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Hello, I usually go by Arcann,  I use He/Him for the most part.

I also play Flight Rising under the same username. Most of my hobbies are Wikipedia deep dives, collecting dragons, and borrowing my dear heart's video games, and occasionally drawing or crafts/model kits. One of my dear heart's best friends introduced me to this, DraconicDectetive, because of my love of dragons. I am still learning, but I am enjoying the process of doing so!

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Hello and welcome! Which video games do you enjoy? I love gaming! I also love model kits, except for Gundam. I tried one and the parts were too tiny and fragile, and I ended up breaking it, and haven't gone back to them.

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Purpleshadowclaw, some of the smaller, SD Gundam and the Beargguy/Petit'gguy are really fun to put together. I have a Justi'gguy set I am putting together as soon as I find where my Dear love put the model snippers and sandpaper, since he used them last. Petit'gguys can be put together without any tools whatsoever but its nice to use snippers anyways.

And for both of you, I've been enjoying Pokemon Legends Arceus a lot lately, I enjoy the new catching mechanics. I also enjoy Sonic Adventure 2, But mainly for the Chaos. We have it on PC and my Dear Love installed some mods that really help the quality of life of the Chao Gardens, alongside adding some new features.

Thank you both for the warm welcome!

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