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Hello i exist :)

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Hello i am kinda new? new to the forums anyway (just figured to make a forums account today)

(not new in terms of like actually having an account, rather I never figured how to use the site and went on like a long hiatus of sorts? came back and boom i'm trying again, also again just made forum account)

I'd like to get to know people, and maybe make friends and stuff

I am a very very anxious person, very nervous about everything, i try to have the best etiquette i can online and in person, generally a mellow person

I might not seem excited like "OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!" but i am actually genuine when i say "thank you" or "much appreciated" 

I speak english, and some french and spanish

i draw

i like iced coffee

i love sci-fi books

i like dream smp (good interactions only please)

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Hello and welcome! Which sci-fi authors do you recommend? I'm trying to get more into it as a genre.

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