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ANSWERED:I cannot access discord server

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please delete this if this is not the right place to ask this, but since about 4-5 hours ago I can't seem to see or access the official discord server.

would this be a glitch, or have I been banned? would I be able to ask for a reason if I am banned why I am banned?

tried to join back using the link on the website but it doesn't let me :(

Thank you!

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Hello Honey Quail. How long have you been banned? there have been instances where we have initiated bans of users due to their accounts being compromised or hacked - mostly to protect users. if your account has been hacked feel free to DM me and we can sort it out.

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If you're able, DM me your discord username and I or Star can look into it. It sounds like you're banned, and I did ban someone recently for posting suspicious links. DM a mod. 

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