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Dragon graffiti for my campervan? !

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I'm not sure where to ask this really, but I know the mods will let me know if this is not the right place :)


So, I drive a little campervan as my daily ride. She's a Mazda Bongo van conversion, built in Japan some 28 years ago, and imported over to the UK about 10 years ago, nicknamed the Beast as she causes me no end of trouble.. but anyway.. I'm better at mechanics as a result of it so thats good 🙄


I'm getting her rust fixed soon, hopefully, and getting her paint work tidied up.  I've been in contact with some awesome graffiti artists down in London,  and looking into working on a design to spray her up with! Dragons and fantasy worlds, magic creatures and space flowers and so on..  


I don't know if I want the idea of a dragon peering out from, or coming out from, a crack in the body work?? or one that somehow wraps around the van? Or many dragons?  I'm thinking blues and purples and greens.. mostly with accents on either side of that palate...  help!!


Anyone fancy making any suggestions?  I just can't quite visualise what I want yet!!!  





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Oh wow! I personally like the idea of wrapping a dragon around the car. Or maybe little dragons trying to climb in the doors/windows? You should update with pictures when it's finished!

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