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Need help, please! - A short Dragon Cave survey

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Link to Survey


Hello everyone! Currently I am taking a course that focuses on user interface/user experience design. For this class, I have a project where I must take an interactive system and redesign parts of the user interface to improve the user experience, and I chose to use Dragon Cave. Right now I am conducting user research, and I would love to hear from a few people! Thank you so much for helping me.


The linked survey should take around 10-20 minutes to complete and asks questions concerning your experience with Dragon Cave. There are 16 questions total, but most of them hardly require any thought, they're just short demographics or "yes or no" questions. All of your info will be kept anonymous. Your forum name is only requested in case I would like to contact you again, which I will only do with permission. If you do not want to, you don't even have to put your forum name. Your other answers will only be used for the purposes of my assignment and may be shared with my professor and classmates (for peer review), but no one else will see them. Please answer every question that you can, even if its just with a few words, but if you really need to skip one that's okay.


If you would be willing to help me out with this that would be so wonderful! I will only be collecting responses to this form over the weekend so please answer soon if you can. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a nice day.  Feel free to ask me to breed you something off my scroll if you'd like, or if you ever need help with something similar I would be glad to do so!




Finally, if you're curious, here are some definitions:

User Interface - The user interface is what the user sees and interacts with. In the case of Dragon Cave, the user interface is the pages on the website, the way the content on those pages is organized, how navigating between pages works, etc. 

User Experience - The user experience includes the interface, but it is also about how the user feels while using it, the additional interactions with the community and/or creator, and so much more. Basically, it's everything that the user experiences while using a product, and the goal of design is to make that experience a good one!

Usability - Basically, this is about how easy it is to use a website, product, or system.


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Thank you so much to those who did the survey! This section of my assignment is now done and I no longer need more responses.

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