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New and happy to be here

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Hi! I’m Peachy_Wolf27, but please just call me Peach, Peachy, or Wolf. I’m new to Dragon Cave (I joined only last week) and to this forum (I joined today - which is why I’m making this introduction thing). I have already found Dragon Cave’s wiki and I use it frequently, plus I use a number of clicksites. I’ve been on forums before, however I don’t think I’ve been on one quite like this. I consider myself a kind person, but I must warn you that I sometimes have trouble recognizing my tone when writing.  If I think even the smallest amount that my post may sound rude, I will put a message in parentheses at the bottom of the post saying it may sound rude and I apologize if it does. I use she/they pronouns and my timezone is Eastern Standard Time. Whilst my main language is English, I do speak a small bit of a French and an even smaller bit of Spanish and Chinese. I am very happy to be here and I can’t wait to meet some new people!


(I’m terribly sorry if my post sounds rude, I have a hard time recognizing my tone when writing and any rudeness in this post is purely unintentional.)

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11 hours ago, purpledragonclaw said:

Hello and welcome! Your tone was fine to me. :) 


Thats good. Thanks!

11 hours ago, jJedi_Master_1 said:

Hello and welcome to the forum


Thank you!

11 hours ago, sh20000sh said:

Welcome to DC forum! Hope you enjoy!


Thanks! ^^

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11 hours ago, StormBirdRising said:

Hello.  Welcome to the Dragon Cave and the Dragon Cave forum. :) 

Thank you!

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