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Hi! I've been on dc for about a year now and just realised forum existed.

I came from flight rising after seeing an egg in someone's sig. I'm still kinda new because I don't know how stuff works.


My username in dc is the same as here,  but I'm not sure how to link stuff without the address, like clickable text?



Is this where people do hatcheries? I'm not sure what they are or how they work though..


Aside from that, I like Monster Hunter, Beat Saber, Characters/Arts/Designs (Toyhouse) etc. 

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hi!! nice to meet you, and welcome!


there is a forum hatchery here (in forum games iirc?), but i dont think its enough traffic to hatch your eggs on its own.. umm. theres also other hatcheries thatre separate websites. i think if you look up hatcheries searching the forums (or googling “dragon cave hatcheries”) you should find a few. if not, i have a few i use i can link you. hatcheries are where folks put their eggs or hatchies so they can get views and clicks and grow up (:!


links are by default coded into posts as hyperlinks (clickable), but if you want to use text, then add a link, you select the text you want to be a link and then click the chain at the top of your text box. you’ll get asked what link you want it to direct to, confirm, and voila!


i’m learning flight rising stuff myself right now.. good luck with dc and i hope you have fun!

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