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Hi there! My name's CoiledDragon and I found out a week or so ago that Dragon Cave still existed! For some reason, I was under the impression it died, but that's most likely due to my own moving on from things and then not seeing it in the new internet spaces I was perusing. Either way, Im ecstatic its not only alive but THRIVING!


Im a queer NB using she/they pronouns and a massive dragon nerd (as I have been since I was a child). I do illustrations and write an awful lot of fanfic in my spare time when I need an escape from adult life. I also play Videogames a lot and my latest interests have been horror and the game Dead by Daylight specifically! Nice to be back, and nice to meet everyone here! <3

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Hello and welcome! If you like horror games you should check out the The Callisto Protocol footage that came out from Summer Game Fest. It looks like a good spiritual successor to Dead Space (which is getting a remake).

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