatchling code?

Does it mean the sites not working or is it something else? 


sometimes like today the pictures don’t load no matter how many times I hit refresh and all I get is the alphanumeric code showing.


should I try other sites if that happens or will my eggs/hatchlings still get views even though the page isn’t fully loading?

I wasn’t sure whether to post this in help or fan sites but chose the fan site section since I’m asking what is happening when a fan site isn’t loading correctly (whether it means the site has a problem or my cell service does or if it just means the sites got too many eggs trying to load making it load slowly because I’m confused (sometimes the site is fine other times all I get is a page full of alphanumeric egg/hatchling codes).


If I’ve put this question in the wrong thread please moderator move it to the correct one).

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are you on mobile wifi?

I have this same problem with all hatcheries when my mobile is on wifi. I have to deactivate my wifi to see the images and/or to give views. my bf has the same issue on his phone and iPad. 

i don’t usually play dc on my laptop, which is connected to wifi— but I don’t have the same problem using my laptop. 

it seems like it’s isolated to mobile devices, for me at least. and idk how to fix it. 

eta: your eggs/hatchlings will still get views once you upload them to the hatcheries, unless you remove or fog them

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No. When I’m at home I don’t have wifi and that’s where it happens most. At work where there is wifi it almost never happens to me.


Add. Good to know I’m not the only one it happens to and better still to know my eggs and hatchlings will still get views even when it’s happening to me on my cell.

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