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i am here and that is your problem now (howdy)

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hiya! i'm beck. i'm over 2 decades old, unfemale, and i started liking dragons when an ex introduced me to spyro in 2019. now i've finally seen the light, and i'd like to try DC out after years of overlooking it.

i love virtual pet games. i've tried everything from neopets to lioden (i also did some beta testing on sister site wolvden). i got my start on ye olde adoptables sites like chickensmoothie.

aside from pixel animals, i also like illustration (it's my job so that's a good thing), 80s/90s cartoons, indie video games, horror stuff, animal xenofiction, and thinking i'm funnier then i really am.


my only goal here is to amass hella different dragon breeds. i also think it'd be fun to share some art and, if i'm feeling especially extra, try out roleplaying. basically i just wanna hang out and have fun with like-minded people.

if you're reading this: have a good'un, and maybe we will become friends perhaps!?!

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Hello and welcome! I'm more of a collector adoptables person, so the Den games never grabbed me. I do love 80s cartoons, we could talk for days. :) I've also discovered the indie game scene and have a huge indie collection on my Switch. If you like RPing, I'm sure you'll find something you like in our Role-playing subforum. I look forward to seeing you around!

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hihi, welcome!! i personally love vpets, i collect tamagotchis and play a few different browser games haha. i hope you have fun and enjoy!

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