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hello! ^___^

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hi! im astersp (i also go by just e), im 18 n my pronouns r they/them!! ^^ my username on the main site is the same here. ive been on and off dragoncave since like 2018; i only recently realized that there are forums (lol ^__^;;) and wanted to get involved w the community more and maybe make some friends! besides dc i love drawing (regular art and pixel art), fnaf, bnha, pokemon, final fantasy (recently became a fixation of mine), other video games (like minecraft, stardew valley, terraria, roblox, cookie run kingdom, PROJECT SEKAI!!, animal crossing, smash bros & more),  sonic (also recently became a fixation of mine), mlp, anime/manga (feel free 2 ask what animes/mangas ive seen/read!!), other click/adopt sites (like pokefarm & pokeheroes), and watching yt (my fave youtubers r berleezy, coryxkenshin and markiplier)!! my list of interests goes on and on and on but i'll stop this for now LOL, ty for taking the time to read this absolute word vomit, hope u have a lovely day/night! :D

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Hello and welcome! I like Pokemon, FF, AC, and Smash Bros. from your list (just got New Horizons), and I still have to finish the Friendship is Magic series of MLP. I also like GPX+ for Pokemon adoptables, it's in my signature. We could talk for hours. XD 

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