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ANSWERED:Replace Adventure Selection With Checkboxes

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From an accessibility perspective, the checkboxes are quite possibly a better solution as well.


2 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:
  • Limit to 6 max available dragons per breed, for a total max of 36 adventure-capable dragons
  • Hide any unavailable dragons

+1 No reason to show any more than necessary, IMO.

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I support this. I could not imagine trying to play this on my phone.

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On 5/28/2022 at 9:08 PM, HeatherMarie said:

I do wonder, though, why this adventure bsa is giving some people issues when it seems to be the same set-up as the fertility or groups selection. Do the people having issues with this also have issues with the others? If not, I'd guess this is more a bug than intended.

This is really it.


Adventure uses the exact same selection as creating groups, which also allows selecting multiple dragons. If people are unable to do so, that's a bug, and I'd rather fix that than throw away the entire thing.

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