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Grabbed/Bred many blue Sapphires, but never owned a pink one? Put your blue Sapphire here! :)

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  This is a thread that helps people turn their blue Sapphires into pink Sapphires.

  Since the release of pink Sapphire, how to make Sapphires pink while still in the scroll has become a problem. If you are troubled with your blue Sapphires, here is a chance!:nyan:


IMPORTANT NOTES (please read it first):

  The way this project works is that my friend and I can abandon / grab Sapphires in the abandoned area at the same time. We will communicate by telephone and choose the time when the number of online people is the least.

  Yes, it is still impossible to guarantee 100% recovery, but so far, our success rate is 100%, and I will update our success rate at any time. So please consider carefully before deciding to ask us.


Success rate: 9/9 (100%) until June 27th


What do you need to do?

1. You need to prepare 2 Magi dragons (because I can't guarantee that there are free Magi dragons at any time), and make sure that your blue Sapphire is less than 4 days left.


2. PM me with the following form.

I want to turn my blue Sapphire into pink!

Scroll Name: xxx

Blue Sapphire link: (one-way teleport to transfer blue Sapphire)

Pink Sapphire link: (two-way teleport to get back pin Sapphire, just send a dummy)

Commitment: "I have read the IMPORTANT NOTES and will be responsible for the results of this attempt " (please remove the quotation marks when sending)


3. Waiting for reply. I will reply to you and claim your blue Sapphire as soon as I read the message and contact my friend. If successful, I will inform you and offer the pink Sapphire; If I fail, I will also inform you and express my deep regret.:(


There are so many things which seem impossible in dc, but actually through the efforts of us, everything is possible XD

Everyone who appreciates CB pink sapphire can make this dream come true. Anyway, just have fun and feel free to PM us!



My Profile Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/241486-printemps/

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