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Howdy Everyone

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Hey everybody, I've been here for almost a year but I couldn't figure out how to get on the forums before now! I'm asteroidb612 and here's a few facts about me:

-I really like birds! I think they're interesting and want to study ornithology in the future

-I'm a big fan of animals in general

-Hobbies include reading, drawing, and playing video games

-Some games I like are the Kirby series, Rain World, A Hat in Time, and Lobotomy Corporation

-I play a lot of petsites besides this one

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Hello and welcome! I love animals too, I'm a huge reader, and an avid gamer. My favorite series are Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Pokemon.

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hihi, welcome!! i reallllyyy love a hat in time, hehe. one of my friends is super into lobotomy corp, so thats fun! nice to see you, have fun!

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