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Anyone on Eggcave?

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I've never posted in this section before so I hope I don't do anything wrong, I searched and didn't find a thread for Eggcave and it's kind of my newest obsession so I figured I'd start a thread!


The intro-page before logging in says this:

Experience the fun of endless adoptables and virtual pets.

New creatures every month.
More than 650 species!
Over 3,500 collectible items.
Well-established player base.
Infinitely expandable accounts.
Free to play.


I'll be honest, this game is pretty different from DC and the majority of older creatures are 'retired' and can only be obtained through trades/auctions. And there is a pay element, though it's not required to spend real money sometimes it does make it easier to get older creatures. 


Quick rundown: There's a 'cave' where you can 'approach' up to 10 different eggs per day with no wait, after that you can still approach but with a cooldown wait somewhere between 8-20 minutes. If you approach an egg you like you can adopt it (you have to name it before you can adopt it, though names can be changed later). Feed your creatures, feed other people's creatures (though make sure their cove is 'feed friendly'), earn EC (egg cash) through feeding creatures and use it to bid on creatures in auction or to buy items in shops (items can increase your creatures happiness though they aren't necessary). 


My favorite thing about this game is that there are SO MANY different types of creatures, plenty of cat-like and dog-like creatures as well as birds, foxes, horses/unicorns, deer/sheep/fox/reptiles pretty much everything (though many aren't referred to by those terms, 'cause yunno in-game lore and such. There's also a good number of supernatural/fantasy creatures, especially the Halloween releases, including oozy slime things and demonic dark creatures.




The Player Guide is a good place to start to learn about the different features, though it doesn't include everything.

My 'Cove' with all the creatures I've adopted or traded for so far. Less than two weeks on the game and I already have over 100 creatures. 



..... So, does anyone else play? Feel free to post your cove link or even your growing creatures! I have a few of my eggs in my sig at the moment. 

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I am on EggCave with the same username :) just like this game I was interested years ago but I only signed up today haha.

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