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Introducing myself ^^

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Hi there! I use to have a dragon cave account years ago and I was mentioning it to my friend this evening! Having remembered this old gem I have registered a new account (sadly cannot remember the old one) and thus I start the grind once more! I really am out of touch with the whole thing, but hopefully I will pick it up again in no time ☺️🐉. I own three little real life scaley dragons in the form of geckos🦎!  Thanks for coming by! ❤️ 

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Hello and welcome back! Ooh, how old are your geckos? Do you keep them in the same terrarium? 

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Thank you for the welcome all! I have one crested gecko and he is 3 years old and two leopard gecko girlies and they are 5 years and 1.5 years old. 🦎 💕 They all live in separate vivariums ^^  I’ve attached pics of them! 


This is Aries


This is Thea


This is Maple


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