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Hello there!

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The name's Biscuit, and I have no idea what I'm doing! Hopefully I'll get the hang of things around here soon enough.


I'm a they/them, and I like cartoons, drawing, and video games. I've been on a PreCure kick lately, but I usually don't watch much anime (except for Osomatsu-San). Some of my favorite cartoons of all time are Gravity Falls and Wander Over Yonder! My interests change around a lot, but if it's animated, I'm there.


I haven't played many petsites (other than a bunch of Flight Rising and some Pokéfarm back in the day), but I've seen Dragon Cave around a lot ever since I was little and posting on forums for the first time! I was always too scared to join because of the egg death mechanic - it seemed too stressful for me... But I've taken the plunge and finally joined after, I dunno, a decade of waffling?


I hope to have fun and help other people out with hatching their eggs! I've always liked the "click" mechanic because it makes me feel like I'm actually part of a community in some way or another. Happy to make your aquaintance, everyone!

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