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small introduction

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Hello,  everyone.

I often use this username for other platforms, so my Scroll username should be the same. 

My interests includes: Creativity fields (writing/drawing/acting/music/etc.),  reading (both novels and manga), Gacha games, casual games, Tetris, and original characters (OC) discussions (angsty tasted like black peppers), and pet simulator games. 

My energy will always fluctuate, especially at night.


Right now Dragon Cave seemed like a game with simple concepts, but there is tons of reading to do.

I will be taking my time to go through them.  :]


Thank you for taking your time to read through this, I appreciated it. ;] ❤️

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hihi, welcome!! i hope you enjoy DC!


personally, i really like writing, and im trying to get back into reading myself. i love pet sims and vpets though, im actually a tamagotchi collector. tetris is so fun too... heheh.

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@DraconicDetective - I used to play many pet sim games like My Tamagotchi Forever, Egg (both versions), Axolochi, My Boo and many more, as well as many browser-type games until work became the center priority of my life. I still got Pet Hedgehog on my phone. About Tetris, I was a Puyo Puyo Tetris fan that often binged on the Doremy’s videos (still Subscribed to them). I did find a few websites that doesn’t spam ads at you like some kind of virus. X D

@sh20000sh -Thank you for the welcome! ❤️

It’s nice to meet new people sharing the same interests. :]

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Welcome to the cave! It seems like a lot to get used to at first, but taking your time and going at your own pace is definitely the right way to go. And if you need a mentor or advice there are plenty of threads here to help out with that. ^_^


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